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Because of its contemporary and future importance, we had made the following topic the leading theme for 2018 but the situation only gets worse so it remains the principal these for 2019. Contributions to this theme are listed below the title.

With freedom threatened by the politics of aggression & fear, we need impartial media

There is a growing epidemic in media of all types in tendentious manipulation of information by the larger search engine and social media organizations and advertising systems as well as the so-called mainstream media. Our editorial team is preparing articles to cover this critical topic in some detail and these will be added to this thread as they are finalized.
Freedom & the politics of fear

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How to resuscitate democracy

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Historic contributions - 1645 to 1945

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The Democrats are hollowing out what is left of American democracy

The Democratic party's insistence to pursue their impeachment process is having the effect of exposing the type of organization that it is and the types of people who appear to have sway within the State Department. This not as some would suggest, speaking truth to power, but rather a powerful agency parading its procedures and sense of absolute right to follow its own agenda. The exposure of the practice of listening in on Presidential communications and expressions of frustration where Trump did not make use of pointers in the tick lists issued by the operatives, reflects a machine whose power exceeds safe and reasonable limits. Sway in communications, under such circumstances, rests with the elected individual and not to the unelected cluster of civil servants; all they can do is advise.

Since the president makes foreign policy there are bound to be situations where his modes of expression or intent will momentarily differ from expectations on the part of the civil servants. There job under such circumstances is to advise, not call the cops. However, it is increasingly clear that the State Department has an agenda and they don't like this being swayed "off track".

There is enough public evidence to show that the likelihood that Jo Biden and his son were involved in some sort of unusual financial dealings with a company in the Ukraine and another in China involving a considerable amount of money. This occurred when Biden was a point man for Obama in Ukraine suggesting a basis for abuse of power in relation to the threat by Biden not to release a substantial loan to Ukraine if the leading prosecutor was not fired. His admission to this act were televised and have been seen round the world. No matter what the State Department officials state about lack of awareness of this act, which is ridiculous, from the standpoint of the USA the antics of Biden and his son should have been of more interest to them because of the very personal nature of the alleged advantages being gained by the Biden family.
Necessary investigations

Contrary to the objectives of the Democratic party, pursuing the impeachment process has become a futile self-destructive initiative.

In the scheme of corruption of the US democratic process or just corrupt behaviour while in office, all of which reflect badly on the USA, the following are investigations that are worth pursuing:
  • Hillary Clinton or the democratic party's alleged involvement with the dodgy dossier making salacious accusations about presidential candidate Donald Trump;

  • Hillary Clinton's alleged receipt, via the Clinton Foundation, of Saudi support in the knowledge that the Saudi's supported terrorists who have killed US military personnel and had a hand in the deaths of 3,000 people in the World Trade center (9/11);

  • The alleged FBI process of using this dossier in the knowledge of its original to mislead the judge to justify spying on Trump campaign operatives and eventually leading to the bogus Mueller investigation;

  • The alleged abuse of power a long list of CIA, FBI and other senior personnel in working against a presidential candidate and then president;

  • The actual details of the alleged behaviour of Jo Biden and his son in relation to the receipt of monies from Ukrainian and Chinese agents.

  • The actual facts surrounding Jo Biden's televised self-proclaimed demand that a Ukrainian prosecutor be fired before he would allow the release of a significant loan to the Ukraine government.

Observing the proceedings of the impeachment many of those providing evidence do not appear to be at ease but expose an intense dependency. These appear to follow a script in a low key automaton monotone repetition of mantras. The particularly strange aspect if how each one, with a straight and earnest expression, declares their indelible belief in freedom and democracy, and then there is peculiar insert, perhaps reflecting a need to confirm onlookers that they are real Americans by describing their requisite overcoming of personal deprivation of some sort to have been transformed into the position they now hold as a result of the opportunities America has provided and, of course, they declare their belief in the rule of law. Such people, who appear to have the mindset of recent converts, are so dependable they are unlikely to put a foot wrong in these evidence sessions, they have an avid desire to maintain their front, feigning modesty or confidence, to maintain their act, status and image; no mistakes will be made.

Concerning the so-called experts and specialists concerned with the Ukraine, it is as well to remember that the Ukrainian situation is the direct result of a violent, illegal State Department sponsored coup overssen by President Obama, in the heart of Europe, openly and eagerly promoted by Victoria Nuland of the State department and John McCain, along with help from various elements of the intelligence "community" and military agents. The brutal slaughter of Russian-speakers, including their being clubbed to death and burnt alive, created a wave of fear throughput the Eastern Russian-speaking regions causing the Crimeans to take matters into their own hands, to vote and declare independence and the desire to return to their former status as a part of Russia. This was clearly a result of the a complete mishandling of the situation by American authorities and interests. To characterize this as a Russian "invasion"" is not correct although naturally Russians with connections in the Don bas went to help them in their struggle against the infamous Nazi brigades assisted by the US military and intelligence operatives, including armaments and funding. The oft-quoted numbers "Ukrainan citizens" who were killed, implying these were the result of the Russian "invasion" in fact were largely Russian-speakers in the East murdered by Ukrainan military and Nazi death squads who to this day receive US assistance.

It is worth registering the fact that the corruption and rise of the oligarchs in Eastern, Central European and CIS countries were generously assisted by USAID after the decline of the Soviet Union. USAID funded consultancy assignments to implement a policy pomoted by Jeffery Sachs of Harvard Univerity for transition from a communist framework to a "free market" operations through the privatization of state assets. The USAID initiative was applied throughout the post-Soviet countries to complete audits and give advice on the privatization of state assets, companies and infrastructure. They had a key role in the privatization agencies set up to oversee the privatization process. Experience experts observing this process close up have stated that the process was undertaken within tight deadlines leaving no time for effective monitoring and evaluation and the misery created to the millions thrown out of work led to enormous suffering and deaths from heart attacks and suicide. Apparently, the tight deadlines were recommended by Sachs but they also had the tactical purpose of preventing effective oversight. The incompetent implementation of this privatization process resulted in many of the most profitable state enterprises being sold at ridiculously low prices to those who were known locally as the "young communists". These were usually young members of the Communist party judged to be able to command leadership either in terms of fronting conglomerates and large companies or to become leading "next-generation politicians" who were likely to support US policies. The deal was specific individuals would become millionaires (oligarchs), most within a couple of years, and they undertook to fund new "democratic" political parties. This same process occurred throughout the post-soviet countries. This is what transferred the Soviet style corruption into a particularly ruinous more potent form of transition state corruption involving significant dollar flows in two directions to supports political pay-offs between the USA and Ukraine. This cash diplomacy continues to this day and is highly corrupt. In this transition, the Communists did not disappear, they were simply rebranded as a host of new political parties carrying a "democratic colour"; many to become Western proxies. It is therefore a natural next step to engineer this coup in collaboration with selected oligarchs, and hand picked leadership politicians, over the heads of the people of Ukraine. As the fighting spread, the State Department then had the gall to pursue its anti-corruption and democratization agendas in the shadow of such an overt corruption of the democratic process. Several of those working on this aspect of State policy presented evidence to the impeachment inquiry.

And yet is the same US State Department that, together with the military and intelligence units, have been orchestrating a regime change agendas in other parts of the world which they have transformed into failed states such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and attempted in Syria and Venezuela. Bolivia appears to the latest victim. This disruption has caused millions of deaths of innocent people and has created serious refugee, migration issues from the Middle East to other countries and including the Europe Union.

State Department and intelligence apparatchiks are exercising their "experitse" in attempting to do what they have attempted in, so incompetently, in other countries, that is to attempt to bring about a coup under the name of an "impeachment inquiry", against the US president. They are not acting ad neutral independent agents but fully support a partisan campaign of the Democratic party.

"US Diplomacy"

The current State Department policy follows the bullying tactics introduced by Theodore Roosevelt in 1893 who adopted a xenophobic crazed approach to other societies by taking on the role of the US as the global cop. Since 1945 this has cost the lives of over 20 million people worldwide and thousands of US military. This failed economically wasteful policy continues today as US foreign policy which the State Department "defends".
Many observers with a long experience in international affairs have observed the slightly fanatical edge to many within the agencies giving evidence tingled with a self-righteousness that is reflected in their right to over-ride democratic processes or Presidential wishes. They continue to pursue an agenda that can be traced back to big-stick-based foreign polic of imposition by force introduced by President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt referred to speaking softly and carrying a big stick as a basis for going far. His foundation was to possess serious military capability to force other countries through intimidation into following what the USA desired. Mike Pompeo's expressed desire to see the US to swagger is in this arrogant spirit. The nature of such regimes is to proclaim superiority or exceptionalism and to discount the people of other countries as being of no consequence and whose deaths are a price worth paying to achieve its objectives. It is often not appreciated that this model was emulated by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy under whose regimes armament companies and financial corporate entities ran the foreign and national agendas with governments proclaiming that this model kept people safe (see Freedom and the politics of fear ).

In the case of the State Department, this formula, over time, has built up a disastrous image for the USA in terms of it's oft proclaimed dedication to freedom and democracy when it often attempts to impose policies that would, under normal circumstances, be decided by the independent choices of the people of countries attacked by the USA. This regime of fear feeds on division and the identification of bogus "enemies" to justify massive military expenditure and electoral super-Pacs to support those politicians who accept funding in exchange for their political support in funneling public money to these companies.

Under the influence of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump has pursued an active use of economic sanctions as a foreign policy instrument which impacts the people in largely low income countries and eventually permits US politicians to point to the economic failures of those countries which the US policy of sanctions have created.

This along with bogus claims and false narratives have justified most of the US military invasions since the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom beginning on January 17, 1893, with a coup d'état against Queen Lili'uokalani on the island of Oahu where the majority of the insurgents were foreigners supported by the USA.

This US strategy has resulted in deaths of thousands of US military for the sake of a policy that has not benefited the people of America and has undermined the values expressed in the American Constitution. These affairs have not improved the safety of the people of America, rather the reverse, by creating vacuums filled by an increasing number of people supporting the fanatical anti-Western terrorists whose mindset has been moulded by the Saudi-financed Wahabbi sect of Islam. This particular aspect has been called to account by a single presidential candidate for the 2020 election, while most others continue on the same blind and destructive pathway.

Tulsi Gabbard

So far, by far the most coherent and lucid Democratic party presidential candidate for the 2020 election who seeks to address issues of fundamental importance...
In today's PC environment people who call things what they are become an embarrassment to those who continue to misrepresent the situation because that way they remain in their comfortable ways floating on lobby and corporate media support.

Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii continues to receive a rapidly growing attention outside the DC belt way, not only in the USA but also internationally. However, the parochial Democratic National Committee (DNC), in a way similar to their marginalization of Bernie Sanders in 2016, are still trying to marginalize Tulsi Gabbard. Hillary Clinton, whose foundation accepted massive funding from Saudi Arabia, has suggested that Gabbard is a Russian plant and in an attempt to ride on the failing momentum of a bogus accusation that Trump as supported by the Russians. This is pure paranoid conspiracy conjured up by someone who is convinced they should have won the 2016 election. Clinton lost the election because of the content of emails she had exchanged with others exposing an extreme hypocrisy on her part and her general support for aggression. Clinton's tasteless laughing at the death of Gaddafi on a TV show, gave a flash image of the true nature of that person.

In terms of online searches, following the Democratic debates in which she has participated, Gabbard continues to outstrip all other Democratic candidates by far, both nationally, within the USA, and significantly, internationally.

There are growing numbers of people on an international scale that are realizing it is not only the Democrats who need someone like Gabbard to beat Donald Trump in 2020 but the USA needs to turn the page on its ridiculous internal wrangling and offensive foreign policies.

The current "impeachment" proceedings in the Congress have the effect of showing the very close relationship between State, the military and the US's destructive and failed foreign policy. This paints a depressing picture of US politics where the nature of Clinton's funding of the dodgy dossier that gave rise to the Russian investigation by Mueller failed and the obvious follow up has been what has all the hallmarks of a repeat attempt based on a sting operation making use of a mysterious whistle blower from within the system and protected by the system.

This is why many people outside the USA see in Gabbard has the sorely needed break from this sordid manipulation since she has the courage and the makings of an effective international leader based on her ability to say things as they are without pretence or painting over obvious outrages of what has become common practice. Her latest pointed criticism of Trump's offhand Twitter statements concerning a desire to help Saudi Arabia following the attacks on petroleum installations, included her exclamation, as a member of the US military, that the US military are not his prostitutes and he is not their pimp in offering their services to the grotesque dictatorship of Saudi Arabia. As is well-established, Saudi Arabia are funding the spread of the strict and intolerant version of Islam (Wahhabism), the preferred ideal of the insurgents who have murdered thousands of US military personnel. Trump openly sides with these royal family of primitive tyrants and the CIA maintain many Al Qaeda operatives and related terrorists in the USA as "assets" in a macabre dangerous game, but no one says or does anything.

Gabbard makes the point that as a military operative she took an oath to defend the people of America and the constitution and it is time the political parties in the USA and the people of the USA focus on what this means in practical terms. It does not mean that the USA should be interfering in other countries militarily or creating death and suffering by imposing sanctions on a number of countries, some for many years, in a vindictive and tyrannical approach to the world. It means also the "Commander on Chief" should not be offering up US personnel as sacrifices to be made on the alters of extremely savage primitive terrorists and to protect those who fund and support the terrorists.

This notion of foreign policy being about "deals" is not only vulgar and base it is also transacted on the basis of misrepresentations and bad faith. The sales pitch is a false narrative of American exceptionalism in military technology, the "best in the world" according to Trump. For example in spite of Trump fawning over the military equipment sales to Saudi Arabia and dismissing the murder and chopping up of a Saudi journalist in the diplomatic mission building in Ankara by the Saudis, as of no consequence, it turns out that although the USA earned a lot of money from their military equipment sales to Saudi Arabia, this equipment and the operators could not prevent the recent attack on the Abqaiqo petroleum complex. And yet the US continues to arm Saudi Arabia who are conducting the most criminal offensive against men, women and children in the Yemen.

All of this has nothing to do with the safety of the people of the USA or the constitution but it is offensive, unjust and an international outrage which is ample evidence that the USA needs leader who have a more rational and constructive approach to the relationships between peoples that does not default solely to grand standing and to monetary and economic advantage.

Note 1: Real News Online has no affiliation with the Tulsi Gabbard Campaign or with any other political candidate or political party in the USA or in any other country.
Note 2: This article is not written in support of the behaviour of Donald Trump which leaves much to be desired. However, his alleged actions are a shadow of the those alleged to have been exercised by his accusers. The impeachment process is a political showcase that is consuming money and media air time in a period when the people of America are in need assurances that they have credible candidates for the 2020 presidential election.
Since the impeachment enquiry, so far, has not revealed any impeachable offense and the fact that it will not pass the Senate; it is a ridiculous waste of time.
Real News Online has no affiliation with the Donald Trump Campaign or with any other political candidate or political party in the USA or in any other country.

An audacious and sophisticated false flag attack

The attack on the Saudi Arabia petroleum installations at Abqaiq was carried out with such precision that there is only one country in the Middle East that understands how the US Patriot defence system works and is able to carry out such an audacious false flag attack. There is also only one country in the Middle Eat that has goaded the USA and indeed, the world and so-called US allies to attack Iran.

The success of the attack has demonstrated the ineffectiveness of very expensive "defence systems" sold by the USA to countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Ibn Nr the Middle Eastern strategic analyst has stated that Iran is totally aware of the defence capabilities of the Patriot system and the existing defence tracking capabilities and therefore would never have sent or fired traceable ordinance of any type at Saudi Arabia. On the other hand the rebels in the Yemen have been building up a capability in the use of armed drones. It is self-evident that failure of the air defense systems to stop some types of drone attack in the recent past will have alerted some people to serious flaws in the system pointing to ways round the detection envelopes. However, the sophistication of this attack, precision of each strategic impact and the target as one with a maximized economic impact were too well executed to have been directed from the rebel side in the Yemen or Iran.

The US is going to be hard pressed to come up with any convincing evidence to pin this on Iran. So far, within the intel community questions have been raised as to who has such a level of military sophistication. The answer is likely to be highly embarrassing and therefore is likely to be covered up by the administration. This provides President Trump with the opportunity to get rid of Michael Pompeo who is trying to frame Iran. The neo-cons are frantically attempting to complete their agenda of regime change through murder, chaos and armament resupplies to the US government, but this time they appear to have over-stepped the mark.

In the meantime President Trump's claims of the US keeping allies safe as a basis for demanding NATO members raise their military allocations to 2% of national incomes raises doubts as to the effectiveness of such defense as well as the prices of US military supplies that are exceptionally expensive and fairly useless. In the case of nuclear armaments, no US president is going to authorize the defence of any ally at the risk of nuclear attack on the USA given that their defence systems appear to be easily by-passed by nuclear missiles. Trump needs to get back on track, drop is aggressive rhetoric and negotiate serious nuclear treaties from the standpoint of global security and not as an arms salesman. If he does not the US has the most to lose.

Things on BREXIT are about to change

Israel D. Weisse

A revolt by a collection of cross-party MPs has taken place in the UK Parliament over the last 2 days. MPs gained the right to launch debate and to vote on a Bill to prevent the government leaving the EU without an agreement to develop a trade deal. Boris Johnson sacked 21 leading Conservative MPs because they supported the first vote on placing this Bill on the Parliamentary business the next day. A review of the sacked members is essentially a list of the most competent Conservative MPs. In doing this, Johnson has completely lost his Parliamentary majority. In fact he lost it on the first day when an MP, fed up with the unacceptable aggressive, bullying and fear-laden tactics emanating from the Prime Minister's office, walked very publicly during a Johnson speech to Parliament to the other side of the House to join his new colleagues amongst the Liberal Democrats.

It is likely that the cross-party revolutionaries will win the vote again but the interesting dimension to this cross-party initiative is that MPs, after 3 years of wrangling, have found how to compromise by identifying common issues of agreement. So individuals from completely different parties are spelling out the clearest explanations why a no deal BREXIT is a form of economic and social suicide. This common position has created a rising wave of awareness. This had been mentioned in an article in the new social medium CybaCity.com as an essential necessity to get the EU to budge its position. CybaCity even suggest that the drift in awareness will cause both the Conservative party and government and the Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage, to rapidly lose support because they consider a no deal to be acceptable. This could result in the Conservatives losing any next election that Johnson is threatening to call. Johnson has not yet realised the change in public mood and awareness because he is fixated in trying to out-Brexit the Brexit party just as May almost lost the last election trying to out UKIP the UKIP party.

It is very apparent that the Johnson government has third rate strategic advisers given the calamitous behaviour and inappropriate decisions such a the self-imposed stripping of their majority to -21 and handing a Parlimaentary majority to Labour. Under such cirmcustances the sovereign should be questioning Johnson's ability to manage the country's affairs. Both Johnson and May clearly suffered from an unawareness of the mood of the people largely because they concentrate on the coporate media for "evidence" and rely on one or two gurus who seem to constantly get things wrong.

Up until now the government and opposition have not done a good job in completing cost-benefit analyses of the impact of a no deal BREXIT. On the other hand many competent sector analysts have pointed to serious issues for manufacturing supply throughput continuity, agriculture impacted by high tariffs, medical and health services failing due to shortages of critical pharmaceuticals and food supplies being disrupted. All sectors would experience job losses and prices would rise as the pound declines in value impacting lower income communities. This would be at the end of a prolonged and failed macroecomomic policy of quantitative easing and a similarly prolonged disastrous policy of austerity that has ravaged public service provisions. The point made by CybaCity is that similar analyses should be carried out for EU sectors so as to bring home to European electorates the full scale of impacts on their community members in terms of incomes and employment status associated with a no deal BREXIT.

Because the handling of negotiations lay centralised in the hands of the European Commission the emphasis was on procedures with no reference to the costs of options. CybaCity suggest that if the Labour Party, under Jeremy Corbyn, as the largest socialist party in Europe, collaborate with their associated parties and the Greens in the EU to disseminate similar analyses for EU Member State sectors, this could help raise awareness of BREXIT not being just something of importance to the UK. As a result of more awareness on the part of constituents in different Member States there would be an increased pressure on governments to prevent such negative impacts on sectors and jobs resulting from loss of UK sales. This could result in the EU Commission being pressured by Member States to be more accommodating on the issue of BREXIT ( See: see European Options ).

At the moment, it looks as if Boris Johnson is completely out of his depth and he has surrounded himself by like-thinkers and this is where the whole thing is going wrong. This government is in a corner and is likely to fail. However, the cross-party revolutionaries might instill some discipline on this Conservative government by at least preventing this political party taking the UK into the economic chaos of a no deal BREXIT.

Brainwashing is part of the issue

Heather Swathmore,
Cultural attaché
APE-Agence Presse Européenne

Collateral damage

One of the perplexing characteristics of Americans is a sort of blind pride in the USA in spite of gun violence, mass shootings, the fact that black lives do not appear to matter and the USA's foreign exploits, at the last count, have murdered over 20 million foreign nationals since 1945. In all cases the US lost the conflicts concerned while in the meantime thousands of US young people have been killed as military agents for actions which were and are seldom justified on any rational grounds. To compensate for these untimely deaths the US politicians ad Presidents have referred to such people heros and presented medals to salve any conscience these political representatives and Presidents might have concerning their responsibility for having sent such young people to their deaths.

One explanation for the American pride and its attendant blindness is a process of brainwashing that has pervaded the failing school system for a long time. Similar processes carried out in North Korea, the old Soviet Union or any other "Socialist" countries bent on brainwashing their people would be the first examples used by American politicians to point to why the populations of such countries are not free or were not free. These arcane absurd procedures are the pledges of allegiance to flags:

Congressional sessions open with the recital of the Pledge, as do many government meetings at local levels, and meetings held by many private organizations. All states except Hawaii, Iowa, Vermont and Wyoming require a regularly scheduled recitation of the pledge in public schools, although the Supreme Court has ruled in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette that students cannot be compelled to recite the Pledge, nor can they be punished for not doing so. In a number of states, state flag pledges of allegiance are required to be recited after this. The United States Flag Code says:

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag:

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.",

"Liberty and justice for all..."

An Iraqi baby dying as a result of US liberty-and-justice-denying sanctions, a scenario to be repeated in Syria, Iran and Venezuela...
should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. When not in uniform men should remove any non-religious headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the military salute. Members of the Armed Forces not in uniform and veterans may render the military salute in the manner provided for persons in uniform.

This peculiar ceremony is repeated in a failing school system where teachers constantly appeal to parents to fund different basic supplies to support the schools and in many cases teachers are having to pay for things from their ridiculously low salaries, and yet they continue to be facilitators in the imposition of this process of indoctrination on children as part of the "education" of future US citizens. One reason many do not fully appreciate what they are doing is that they themselves were indoctrinated by the same process, they know of no other environment.

This indoctrination contributes to discouraging any questioning of the corporate state's acts through a subtle method of mind control. The degree to which this has affected the whole of society is the accusation put out by the corporate media and some politicians, that any questioning of anything as being "un-American"; the fact this term exists is an indicator of the tendency to set limits of free thought and expression. This term is used because those that voice it know that people fear being branded as un-American since this will set them aside what is considered to be politically and socially acceptable. This herding of thought and expression is encouraged by the emotional attachment many have to America as a paragon of virtue and everything that is good in the world.

There is a direct and enduring relationship between the acceptance of facts and our freedom.

Truth is the life blood of decisions that advance our human condition in a rational and peaceful manner.
But this means increasing numbers ignore national outrages for fear of becoming conspicuous for rebelling against them. The list of outrages which today are treated as normal aspects of society include gun violence, out-of-control police violence against unarmed individuals, black lives matter, corporate interference in the political process, gerrymandered constituencies, group and institutional racism, an aggressive foreign policy that has created increasing sanctions-related instability and war-related havoc in the world, siding with fanatical racists who are developing Apartheid states, recreating the old US deep South, and those who pursue campaigns of religious genocide such as Saudi Arabia, including the murder of Christians and other non-Sunni adherents, "....one Nation under God"? or " ...indivisible, with liberty and justice for all"?

It is no wonder that most of the world see in the USA an economic power that has a tendency to bully others and the preen itself to an absurd degree on just how perfect everything is in relation to its constitution and state of democracy. As a result of this absurdity the global respect and therefore leadership status of the US has been declining since 1945 but more recently it has plummeted to low levels. There is no longer any place for listening, understanding and truly seeking outcomes based on mutual benefit and arranged through peaceful means. Moral persuasive power, social conscience and a true consideration and patience to understand the legitimate concerns and desires of others has been substituted by sanctions or the threat that, "... all options are on the table!". This behaviour is tyrannical.

So when objective observers make critical comments with a view to seeking better ways forward there is often an emotional reaction that can spill over into fear and aggression and from there to violence. Most current issues facing the US relate to a basic aggression between members within a society that has generated uncertainty and fear and as a result society as a whole is losing objectivity and direction to seek the truth to identify solutions. In defending the flag many have lost the ability for rational assessment and the importance of finding constitutional solutions. Such solutions would create conditions for harmony where society generates a foundation of a happy and free society. Such a society does not need symbols, totem poles and flags as tools in the hands of those who wish that the population remains blind, deaf and dumb in relation to the needed changes that are fundamental to a better sustainable and peaceful future for the children of today.

The untrustworthy neighbour

Bernard Stomer
Global Affairs Correspondent
APE-Agence Presse Européenne

In the 1960s the United States was considered to be a reliable partner who upheld its international agreements and ability to comply with international law. Now, I am afraid, that image, even if it was earned has been splintered and turned to dust. Donald Trump has not been a good President because he has attempted to bring into foreign affairs the worst practices of American business where the stronger guy shakes down and threatens who he perceives to be the smaller guy; in Mafia style, "it is just business!". His excuse for his bad behaviour and, indeed, the explanation of most people for his aberrant style, is that he is a "successful businessman". This does not say much for standards and ethics of American business or have I missed something, to be successful do you just need to be self-centered and ruthless?

But in his repeated attempt to threaten and then harm the people of counties whose leadership opposes something he wants, Trump is creating instability. It is more than evident that his advisory team are very poorly informed and of late the intelligence services have been involved in a range of amateur goon squad antics that show up the US administrative mentality to be worryingly parochial.

Individuals like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton simply don't fit into the global environment. Bolton appears to be totally cocky unelected individual who appears to be happy and content when he is exercising what appears to be an irrational paranoid bent for aggression and armed interventions. Pompeo appears to be totally dillusional in his constant gaffs when referring to Christianity and God and his exaggerated view of America as a force for good in the world while openly stating that he wanted the US to swagger on the international stage. Yet these people embrace the crude alliance with Saudi Arabia who are bent on promoting an approach to Islam, worldwide, that does not tolerate "Infidels". Indeed, the USA has failed to make any moves to protect the minorities who have been persecuted and murdered and their women sold into sex slavery by the Saudi-inspired terrorists who have plundered Iraq, Syria. The US intelligence and military even protect these terrorist elements to use them as pawns in US designs on regime change. As a result, the so-called "War or terror" has become the "Management of terrorism" supposedly in favour of US foreign designs. As a result of this incompetence the terrorists - take your pick as to their ever-changing names - are now spreading out to other parts of the world, including Afghanistan and North Africa.
US Democracy
business as usual

The biggest problem, given that the USA is supposed to be a democracy, is that the two major political party representatives and congress members are fully under the control of corporate lobbies and not by the American constituents. The US Constitution remains blind to the abuse metered out by the US government in its foreign exploits. The use of sanctions as a first resort in pressuring governments only hurts the people in the countries concerned. As a result the USA is actively involved in spreading misery and making the lives of millions more difficult. This crude approach would appear to go along with the absurd justifications for the USA's bloody aggression and interferences as being "humanitarian interventions". If the USA was a smaller country, by now it would have been classified as a failed state, it is certainly a failed democracy while its people indulge in the American way to get on with their lives and "get ahead". The system does not permit any meaningful reflection upon the high cost of the country's failed foreign policy on the lives of other peoples as well as the civilian men, women and children killed by this failing policy.

My American friends, lamentably, shrug their shoulders and simply state that they have no power and the two party system provides no significant choice and, in any case, is totally corrupt. What is even more regrettable is that no one appears to wish to change things in the US and Donald Trump hopes to win the 2020 election. It is unlikely that most countries in the world do not want Trump to win because of his unsettling behaviour and it is likely that his poor management of the "economy" and this sanctions mess applied to multiple countries will end up impacting the US economy fairly soon and his chances of an election victory could decrease. The pity is that by the US getting a bit of the medicine it dishes out to other countries might be the only way the US electorate will wake up. The problem is that the leading Democractic contenders do not appear to have much to offer.

Noam Chomsky, the world’s leading public intellectual icon has comes out in support of Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Williamson

Matt Kennard the investigative journalist and author and Director at the Centre for Investigative Journalism in London recently received the following message from Noam Chomsky which has been made public:

"The way charges of ant-Semitism are being used in Britain to undermine the Corbyn-led Labour Pary is not ony a disgrace, but also - to put it simply - an insult to the memory of victims of the Holocaust. The charges against Chris Williiamson are a case in point. There is nothing even remotely anti-Semitic in his statement that Labour has "given too much ground" and "been too apologetic" in defending its record of addressing "the scourge of anti-Seminist" beyond that of any other party, as he himself had done, on public platforms and in the streets.

Noam Chomsky"

Over 100 leading Jewish individuals have signed a letter giving their full support to Chris Williamson

Noam Chomsky, academic Finkelstein, CODEPINK founder Medea Benjamin, Jewish Voice for Labour co-chair Jenny Manson, and over 100 others have signed a letter that states,

"We the undersigned, all Jews, are writing in support of Chris Williamson and to register our dismay at the recent letter organised by Tom Watson, and signed by parliamentary Labour party and House of Lords members, calling for his suspension"

"Chris Williamson did not say that the party had been “too apologetic about antisemitism”, as has been widely misreported. He correctly stated that the Labour party has done more than any other party to combat the scourge of antisemitism and that, therefore, its stance should be less apologetic. Such attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters aim to undermine not only the Labour party’s leadership but also all pro-Palestinian members."

"The mass media have ignored the huge support for Chris both within and beyond the Labour party. Support that includes many Jews. The party needs people like him, with the energy and determination to fight for social justice. As anti-racist Jews, we regard Chris as our ally: he stands as we do with the oppressed rather than the oppressor. It should also be noted that he has a longer record of campaigning against racism and fascism than most of his detractors.""The Chakrabarti report recommended that the party’s disciplinary procedures respect due process, favour education over expulsion and promote a culture of free speech, yet this has been abandoned in practice. We ask the Labour party to reinstate Chris Williamson and cease persecuting such members on false allegations of antisemitism."

What did Chris Williamson say to cause such offense?

He simply stated,

"The party that’s done more to stand up to racism is now being demonised as a racist, bigoted party. I’ve got to say I think our party’s response has been partly responsible for that because in my opinion… we’ve backed off far too much, we’ve given too much ground, we’ve been too apologetic."

Labour List has surveyed its readers concerning the explusion, yet again, of Chis Williamson on the basis of baseless accusations of anti-Semitism. They were asked whether or not readers thought Chris Williamson should be re-admittedto the party. The majority responded in support of Chris Williamson as the graphic on the right shows.

An even larger number of readers, some 74%, wish to install an independent complaints system to avoid the risk of political interference.

The political interference referred to is not necessarily coming from within the party or related to the leadership but also includes party members who willingly support foreign interference in the internal affairs of the party (see article below).

The untold story of why some Labour MPs dont want the MP Chris Williamson re-instated as a member of the Labour party

As part of an ongoing witch hunt designed to topple Jeremy Corbyn, the Israeli alliance with the global far-right the elements in the Labour party have complained with manufactured outrage that Chris Williamson, MP, has been reinstated after having his membership suspended last month. He was suspended on the basis of accusation of "anti-Semitism". This was the culmination of a long campaign by Israel lobby groups against him.

Why did this happen?

Williamson had booked a room in Parliament on behalf of the group Jewish Voice for Labour in order to show a troubling and independently produced video that exposes the Israeli influence over Labour MPs. We have already reported that this matter is of grave concern and one, if not terminated, will continue to undermine British democracy as a result of 5th column elements within Labour and other parties acting on behalf of an alien force in the form of right wing Israeli interests. It is reported that the ringleader of much of the outrage against Williamson was Ruth Smeeth who is a former professional Israel lobbyist and who, since becoming an MP, has continued to receive donations from prominent Israel lobby funders. A few days before his suspension Smeeth announced to a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party that a room had been booked to show the film. It is reported that Smeeth told the gathered MPs that she didn’t know who'd booked the room, but threatened that, “I can assure you that I will find out.” According to our source in Parliament, Smeeth’s announcement to the Parliamentary Labour Party resulted in howls of outrage, including “Shame!”, “Disgraceful!” and, sarcastically, “Well done Chris!”. None of these MPs had even seen the film, as it had not been released at the time.

Of course the corporate media in the UK fail to report the facts surrounding this case and most other cases.

The Labour party as a whole has no need to apologise for members discussing Israel's repulsive treatment of the Palestinians over the last 70 years. But there are those who feel that wholesale slaughter and dispossession of Palestinians, illegal settlements and an intentional strategy to deny Palestinians of justice and a state, is somehow acceptable. These people as deniers of the facts openly follow Israeli interests by using the anti-Semitic tar brush on anyone who talks sense on this issue or raise some of the grisly facts. Williamson's sin is that we wishes to expose the truth. The reality that the people who should be suspended are those driving this campaign. Many of the Jewish members of the Jewish Voice for Labour are in dispair at this misleading image for the Labour party where in fact the number of baseless accusations, as well as some with some basis, amount in total to less than 0.5% of the membership. Most Jewish Voice for Labour members wholeheartedly support the Labour party and know most accusations are baseless. The Labour party has always placed the wellbeing of all peoples at the heart of its motivation and policies. The manner in which all of this is being allowed to happen has been managed in such as way that the majority of corporate media intentionally ignore the facts, the process and the dangers. This is a serious matter requiring an investigation and legal action against who are driving this campaign which takes the form of a dangerous 5th column action on behalf of an alien force. This represents a high stakes danger to British democracy.

The malign impact of this 5th column action can be recognised on a daily basis in the constant references to "anti-Semitism in the Labour party" and the failure of "Jeremy Corbyn to act against ani-Semitism" by Theresa May in Parliament, and by Johnson and Hunt the Conservative party leadership contenders, one of which will end up as Prime Minister. This sitiation is unacceptable in that this 5th column action by an alien force is welcomed by the Conservative party members as a factor that might win them the next election. They know as well as anyone how this is being manipulated. On the other hand no one has the courage to point the finger directly at Netanyahu and the participants in his unholy plot helping to distort facts and undermine British politics. No wonder trust in British politicians is at an all time low.

For those of our readership who wish to be better informed they can access the video in the link below:

See the Video

A lesson for the State Department and Pentagon

It is perhaps forgotten that the Roman Empire collapsed in spite of what was considered to be superior military, urban, communications and logic capabilities. The Romans considered their empire to be exceptional and definitely superior to the surrounding "barbarians". But their threatening behaviour, brutality and a strong military deployed explicit logical tactics which could be "logically reverse engineered" to identify fatal weaknesses. Military strategists often misinterpret this as asymmetrical warfare.

In a recent closed workshop, Ibn Nr made the observation that at the peak of Roman military power they could never take over Scotland and they never dared invade Ireland which, theoretically, would have been a walkover. This was because of a power play that stretched from Ireland to the Eastern boundaries of the Empire taking in the Pannonian Limes and up to ancient Iran (Parthian and Sasanian Empires). This came into force as a response to Rome's persistent use of force and remained covert to this day; it was never made explicit. The Romans could not understand how this operated and therefore did not act in specific cases, which appear to be illogical given their power. But the Romans sometimes understood when they should not push their boundaries because they had learned of the likely consequences of prejudice for their forces and destruction of their assets. They remained, however, blind to the logic applied.

Ibn Nr considers the American State Department, Pentagon and intelligence agencies have pursued a Roman model as their strategy for many years and they are becoming increasingly exposed because they have descended into the same state as the Romans. They have yet to perceive when pursuing aggressive tactics need to stop. But like Rome they will fail to do so.

The ultimate insult

What is emerging as the "Deal of the century" presented by Jared Kushner on behalf of the US administration as a solution to the Israel Palestinian impasse appears to be an incredible insult to the people of Palestine, many of whom are in other countries and wish to return to their country. It would seem that like Saudi Arabia, the Kushner feels that by paying a high enough price you can get what you want. But it would appear that this is an attempt to white wash the intrusion, killings, murders, assassinations, illegal land and resource grabs by the Israeli Zionists over the last 70 years. This on par with Trump's overlooking the murder of Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Arabian officials because of the value of armament sales. Unfortunately such people as Trump and Kushner appear to have no moral or ethical fibre or basic consideration of the causes of the plight of the Palestinians but wish to over step such details and be "practical" and focus on the bottom line. One wonders how such people were brought up when they appear to have no sense of conscience that acknowledges that all peoples are worthy of fair treatment and basic justice. This has been denied the Palestinians by Israel through its occupation and economic embargoes, taking water and land and destroying many development projects funded by international agencies in the past.

The unreliable partner

The image of the USA as a reliable partner with a foreign policy that depends almost wholly on bullying, the imposition of sanctions and threats of military intervention has been extended to interference in decisions in sovereign countries that are supposedly allies. The effect of this has been an erosion of trust and a realization that the USA can become an abusive power following a strategy bounded by domestic partisan interests and with no particular concern for the impact of its increasingly erratic exploits on the wellbeing of the world's population.

One of many elephants in the room is the incompetent exercise of the interventions in Iraq, Libya and Syria created serious problems for Europe leading to a range of negative political developments but the Europeans have so far not had the courage to admit their alliance with the USA through NATO has become abused with specific military interventions failing to possess any particular logic. NATO has no real role other than acting as a framework for generating US arms sales to the members. The USA now uses NATO as a totem pole for a protection racket where the "strategic balance" of being a nuclear power does not mean that in fact the USA will come to the aid of any ally facing nuclear attacks. No president in his right mind would press the button because that would ensure widespread destruction of parts or all of the USA. The 2% arbitrary military spending "target" is designed to increase likely US arms sales. NATO continues also because those employed and who use it to enjoy the perks, high salaries don't want to lose that status.

The recent "resolution" of international affairs through violence has only created increasing instability, social upheaval and suffering of millions of people. Certainly the millions of people, who previously had some admiration for the USA, but whose families, regions, religions have been hurt by US-supported Al Qaeda elements, ISIS and Saudi-funded fanatics, now, justifiably, hate the USA. US policy-makers need to appreciate that the USA making claims of interventions on humanitarian grounds really flies in the face of so much intentional brutal and wanton destruction of lives. Except for psychophantic politicians in the UK and France who slavishly participate in the US military initiatives, most "allies" are beginning to have serious doubts as to where this compliance is leading them and their countries. The USA is no longer being perceived as a leader but rather a swaggering imperialist whose main allies in the Middle East consist of despots and tyrants to whom democracy and human rights are an anathema.

One continuing concern is the continued employment of two high profile loose cannons in the Trump administration in the form of Mike Popeo and John Bolton who are constantly pushing the boundaries towards increased aggression to deliver what Saudi Arabia and Israel want. The bottom line is that Saudi Arabia and Israel are the basic divers of disruption in the international order, interference in national politics and destruction in the middle East and it is the USA who carries out their bidding and who gets most of the blame, as it should. In reality Pompeo and Bolton's belligerence does not hold out much hope for its Middle Eastern allies. If the USA continues its aggressive behaviour towards Iran the first to pay a heavy price will be the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The USA and these countries should not imagine that US forces or widely expensive armaments can protect these "allies". The destruction of targets in these countries will be easy for Iran using a new line of HVLA drones. The Patriot missile defense system will be relatively ineffective against such devices. The outcome would be a considerable number of body bags of US service men and women being flown back to the USA to grieving families. No matter how much the administration will wish to pin the blame in Iran the fundamental cause is the misguided statements emanating from such clowns as Bolton and Pompeo and generally aggressive fleet "show boating" and threats from the USA towards an increasing number of countries; and counting. This swagger which was something Pompeo declared he wanted to exercise, on the occasion of his being made Secretary of State, is evident but it is childish and the sign of some perculiar inferiority complex and inability to confront sitations in a metered, mature and wise fashion. Having the upstart Bolton as a sort of Laurel & Hardy side-kick who is an anti-Iranian fanatic and darling of the terrorist group MEK, amply demonstrates the utterly ridiculousness of this macabre and dangerous theatre that continues to sink the standing of the USA in the eyes of the whole world. One would have imagined that this would be something that, at least, the people of America might be concerned about; but does anyone really care?

If Trump wants to make America Great his first step should be to get rid of these rogue elements in his administration. He might also begin to set about distancing the USA's foreign policies from Israel's apartheid regime and Saudi Arabia's malign influence.

The missing detail in reports on a cyber attack of Iranian missile systems


It appears that Iran's claim that the US drone downed by them had entered Iranian territorial bounds is true. The laxity on the part of the US operators was that they imagined Iran did not have the capability to attack such drones. Now they know.

According to SASI (Southern Atlantic Strategic Intelligence) this demonstration of the capabilities of the Iranian defense industry has attracted the attention of several countries who have become tired of the many illegal intrusions by US surveillance and armed drones over their territories. In recent meetings in Tehran*, Chinese officials expressed admiration for this capability and of the need for them to study Iranian defense technologies.

*The settlement of Tehran dates back over 7,000 years.
The media in the USA has reported that the US carried out a cyber attack on Iranian missile systems to prevent them from operating. Any 101 course in systems security, especially of missile systems that have a defensive role, is that invariably they possess OASYS systems. These are a redundant control system that switches in if any critical logic circuit has an issue. These systems are tested on a rapid and repetitive basis in cycles that are often less than one second to ensure operational status. OASYS systems do not run on networks that are accessible via the Internet or any other telecommunications systems that are connected to global networks. The signal device from the testing cycles to the OASYS is also separated from anything that can be affected by a "cyber attack".

The US and Israel did carry out a cyber attack on the nuclear facilities some time ago and the Iranians were able to study the components of this attack so as to create systems and precautions against any future attacks. Most cyber-attacks are pretty crude and they target obvious system functions so the reverse engineering is pretty straightforwards; certainly not beyond Iranian systems engineers.

It might well be that the US military did attempt to close down Iranian missile system controls. If they did this was a bad mistake because the techniques used will have been observed and recorded so as to patch any external system so as to reduce any future external circuit disruptions. In this domain those being attacked normally make no comment and especially never provide any information on the relative success of any attempt. The Iranian's obvious sophistication in defensive systems makes it highly likely that they will have some sort of OASYS in operation. Anyone relying on their "ability" to knock out defensive missile systems of this sort are probably dreaming and media that publish this sort of thing need to do some fact checking.

The race for the UK premiership

As far back as June 2018, CybaCity identified Rory Stewart as the next potential Conservative party leader. The factors giving rise to this conclusion were his very open participatory approach, ability to take decisions, his nature of not smoothing over embarrassing facts and his "back to basics approach". His semantics in his deliveries is simple and straightforward and logical and understood by all; no clever quips, silly asides just transparency. His highly effective approach while responsible for prisons surprised those in the sector. He is very much of the ilk of the old Liberal and possesses the characteristics of what many consider to be the ideal conservative.

The non-event

The "debate" between the five remaining contenders for the UK Premiership via the Conservative party leadership took place on 18th June on the BBC. It was shambolic with candidates speaking over each other and the anchor joining in, so considerable parts of the programme were essentially inaudible. As suggested might be the case, four candidates ganged up on Rory Stewart largely by cutting him off through interruptions or just disagreeing with him. However, as always, Stewart was the only one not selling fantacies. But at times like this, the truth is not what people want to hear. Johnson answered questions in his way which involved not answering them. It is difficult to understand why he is still quoted as the front runner. This was depressing in terms of a lack of credible information and it ended up as the non-event of the week.

Although from time to time criticism of Jeremy Corbyn (leader of the Labour party) came up when people were running out of things to say, the assembled gentlemen do not appear to have the approach that could secure a Conservative victory at the next general election. Stewart does but it is plainly obvious that the remaining candidates and MPs might weed him out of the race.

If he does survive the future prospects of the Conservatives could be bright but Conservatives appear to confuse reflection and honesty as weakness while considering bluster and assertion as charisma and the stuff of prime ministers and, for some unexplicable reason, linking this to the ability to take sensble decisions.
In the current Conservative party leadership race he started off as the rank outsider simply because Conservative MPs could only concentrate their minds on "leading Conservatives" and the hope that their waning formula based on assertions and failure to answer questions, which has kept them in power for so long, can be sustained; Stewart would upset that formula. The individual most indicated as the champion of the threadbare Conservative party formula is Boris Johnson who has appeared, for some time inexplicable reason, considered the Conservative party leadership as his natural right.

However within just 10 days, as Rory Stewart has become exposed to the public and to MPs, the CybaCity prediction appears to be becoming true. Boris Johnson, on the other hand has been badly advised to avoid exposure either by not participating in "debates" or attending news conferences. The tactic appears to be that in spite of his eloquence he might be found out or make some disastrous statement which would expose his cavalier approach to power while not in total command of the facts nor appreciating the gravity of many topics nor the significance of the insults he throws out. His total self-centred approach to all of this is extremely distasteful and his manager's tactics, so far, have only contributed to a decline in his image.

In another internal statement CybaCity has commented that "support" for Rory Stewart is not only to be found amongst the general public but amongst members of the Conservative, Lib Dems, Labour and Greens and increasingly amongst Conservative MPs. Many have not perceived that Rory Stewart is a sort of Conservative Jeremy Corbyn. He is the only candidate that could greatly expand the size of the Conservative party, because of his growing popularity, especially amongst the young. He is also the only person who could take on all others, including the Labour party, in a general election. There is no doubt what-so-ever if Stewart faced Corbyn in Parliament the level of debate would become extremely interesting and relevant and as a result the relevance of each party to Britain's challenges would become very clear; this is something the British electorate needs to recharge their faith in Parliamentary democracy.

These facts are only belatedly sinking in to the Johnson team and they are reviewing the options. In reality there are no easy solutions. If Johnson attempt to discount what Stewart says he will find himself in a corner; Stewart can defend himself. If Johnson attempts to engage at the level of any particular topic he will run out of steam and attempt to make little of everything with one of this jokes or appeal to some obscure Latin reference, hardly the stuff of someone wishing to lead a country. There will of course be some goons raking through Stewart's past in an attempt to provide Johnson with some barbs to attack Stewart if he gets through to participate in the debate to take place on Tuesday, 18th June on the BBC. The team strategists could attempt to do deals with the other candidates for them to gang up on Stewart while letting Johnson off the hook. But the others know Johnson is not a god and any hint at this type of collusion on their part could severely weaken their position and each of whom, after all, want to top job.

In the end the electorate of the country, let alone the tiny Conservative party membership, needs a Prime Minister who can think for himself and can face the public in a serious manner. Johnson is obviously "managed" not only by his "team" but also by many lobbies and interest groups. This has built an image of Johnson as a eloquent if disorganised puppet exactly wnat is not needed when Britain is enterng a phase of crisis of BREXIT, increasing economic inequality and exasperation on the part of the people of Britain with governance of the country.

CybaCity could prove to have been right.

Like many before him, Chris Williamson is being persecuted by alien forces linked to Israel, within the Labour party

Click image to access this video

The anti-Semitism saga or witchhunt continues in the Labour party and it is becoming evident that those deciding on such quick expulsions leading to major media headlines are working against the interests of the Labour party.

Chris Williamson, a Labour MP happened to mention what is well known that the Israeli embassy is behind the anti-Semitic smear campaign waged against Labour and Corbyn. In fact his immediate expulsion rather than an investigation into the role of Israel, reflects highly suspicious motivation to act in the interests of an alien power. Those operating any 5th column operations on behalf of an alien force need to be identified and expelled before they leave of their own volition or under instruction, alleging falsely, and to script, that they are leaving because of Jeremy Corbyn.

The allegation of there being links to the Israeli embassy are based on the secret operations managed by the government of Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy (MSAPD) which now mainly target those who support Palestinians and in particular BDS through dirty tricks and media campaigns. When Jeremy Corbyn was elected head of the Labour party, as a well known supporter of the Palestinian cause, the MSAPD invested major efforts to undermine his status within Labour and UK politics by concentrating on anti-Semitic accusations.

The MSAPD was created in 2006 for Avigdor Lieberman with the role of co-ordinating security, intelligence and diplomatic initiatives regarding Iran and other strategic threats, reporting to Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert. The ministry was closed down three months later when Lieberman left the government. It was subsequently resurrected and reorientated to its current role by Benjamin Netanyehu in 2009. The ministry oversees foreign spy operations and in particular, illegal surveillance and subversion operations outside Israel targeting pro-Palestinian and BDS activists and others. It is currently headed by Likud official Gilad Erdan.

A 5th column within the Labour party acting on behalf of an alien force

In the picture on the right, Jeremy Newmark is sitting between disgraced Israeli embassy agent Shai Masot and Israeli ambassador Mark Regev at a private meeting during Labour’s 2016 conference. Newmark was seen in undercover Al Jazeera footage giving the ambassador “intelligence.” Electronic Intifada has revealed that the Jewish Labour Movement was revived in 2015 to battle Jeremy Corbyn as a right-wing organization with intimate ties to the Israeli embassy. Although the Jewish Labour Movement claims to have been affiliated to Labour for a century it would seem that the dormant Jewish Labour Movement was revived by political allies of Israel as a weapon against Corbyn, the left and the wider Palestine solidarity movement. On 13th September, it is reported that the Jewish Labour Movement chair Jeremy Newmark told a members only function that “a bunch of us sat in a coffee shop in Golders Green, to talk about re-forming the JLM to do something with it.” The 2015 plan to reconstitute the Jewish Labour Movement came against the backdrop of what Newmark described as “the rise of Jeremy Corbyn” and “Bernie Sanders in the states.” Corbyn was first elected Labour leader in September 2015.

Newmark is currently under investigation by the police for alleged fraud. He is still the lead Labour councilor in a North London suburb. He has been an Israel lobby operative and has close ties to the Israeli government, including its London embassy, for over 10 years. Newmark told the September 2016 gathering – a barbecue for members of the Jewish Labour Movement youth wing – that his group of associates had planned on “utilizing the rights and privileges it [JLM] enjoys as a socialist society” within Labour. The Jewish Labour Movement has been a leading force pushing the false “Labour anti-Semitism crisis” over the last three years. The transcript shows that Newmark described this as the “start of a struggle and a battle we will all be engaged in for months and probably years ahead of us.” It is alleged that Newmark claimed that Corbyn was compelled to back off support for an academic boycott of Israel “because of the political job that was done around that issue.” “We now need to replicate that on broader issues.” Othere statements by Newmark includ, “behind the scenes lobbying and the legal legwork,” as well as the involvement of a group called Engage, “the left-wing campaign against anti-Semitism,” were key to this pro-Israel strategy. “We built a robust political discourse, rooted in the politics of the left and deployed it in their own backyard.”

What needs to be investigated

The more overt involvement of Israeli officials was more obvious three years ago as can be seen from the Electronic Intifada reports. However, the objective of this type of strategy is to build up a group within the party who for various reasons are prepared to act in Israel's interests, largely following the vector that any criticism of Israel or any Israeli agency, including government, is anti-Semitic. Given the extraordinary bloodletting in the Middle East that has resulted from Israel's foreign policy under Netanyehu which succeeded in securing support of both the USA and Saudi Arabia to keep Israel's backyard in turmoil while illegal settlements advance with the objective of making the two state solution non-viable. This policy has seen Shia, Christians and other minority religious groups being slaughtered by the coalition's proxies who also have operated a sex trade in widows and young girls from these minority groups. The proxies use a device of changing their names to confuse and so that Western intelligence can refer to one group as moderate and freedom fighters and others as terrorists, but all along, the core of all of these proxies has been made up of al Qaeda operatives who have been actively supported by the USA, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The only group that does not fall into this category are the Kurd units who have been effective in fighting terrorists.

It is amazing that people who think, criticism of this chaos and mass murder is anti-Semitic, are members of the Labour party. However, such people are difficult to identify at first but can be traced by their actions and decisions and by their, usually out of context, declarations in the House of Commons leveled at Jeremy Corbyn in the forms of baseless accusations of anti-Semitism. It is evident that there remains a core group within the party who continue to pursue and promote the anti-Semitism campaign actively. As is now evident, a pattern has emerged where accusations are made, the media is immediately informed. There follows a "procedure" that " takes time" so the majority of the individuals concerned, who are falsely accused, are reinstated but the media tends to ignore this follow up. The overall impact has been a gradual undermining of the image of the Labour party and Corbyn. The Labour party has a certain parochial nature, a reluctance to suspect that their might be fifth columnists working on behalf of an alien power within their ranks. This naivity is what permits such schemes as the anti-Semitism campaign to continue because the leadership is being too slow, no, not to control anti-Semitism - it hardly exists in the Labour party, but to identify those carrying out this attack and expelling them from the party. It is vitally important that the party monitors who has made up, and who now makes up, the contributors to the taking of these damaging decisions. Why, after all, is the media always informed? These matters should be confidential and investigated first and, if evidence confirms racism, then a decision can be taken. This alien scheme has continued to damage the image of the Labour party and media reporting and the government MPs use these incidents to attack Jeremy Corbyn personally. This is obviously manipulated by a group inside the party acting in the interests of alien interests outside the party. It represents a serious erosion in transparency clearly undermining the fundamental principals os Labour and creating a false image of the party which is, of course, the objective. The recent decision of The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to investigate anti-Semitism is regarded as yet another extension of this campaign in reaction to requests by those who support Israel's aims.

Malaysian prime minister questions efficacy of the MH17 investigation

The prime minister of Malaysia, Mr. Mahathir Mohamad, raised questions concerning the conduct of the Dutch led investigation into the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in 2014 while it was flying over Eastern Ukraine. As is the unanimous conclusion of the APE team, he stated that, so far he has seen no evidence to justify the widespread assumption that Russian units fired the missile that downed the plane resulting in the deaths of over 298 passengers and crew. Much of the information used to blame Russia came from Bellingcat a investigative team funded by Western NGOs but Bellingcat reported that the mobile Buk missile unit, used to down the Malaysian Boeing 777, was from the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade in Kursk, Russia and had crossed the border into Ukraine, downed flight MH17 and then returned to Russia. However, the serial numbers on the Buk remnants that were very evident from the inestigation rports and associated images, were traced back through the manufacturers and assignment records indicated that this specific system was transferred to Ukraine miltary units in 1986, and it had remained under the control of the Ukrainian military. There is very litle doubt as to the accuracy of this data given the discipline of the old Soviet, and current Russian authorities, on questions related to poduction and assignment records concerning military equipment.

Another important piece of evidence is that the shape of the shrapnel damage on the plane also was of this older Buk design. The current Buks use shrapnel platelets with a different shape. The Buks of this vintage have not been used by the Russian military for many years.

The prime minister revealed that the details of the plane's black box were hidden from the Malaysian officials who in any case were barred from the investigative team along with Russians who could provide precise records and relevant technical inputs. On the other hand the intelligence officials from the Ukraine participated directly in the investigation.

It is self-evident that this investigation was not objective and was biased. Given the gravity of the case this cynical result of cash diplomacy is a disgrace and hides the truth.

The prime minister's own comment was that from the very beginning the investigation was too political and that it was not a neutral examination.

It is notable that the thorough enquiry reports issued by the Russians to the investigation team were ignored.

There is an unsettling trend in the so-called investigations which end up alleging Russian culpability such as the case of the alleged poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury where the UK authorities have refused toanswer questions posed by th Russian government and have issued no convincing evidence. Several false flag mounted videos used as "evidence" have been created by the White Helmets in Syria alleging chemical attacks by the Syrian government. Recent internal reports from the investigating organization (OPCW) that report that the gas cylinders identified as the source of gas were placed in their locations by people on the ground. The only people there at the time were Jabhat al Nusra and the White Helmets both of whom are al Qaeda branches, a terrorist organization. The OPCW clearly ignored the contents of this report completed by on site inspectors. The other White Helmet video production was the hospital scene in Syria where children were being doused with water in a simulated gas attack. This widely circulated video has also turned out to be a false flag on the basis of evidence provided by those present in the hospital scene and who were manhandled by the White Helmets. It was used by the USA, UK and France to launch attacks on Syria.

One of the main funding agencies of the White Helmets is the Foreign Office of the United Kingdom government and one of the people lobbying for the OPCW to be able to assign blame for these "chemical attacks" as British Foreign Secretary at the time, was Boris Johnson.

It is a matter of extreme concern that this individual is a candidate for leadership of the Conservative party and could be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Hackers, Whistle blowers and Journalists

The savage transgressions and rape of the US Constitution's first Amendment, by those drawing up the request for extradition of Julian Assange, has increased with the ridiculous vindictive and travesty of justice of 50 weeks detention ordered by a UK judge. So-called democracies, who are preach their adherence to the principles of upholding freedom, justice and the rule of law, are running a vicious campaign of fear leveled at those who hold the truth in high esteem. The main proponents of this scheme are the intelligence and military communities who have been embarrassed by what has been shown to be their total incompetence.

For example when schoolboys hack into Pentagon computer systems rather than ask the hacker how they did this so as to close that loophole, these immature and shallow vain warriors react like spoiled brats and attempt to impose severe punishments on the hackers. It is self-evident that who should be punished, in such cases, are those who designed the Pentagon security systems.

When is comes to whistle blowers, it is normally the case that they take action when established procedures for raising concerns are not followed by their superiors. The US and UK have so-called whistle blower legislation designed to "protect" whistle blowers. Most large organizations and the military has strict internal regulations that require employees to report any wrongdoing or transgression of the law. However, when they do so, invariably the reaction is to hide the transgressions rather than resolve them. If a whistle blower then moves to expose this corruption of procedures, they are the first to be punished and ostracized by the organization who almost always seek vicious retribution. In the case of government organizations, intelligence agencies and the military the reaction is more forceful because of the exaggerated dimensions of the self-esteem, importance and status they assign to themselves results in a visceral reaction when they are exposed; they will misrepresent to defend themselves and invariably will turn the tables on the whistler through various illicit and dishonest means. However, most of their actions transgress any notions of upholding the freedom, justice and the rule of law. One of the characteristics of the defence of such organizations is to speak in terms of the organization not in terms of the individuals who are plainly guilty. The organization, its name and esteem, exposed to be a hoax, is non-the-less used as the corporate veil behind which these corrupt individuals hide. The degree of moulding of exaggerated images of the "integrity" and "professionalism" of such the FBI and the CIA by Hollywood and TV series is taken seriously by the inhabitants of these organizations. However, the same is true of international and private organizations. This brand image and lack of transparency is used, behind the scenes to single out and accuse others, usually in lower ranks as being the "guilty parties" and who take the rap.

As a result of these deep flaws in the character, immorality and the ethical void in the makeup of such people they are now behaving in an irrational and overt fashion exposing their malignant and socially destructive behavior for all to see in their attacks on publishers, journalists, alternative media or bloggers who, in spite of the desire of such "leaders" to run a campaign of fear to hide their incompetence and corruption, all work in the public interest by accepting and exposing the truth.

Why with or without a vote people still wont know what the options are

The incredible confusion reigning in the Westminster bubble which has created the latest EU parliamentary election results persists in the form of a Conservative party leadership election where once again the main topic remains BREXIT with a deal or without. This is pure madness and continues to reflect badly on the intellectual capacity of MPs.

The EU Commission insisted from the outset in separating the withdrawal mechanism from any final trade agreement. So all the discussions to date have referred to a withdrawal mechanism without any trading relationship deal in sight. The fixation of some on leaving the EU has obscured the fact that they don't know what any future trading arrangement will look like and therefore don't know the implications for the British electorate. Even those who push for a no deal exit can't explain what any future trading relationship with the EU will be like. This cavalier attitude is highly irresponsible and it most closely associated with the Conservative leadership candidates such as Boris Johnson.

At a seminar held on Monday 27th May by the past contributors to the British Strategic Report, it was pointed out that none of the British political parties have developed what they consider to be a sound alternative trade arrangement with the EU. By that is meant for any well-defined options, what are the implications for each sector, law and wellbeing of the British population? Politicians think that by referring to the "Swiss model" or the "Norwegian model" with pluses and minuses is a way to inform the public of the implications, this is ridiculous. Such options need to be spelt out clearly as a possible as positions of any future UK government. These would represent the basis for negotiation of the trade arrangement, this can add clarity for the electorate as a result of transparency. It is only on this basis that the withdrawal agreement can be judged as being worth any risk of accepting it to move to negotiate a well-defined trade arrangement.

Those who seem to think we can walk into a future and instantaneously substitute trade with Europe with new trading arrangements with other countries are seriously misrepresenting the facts. For major future trade arrangements that build in adequate parity or equivalence into the negotiation balance between Britain and others, can take up to a decade while the UK economy struggles. To prepare such positions, to document them and to circulate these options to the electorate is a massive amount of work but it needs to be undertaken by any political party who wish to be taken seriously as a body worthy of support.

Of the political parties who have done their homework on domestic issues and who have sound alternative policies already worked out are the Labour party and the Greens. All they need to do is fold back their current proposals into proposed trading agreement package options to be presented to the EU as well as any other country (accepting that specific gaps and needs in trade vary according to the country). The EU does not have to agree to any of these options but at least the electorate will understand the options and their implications for their future personal wellbeing. On this basis a people's vote makes sense.

The promise of the European election results for Britain

During the programmes covering the European election results on UK television on Sunday, 26th May, the only representative of a major party to acknowledge needed change the clarity of expression of the party position was Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Secretary of State of the Labour party. She expressed the concern that "on the doorstep" many people had remained confused about Labour's message and wanted to send a signal of frustration by voting for other smaller parties. However, this was not an admission that Labour had taken the wrong position, it was that their message lacked clarity. To a large extent, however, this is a result of a constantly dismissive attitude of the Conservatives, and indeed other parties, in scrambling Labour's message. The tactic was to simply keep repeating that the Labour party was in turmoil and had no clear position. Of course a largely hostile media, including anchors on Sky and BBC, only played the same game of constantly asking Labour representatives to clarify their position "because people were confused". This only amplified the general notion that Labour was confused. As anyone would expect during the last 3 years, Labour has been sensitive to the transition in people's views on BREXIT and is the only party to attempt to accommodate these. In the case of the Conservatives this discussion became an acrimonious party issue which only became more extreme as Theresa May continued her stubborn refusal to involve, in a truly participatory fashion, representatives of the other parties and devolved assemblies in Scotland and Wales and making the fatal mistake of opting for the support of the DUP in Northern Ireland.

Labour's' message, for some time now, has been clearly that of negotiating to secure an agreeable arrangement and then putting the proposal to the people. This is not an attempt to run another referendum it is an attempt to open up the discourse to allow the electorate to confirm their agreement.

There are now two apparent vectors in the British electorate's position as reflected in the outcome of the European elections. However, it should be remembered that there were no manifestos issued for this election so it is very easy to misinterpret the outcome. It is likely that the Brexit party results were the result of a protest, largely against the Conservative party for "not getting on with delivery", although many Labour party voters voted for Social Democrats and the Greens. Each party, including the Conservatives, have in effect, and in spite of the results of the EU election, congratulated themselves on having the right idea on the basis of the Brexit party's result. The current Conservative party leadership election is taking on the form of selecting the individual most able to deliver that result but also to select someone who can "beat" Jeremy Corbyn. Labour is the only party voicing a position that accommodates both sides of this argument in a way that avoids stalemate or a disastrous EU exit on undefined or WTO terms. As Jeremy Corbyn has stated, the Labour party will review the outcome and consult its membership in order to prepare a position. Although for outsiders this is a frustrating time-consuming participatory process it represents the only truly membership-run political party in the UK. Labour is the largest Socialist party in Europe with extensive EU links. The Labour party process is a reflection of stability and maturity. Within the Westminster bubble, and to some extent in the country, this is misunderstood by many who see politics as something where there is a need for charismatic leaders and "decision-makers"

Since the next step in this process is a General Election, it is necessary to weight up the odds against Labour and these, in reality, are small. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats ran a disastrous coalition government that took the decision to launch "austerity" and exacerbated the situation of debt for students. Under the Conservative government, the last three years have been a demonstration of incompetence without any major decisions being taken on issues of considerable domestic importance. To state the economy is safe with the Conservatives doesn't ring true at all with the continued gouging out of the real economy, the open admission of Boris Johnson of the government's active support of terrorists and affiliate groups such as the White Helmets whose false flag activities are now being exposed. They transferred terrorists to the UK mainland as "intelligence agency assets" and the poor management of these has led to massacres of constituents on the UK mainland such as in Manchester. So security-wise the Conservatives have failed miserably. On the economic front, the government has been treading water and supporting financialization to such as extent that besides the boom in house prices, exacerbating the ability of families purchase homes, rising inequality is marked by a boom in food banks supporting those, many in work, who cannot afford to buy the necessary food for their families. The often repeated claim that there are more in work now than ever is inevitable and a result of the increase in size of the population.
Motley crew: Motley is the traditional costume of the court jester, fool, or the harlequin character in commedia dell'arte. As an adjective, it is generally disparaging — a motley collection is an uninspiring pile of stuff, as in the cliché motley crew.

Lastly, there has been a ridiculous campaign leveled against Jeremy Corbyn involving a motley crew including "leading" corporate media, Conservative MPs, Zionists, Benjamin Netanyehu, 5th columnists supporting Israel atrocities, TV anchors and others who regularly describe Corbyn as a Marxist, friend of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah the IRA and of being an anti-Semite. What these people do not appear to understand it how ridiculous their campaigns are and how it casts an ominous shadow over the democratic process representing a constant reminder that many in the Westminster bubble take the British electorate for idiots. Jeremy Corbyn has taken the correct path of not lowering himself to the level of these scurrilous and shallow people by never responding with personal attacks. Corbyn also doesn't really need to waste his time responding to these accusations, well-informed constituents know that they are not true.

Britain needs a leader who does not have blood-stained hands, who understands and practices participatory democracy to the benefit of the people of Britain and above all, who is not inclined to support foreign ventures that result in mass murder in the name of Britain causing the displacement of millions of innocent people who now seek refuge in Europe. It is to be hoped that future British leaders should not permit the practice of their government covertly assisting terrorists who are faced by British military in the field, resulting in senseless loss of personnel and the murder of members of the British population on the UK mainland.

The reality is that Labour has a chance to win the next general election with a significant majority if it starts now to explain the shameful foreign exploits and poor economic management track records of the other parties in government. One party with whom Labour should create some form of collaboration is the Green party because a significant number of their European election supporters were younger and many are Labour. Climate change is important and at the next Labour Conference the party should invite Green party representatives to lay out their arguments not to "steal" their policies but to help contribute to them. The frustration of the Scottish and Welsh electorates showed up in the strong showing of the SNP and Plaid Cymru. In Northern Ireland Sinn Fein gained most votes. Labour needs to rethink their Scottish and Northern Ireland strategies to remove the "London-centric" image and prepare more participatory platforms that work to mould support in favour of the interests and expressed needs of these countries. This is not a device for supporting independence or unification in the case of Ireland it is simply extending a well developed participatory process developed by Labour to other parts of the Union. By involving Wales in these processes, it is likely that the Labour vote in Wales could be recovered, paradoxically by working with Plaid Cymru, where possible. Labour's concept of, not for the few but for the many, remains a valid ambition and, the more it is applied, the more people are likely to support this party.

The origins of cascading societal nihilism

Nihilism: Finding nothing to approve of in the established social order and a rejection of all religious and moral principles; life is meaningless.

The current situation in the United Kingdom and elsewhere is unsettling. The combinations of political contention arising from a Parliament unable to arrive at compromise because of the domination of decision making by political parties, the blanking out of important issues due to unrewarded energy spent on BREXIT and rising knife crime point to a malaise. Across Europe the impact of migrants and refugees from a war torn North Africa and Middle East has given rise to a negative political trend.

During the last 20 years international leadership is marked by the lack of inspiring individuals and nationally there are few admirable politicians. In Britain, politicians tend to amass round decisions in support of the policies of the USA which have become increasingly belligerent and destabilizing to other countries. More recently, with the Trump administration, the emphasis on economic and financial welfare of the USA has led to increasing sanctions on many countries who do not agree with the US position. Diplomacy, in the sense of rational and balanced discussion based on mutual interest, has been pushed aside and substituted with threats and an aggressive approach punctuated by the statement, "all options are on the table", which, in many cases is a threat of military intervention. All of the military interventions led by the USA during the last 20 years have been unmitigated failures and disastrous for those countries that have been threatened or exposed to "regime change". Nothing was achieved in terms of the promise of "democracy, freedom and the rule of law". A very stark reality is that this policy, that is held up as an approach that safeguards "Western values", is exercised in a manner which demonstrates that the lives and welfare of the people in these countries are of no consequence and therefore of no interest. The suffering, death and destruction is even voiced by "strategists" as being "a price worth paying".

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The Huawei saga

The leadership of Huawei in mobile and 5G technology is a direct result of this company descending a technological learning curve. The best location for achieving this type of experience is China, simply because of the size of the domestic market, plus the Indian neighbourhood market is some 2.5 billion users of mobiles. In contrast the USA is just 12% of the market with 330 million mobile users.

Huawei Launches World's First 5G Base Station Core Chip for Simplified 5G

Jan 24, 2019, Huawei has launched world's first core chip specifically designed for 5G base stations. At a 5G launch event in Beijing that doubled up as a pre-briefing for the MWC Barcelona 2019, Huawei announced the innovative chip that will support simplified 5G networks and large-scale 5G network deployment all over the world. To date, the company has won 30 commercial 5G contracts and shipped over 25,000 5G base stations globally.
Download the Huawei document on the range of 5G opportunities...

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It is obvious that the US approach to standards, which has deployed the "de facto" approach where some company becomes dominant as a result of "market forces" is an altogether naive approach. It was this approach that put the US mobile operators behind the European Union that championed telecom standards for mobiles in the 1980s/1990s leading to the early domination of European operators such as Vodafone.

The USA has also fallen behind China in other leading edge technologies in key sectors because of their failing approach. China leads in advances in electrical vehicles (70% of world market), electrical vehicle propulsion batteries (having reduced the prices of energy units 80% in the last 8 years) and solar energy cells, which today are amongst the lowest cost generators of electricity; all green technologies.

The United States, unfortunately, when losing the technological quality arguments tends to resort to unfair competitive practice and in the case of Huawei have opted to scare mongering by stating that Huawei is likely to introduce back door access to Chinese intelligence agencies in their 5G technology. There is absolutely no evidence for this but there is evidence to show that US technology corporations and social media and search technology companies have done just that for US intelligence agencies, for many years.

Anyone with any sense will stick to Huawei products because they are world leaders and this will help the applications developers, who ride on such systems, to get ahead.

The next step the US might take will be its tested and failed approach of imposing sanctions of countries or companies who collaborate with Huawei. But this is ridiculous and uncouth luddite approach to "competition" and "free markets" and which exposes a good deal of hypocrisy and ignorance on the part of US government technology strategists who are aware that China has long since overtaken the US in the annual registration of high technology patents.

The Google postscript...

Google, following the US administration's banning of Huawei products for 5G has decided to cut off its contacts from Huawei by refusing to support Android updates. As can be observed, the US government's isolation from this important technology will lead to Huawei and others taking over the future development of such inputs as chips and now Android updates. It is poorly appreciated that Huawei has contributed a lot of original inputs to this operating system.

Given the extremely high concentration of usage and expansion in China and India, the American antics are more of an irritant and are unjustified. An example of a recent US government sanction that backfired was the ill-advised US pressure on Europe to impose sanctions on Russia. This led to the Russian government banning imports of a large range of European and US farm produce losing US and European farmers $ billions. However, this resulted in a revolution in Russian agricultural investment leading to Russia becoming the world's largest exporter of wheat. Big strides are being gained in their strategy to develop organic farming whose products command higher international prices and not to invest in GMOs which, as the Monsato saga demonstrates, has several complicating issues surrounding pesticides and health risks.

By 2020 it is estimated that Chinese companies will have a 76% share of the global smartphone market and S Korea and the USA will only have 20% and 14% respectively. The US market is more or less saturated and Huawei's strategy has been to target where the major expanding markes are in lower income countries in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Huawei does not need the USA market.

For some time the combination of spying and manipulation exercised through Google's Android OS has led to many in the technology sphere to seriously consider developing a less tainted and compromised replacement operating system. The spread of knowhow throughout the world makes this a completely feasible proposition within a very short period of time. Huawei already has its own operating system and they are likely to intensify development and support for this as a result of Google's decision.

Google's latest move will only encourage this development. It needs to be remembered that much at Google wasn't developed by Google and anyone with the capital can play the same game of buying out smaller innovative groups who are often starved for cash to support rapid expansion. For example acquisitions within the Chinese smartphone fraternity (Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo) represent a way for Huawei to move. A spokesman for SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab, who carried out the 2020 projections, commented that,

"Huawei is applying a growth strategy which is sustainable and it is evolving exactly along the lines of our projections made within the Tempo programme coordinated in Brussels. Our own studies show that to sustain this strong growth there is a need to lower unit prices significantly within the next 3 years, leading to a significant acceleration in takeup. We believe Huawei is likely to follow this strategy. Overall, the loser in this saga is likely to be US technology. It is also likely to result in a strategic reduction in Chinese investment in Silicon Valley and in China expanding its own venture capital initiatives for high tech, drawing global human resources and engineering knowhow towards the already highly successful Chinese innovation parks."

Our correspondent asked if there are implications arising from the Google reaction and the US administration's attack on 5G. The SEEL spokesman replied,

"Huawei are way ahead of the US in 5G and possess all of the knowledge and knowhow to revolutionise the mobile smartphone market by being the first to introduce specific 5G benefits. No other smartphone manufacturer has this capability. We think that Huawei's strategy should be to prepare their operating system as the platform for 5G applications and then launch a completely new generation mobile system worldwide according to their own standards. The economic benefits for users can be very significant and Huawei have been stating this for several years. Unfortunately the US tech firms have been too engrossed in the simpler social media type growth and which has been badly handled leading to a slow down in the advance of the leading edge technologies such as 5G and OS platforms geared to 5G."

There is an election coming
Trump needs to fire the inept apprentice, John Bolton, immediately
before he does any more harm with his Iran escapade....

Donald Trump, appears to be being led by the nose into a disastrous image destroying out-of-date gun boat "diplomacy" which is 200 years out of date. This fleet, in reality, has almost no defence. He has put thousands of naval personnel potentially in harm's way.

After the incredibly inept performance with respect to Venezuela, John Bolton and Elliott Abrams partnered in a Keystone Cop Goon Squad show which demonstrated complete incompetence. And yet, Bolton is enthusiastically sinking the US even deeper in the mire with this Iran-focused escapade which only brings the US back to its failed strategy of bending, yet again, to the wishes of Saudi Arabia and Israel. It is almost certain that this latst initiative is based on disinformation provided by Israel and/or Saudi Arabia. It is an attempt to repeat of the false flag idiocies and failures exemplified by the case studies of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Iran is a far more difficult nut to crack than any of the other countries mentioned.

Trump would do well to sack these inept clowns in his administration to save the US from further embarrassment.

President Trump needs to ignore the paranoid intel messages and create a more independent foreign policy along the lines of his original presidential campaign statements. Going for peaceful coexistence takes skill, intellect and courage and this can benefit the people of the USA. These are qualities, however, sadly lacking in Bolton, Pompeo and Abrams.

There is, after all, an election coming.....

Now it is Iran...

APEurope editorial team: info@apeurope.org

The sheer incompetence and poor performance of Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Elliott Abrams has been there for all to see. Their antics have made an international mockery of the standing of the United States in the international arena. The absurd attempt to impose sanctions on Venezuela, further exacerbating the condition of that population and attempting to bring about a coup (referred to as a regime change) in full view of the international community based on posturing, attempted bullying, threats of military intervention and manipulating an ineffective puppet in the form of Juan Guaido. Guaido declared himself to be Venezuelan President when all the world knows he is not. His announcement was gravely "supported" by Vice President Pence with a straight face, initiating his declaration with "Hola!", was quite comical. Rather than carry Guaido off to an asylum, the Venezuelan government allowed Guaido to roam freely increasingly making a fool of himself and the US administration. As things progressed predictive statements made by Bolton, Pence and Pompeo only became more ridiculous, proving to be completely vacuous. Their image declined into one showing a lack of intelligence and keystone cop type incompetence. The Venezuelan government's tactic, of essentially doing nothing, succeeded in running the whole of this US "regime change strategy" into the ground. The Venezuelan government forces, in general, showed restraint while the "opposition" groups demonstrated their tendency for violence.

The sabre rattling of the Trump administration and a series of inappropriate threats and statements only confirmed to the world the USA's assumption that it alone can decide what happens in the politics of South America, continues that out of date, parochial view of its right to impose the worst version of the Munroe Doctrine on independent countries. The affair has been a diplomatic disaster, not that there was any diplomacy involved, just arrogance, Pompeian swagger and tendency towards threatening behaviour. All an affront to the world community.

According to Ibn Nr, there have been no changes in intent of actions, covert or otherwise by Iran to justify the current Hullabaloo of the USA which appears to imagine that the world will continue to respond to the old British gun boat "diplomacy". It appears that the trigger for this "alarm" is, as usual, joint disinformation emanating from Israeli and Saudi "intelligence" to try and push the USA, as usual, into acting against the interests of the United States. The opportunity for this device arose as a result of Trump needing a diversion from the embarrassment of the Venezuelan debacle. As is well-established, both Saudi Arabia and Israel want the normal destruction of national utility infrastructures to lead to "regime change". The aircraft carriers were dispatched to that region some time ago and Trump has been taken in by the "alarm bells" and pushed hiss previously observed serious belief in the "power" of such aircraft carriers and support vessels. This cranky approach was observed during the North Korean talks, where he tried to combine, as always, threats with his version of "diplomacy". Although, all of this might impress some, military strategists agree that this is not only out of date is id perilous. It is beyond belief that the Pentagon has authorised taking these fleets so close to an imagined enemy's territorial waters. Such a move has placed these fleets in such a vulnerable position that they destroyed within minutes under such circumstances with small short range hazard missiles which are so numerous they can completely overwhelm ship defence mechanisms. The situation is even more dangerous if there are several ships in a constellation because of signal corruption and danger of friendly fire damage. No matter what these ships launch in retaliation to any attack will be picked up immediately by anti-missile batteries so as to nullify their effect. So Trump, under Bolton's and other's goading, is attempting to draw attention away from the Venezuela debacle with the excuse that "something else" has turned up in the form of Iranian intents or "intended" actions. It is very unlikely that this is, in fact, the case. However, in doing so Trump has placed thousands of US naval personnel at risk of losing their lives and under conditions where they have far less defensive capabilities that he understands. The Bolton announcement of any actions by Iranian interests including through proxies against the interests of the USA, Israel or Saudi Arabia is the typical priming of the conditions to provide an excuse for actions based on false flag incidents. The world has seen all of this before with Gulf of Tonkin incident, which did not take place, (Vietnam), weapons of mass destruction, which did not exist, (Iraq) and the linking of the Twin Towers to Suddam Hussain, when there was no connection what-so-ever; all false narratives used to carry out what people like Pompeo and Bolton desire. No one focuses on the millions of innocent people murdered as a result of these irresponsible actions based on falsehoods, and yet, here we go again.

Under the circumstances one can only surmise that this is par for the course of the now much discredited Trumpian "art of the deal" bluff as a pre-election demonstration of just how tough he is on those he has declared to be "enemies of the US". However, it is suspected that MEK, Bolton's favourite proxy cronies, are being encouraged to organise false flag events along the lines of the discredited White Helmets in Syria with "helpful inputs" and encouragement from Saudi Arabia and Israel. The recent "sabotage" attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf are suspected to be such events but they were poorly executed and hardly of any import but could have been a device carried out by Israeli SEAL forces.

To try and use these incidents to point the finger at Iran is close to ridiculous. Like the supposed chemical attacks in Syria, the Iranian government has no interest is provoking the situation and giving any excuse for the USA to initiate yet another more-than-likely-to-fail attack along the lines of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Of course the "official" lie is all of this is undertaken with the objective of humanitarian concerns and the desire to change regimes to promote democracy for the people whereas it is now plain that the reverse is true. It is to help create failed states in Israel's back yard by exporting religious fanatacism from Saudi Arabia to the benefit of Israel. This is the track record of gruesome evidence left in the wake of these unacceptable ventures.

Decadence and weak media undermine the Constitutional protection for freedom of the press

As the corporate media in the USA and UK waver on the brink of a pathological inability to report the whole truth, and as the hidden deeds of hypocritical leaders, intelligence chiefs and military brass, are exposed, causing these people embarrassment, it is understandable why leadership wants to harm Julian Assange. In this environment it is also understandable why the corporate media act as cheer leaders supporting such harm or condone this intent by making no statement at all. Today, under the US Constitution, people in power can administer outrages and cruelty and the media endure this outrage for fear of becoming conspicuous by rebelling against it. Journalists fear that exposing the truth places them next in line for the sort of treatment the US wishes to metre out to Assange. Today the act of rebellion, based on pointing out the truth, is equated with treason. But treason against whom? Certainly not the country. The truth only offends those who cheat and benefit from their unwarranted acts that transgress the US Constitution and who think that, because they are in "power", they can spirit up their own defence, without involving the law, to point, to detract, and to blurt "Treason!" at those who value and speak the truth. Worse still, heads of investigative agencies can take concocted evidence from supporters of a political campaign to twist the operation of the law by using such "evidence" to justify an "investigation" of an opposing candidate using the resources of the investigative agency. An example is the Mueller Report. Now that it has been established that the original allegations against Mr Trump are without foundation, it is necessary to follow the trail back to expose the truth as to how all of this took place.


The implications of the case of Shamima Begum

Shamima Begum is a young British woman who left the UK as a 15 year old schoolgirl to join ISIL in 2015 and now at the age of 20 wishes to return home to the UK. She was interviewed in a refugee camp teeming with ISIL members so would not have been able to express anything negative about her experience for fear of reprisals. It is also evident that with live recordings she would not have been able to convey that reality to the journalists interviewing her. However, when these interviews were shown on television and reported upon, the ill-informed public interpreted her careful remarks to be a sign of non-repentance and even a sign that she felt justified in joining ISIL. Similar statements were made by MPs in the House of Commons. She was judged in the public media, today the least safe place for securing the facts and in the end the Home Secretary Sajid Javid stood in judgement and announced that an order had been made with the intention of stripping Begum of her British citizenship.


As the country that today has most slaves, the United States has no moral standing

The following is a syndicated piece produced by GAG, The Global Action Group

APEurope editorial

USA as the largest slave state

Slavery in international law is governed by a number of treaties, conventions and declarations. Foremost among these is the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (1948) that states in Article 4: “no one should be held in slavery or servitude, slavery in all of its forms should be eliminated.” Protection from slavery is reiterated in the Slavery Convention. This is affected by the Optional Protocol to the Abolition of Slavery and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The ICCPR, governed by the Human Rights Committee, is responsible for internationally monitoring present conditions of slavery. Abolitionism has its roots in the 1807 Abolition of Slavery Act of Great Britain. Many academics in the field perceive this as the beginning of the end of the traditional form of slavery: chattel slavery. In the 19th Century, Britain controlled the majority of the world through its colonies. Consequently, in passing this law to abolish slavery, the British Parliament abolished slavery in the vast majority of its colonies.

Bad intent baked into the Constitution

However, slavery has continued to persist in some countries long after most international laws banning its practice. The most conspicuous guilty party is the USA. Although many acclaim the significance of the Thirteenth Amendment to the American Constitution of 1865 as banning slavery, the reality is that Americans never wholeheartedly accepted the 13th Amendment in the international spirit of feeing all individuals from tyranny.


When it comes to false flags, the facts sometimes take time to identify the real culprits

Alexandr Pokrovski
APE - Moscow

The downing of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) on 17 July 2014 while flying over eastern Ukraine resulted in the deaths of all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board. The responsibility for investigation was delegated to the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) and the Dutch-led joint investigation team (JIT), who concluded that the airliner was downed by a Buk surface-to-air missile launched from pro-Russian separatist-controlled territory in Ukraine. The general consensus is that Russia was responsible. However, one of the stark failures to follow due diligence is the fact that Ukrainian authorities are part of this investigative team and Russia is excluded. The Ukraine has a purpose in swinging opinion, as opposed to providing solid evidence, against Russia and so far this manipulation has been relatively successful.

A considerable amount of careful evaluation and practical demonstrations of the fact that the Buk missile was an old one no longer deployed in Russian military and that these older versions were in the Ukrainian arsenal, was produced by the Russian government, but this was ignored by JIT.

However, the Russian authorities have continued to investigate and now, as a result of inspecting formerly top secret archived documents, they have been able to show the full traceability records and assignment and movement of Buks to military units. By using the serial numbers publicized by JIT for the Buk nose component and the rocket casing, the Russian investigators have been able to establish, with no doubt, that the Buk that downed the Malaysian airline was manufactured in 1986 and transferred to what are today, Ukrainian units.

The Russian military report, delivered to the media today, also refers to their opinion that the videos showing the transport of these Buks have been doctored, and they explained why. An additional part of their evidence is a voice recording of exchanges between the Ukrainian military colonel Ruslan Grinchak and other officers. Grinchak serves in a brigade responsible for radar control in Ukrainian airspace. His unit tracked the MH17 flight in 2014, but the Ukraine refused to provide radar data to JIT. In this recorded exchange he refers directly to their downing of the Malaysian airline.

The most water tight evidence is the serial number tracking. The criticism of the videos is correct in some aspects and sufficiently correct to indicate doctoring of these videos. The voice recording is also convincing but the serial number tracking is the hardest and convincing evidence.

The Ukrainian covert operations follow very much the line adopted by the CIA over many years. The CIA has been associated with the Western Ukrainian Nazi brigade leader fugitives from justice who were protected from the Nuremberg trails. The CIA was officially formed in 1947 but since 1945 those who were to join its ranks were already active in organizing the assassination of civilians as a basis for blaming another party and they have a long track record in false flags including the Tonkin incident leading to the Viet Nam war and misinformation leading to the invasion of Iraq and of course Maiden in the Ukraine where the modern day Nazi brigades were implicated in the shooting of police and civilians in coordination with US State Department elements. Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) has taken up CIA mentoring and training with enthusiasm and continues to work on this basis. Naturally their reaction to the latest Russian military investigation results is that it is "fake news". But on their side they only have produced assertion and acts of assassination and it is a very poor reflection on the JIT that such people can have such a dominant influence to distort an investigation. With over 200 Dutch citizens having been killed in this disaster, the Dutch Safety Board needs to become more proactive in getting to the truth of this matter. Those who died and family members need to be safeguarded from being fed misleading information and conclusions. This is insulting and an affront to the people involved. This manipulation by those with a close association with those who killed them, participating in JIT needs to be brought to an end. At least Russia should be allowed to participate because they have such good record keeping. As things stand, JIT is operating as a Ukrainian propaganda megaphone. No one within JIT, it seems, has been brave or ethical enough to follow the dots to identify the true culprits based on transparent evidence. The DSB needs to act as well as make a statement in response to this new evidence; the world is watching and waiting.

Conviction without evidence is unacceptable

On 13th September Russia Today (RT) aired an interview with the two men accused by the UK government of being the prime suspects in the Skripal case and accused and condemned as guilty by most of the British media. Naturally with the UK government committed to a conviction for which there is no convincing evidence it is obvious that this mindset is not going to review this interview with care. However, they should. It has become apparent that the UK "authorities" have been highly selective in their use of CCTV images which, more by insinuation and circumstances, attempt to link two men to some form of contact with the Skripals, either in the open or by gaining access to the front door handle of the Skripal's house to smear a Novichok gel on it. As things stand this is a weak allegation at most. Although CCTV shows selected shots of the two Russian men there is virtually nothing on the Skripals for the same day. To imagine Russian agents would risk carrying out this act in broad daylight early in the morning, when oversight by others is highly likely, borders on the absurd.

Turning to the RT interview it is necessary to analyse with care what is a highly sensitive personal issue for this pair which explains, to some extent, why they did not come forwards earlier. Their personal affairs have nothing to do with the Russia state, UK authorities or with the readers of this piece for that matter. What is of importance is establishing any evidence that points to them or others in this case. Concerning the case, they explained their reason for the visit to Salisbury as tourists but during this interview one of the men stated that their visit to the cathedral should show up on CCTV footage. This is an important statement since it would fill in an unexplained and significant timing gap in the UK-generated time line. Another observation was that on that day it was cold and they sat in the railway canteen for about 40 minutes having a hot drink and this event should also show up on CCTV, as another crticial time-consuming event. The close surrounding Salisbury cathedral has numerous private and local government CCTV cameras (Wiltshire County Council transferred operations to Salisbury local authority this year on the £500,000 system) and the local authority confirmed that all content had been handed to the police. However, the police have not shown any CCTV footage placing the men in the vicinity of or in the Cathedral or, for that matter, in the Salisbury station canteen. The UK "case" has stated the men passed by a point close to the Skripal's house but did not say in which direction they were moving nor where they had come from.

There appears to be a discrepancy in the door handle theory that Novichok was smeared in gel form on the front door handle of the Skripal house. This would have to have been setup before the Skripal's left and whoever did this would not have known what time they were going to leave the house which under normal circumstances is likely to be any time after 8 or 9 o'clock. The Police narrative puts the two “suspects” arriving in Salisbury at 11.48am, but the Skripal’s are reported to have left their home by 9.15 that morning, so these particular individuals arrived far too late to “smear” Novichok on the front door. The two suspects then, supposedly, left Salisbury for London at 1.50pm, over two hours before the Skripals were taken ill on a park bench.
Politicized intelligence is always unreliable

According to Ibn Nr, the quality of UK evidence circulating in the intelligence agencies and on show to the EU equivalents has detereoriated dramatically since the Blair government and is associated with the period John Scarlett became the main author of the "dodgy dossier" that misrepresented the threat of Iraq to the UK with baseless allegations. Because of the "success" of this dossier in misleading the UK parliament into supporting the invasion of Iraq, Blair later promoted Scarlett to head of MI6. This rank politicization of intelligence has continued ever since and has led to a declining quality of intelligence to a 3rd category. The insistence of Theresa May of the guilt of the Russian state and of these two private individuals is a blatant example of a lack the required level of rational prudence and oversight of such matters. This lack of responsibility is also reflected in the refusal of the UK government to accept the Russian government's offer to assist in this investigation ever since this event was first reported. In spite of this, the Home Affairs Minister, Sajid Javid, recently stated in parliament that the UK government was receiving no collaboration from the Russian government. This willingness to lie in public and to parliament continues as it did under Blair in relation to "conclusions" of intelligence matters.

The bottom line to this sorry behaviour is that Theresa May has made much of the importance of the continuation of intelligence collaboration between the EU and UK after Brexit; many are beginning to have doubts as to the real value of this in the light of the current levels of politicization. Clearly intelligence based on British political party manipulation following Brexit will be a completely devalued asset. The Europeans, in general, consider the UK to have a too close an adherence to US State Department aggressive foreign policy preferences and there is a growing resentment in Europe with the continuing economic sanctions against Russia accompanied by anti-Russian rants coming from London. Many hope that with Brexit and the UK out of the EU, this sort of pressure will die down.
Novichok has a very high dermal toxicity, that is, it penetrates the skin and is reported to show symptoms within seconds and to be fatal within a few minutes. This does not fit with the fact that the supposed suspects left hours before the Skripals became sick. A reason for the short visit was the terrible weather and snow slush on the streets. At that time this cold weather front was so bad it was referred to as the "Beast from the East".

A troubling aspect of the CCTV images is that some were clearly doctored. For example the two individuals stated they came through the same passport check, customs point and used the same exit corridor leading out from these units at London airport. However, the UK "evidence" shows separate images of these men in the exit corridor which is only wide enough for people to pass individually. However, their respective images carry the very same time stamp to the second. Since such an occurence is an impossibility, this indicates manipulation of these images and their frames by the UK inverstogators. On the other hand other key images carry no time stamps. This reflects a failure in due process and somewhat sloppy handling of a matter considered by the UK "authoriies" to be of crucial importance.

The other question is that the police suggested a gel was smeared on the door handle whereas the subsequent "evidence" is that of a bottle of scent was found which ended up causing the death of another person months later. This bottle was found in a sealed box in a charity bin by a man who gave this to his partner who eventually died. The UK "authorities" stated that chemical in the scent bottle was the same as that which affected the Skripals. So was it a gel or liquid? Gels don't usually atomize into a spray using simple scent bottle mechanisms. In any case, the box surrounding the scent bottle was sealed when found suggesting it had not been used previously.

The explanations and basis for accusations being made against the Russian men seem to have a very weak foundation and the UK government has not identified any evidence linking them to this incident. There is therefore good reason for the government asking the British media to stop accusing these men without following the due process of law which as a minimum should only proceed on the basis of good evidence. The UK has in a ram shackled fashion pointed to a means but they have not identified any convincing motivation or evidence. At that time the Russian state would have had no motivation to do this but anyone wishing to damage relations between Russia and the West would have.

The line of investigation most likely to be correct but unlikely to identify the culprits is that this crime was carried out by criminals linked to Oligarchs who have fled Russia with embezzled funds and unpaid tax and who are wanted in Russia to respond to legal processes. It has been suggested by reliable sources that the UK had asked Skripal to investigate the links between Oligarchs and the criminal franternaties linked to them. There is a sensitivity in the British government over the political influence of these groups through political party donations and ownership of expensive real estate in London. It has been suggested that the most likely culprits are linked to the Ukrainian central and local governments who own high valued London real estate through shell companies, have a good reason to turn an attempted assassination into an opportunity to blame Russia. The other Ukrainian motivation relates to their attempt to undermine the Minsk agreement that contains provisions for arranging more autonomy to the Russian-speaking Donbass region.

During the whole of 2018 the Ukraininan "intelligence" and armed Nazi brigades have been actively seeking to blame Russia for attempted assassinations in the Ukraine while they have organized assassinations in the Donbass.The latest assassination involved that of Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. The acting head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin stated that they have arrested someone who he stated is an agent of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU). A notable aspect is that the explosive device used made use of a technique not normally deployrd by Ukrainians and it has been identified as coming from the ""West”. It is well know that US military outfits are training the Nazi brigades in the Ukraine. Recently President Trump authorised the supply of arms to the Ukraininan military and these brigades.

Because of the relatvely high profiles of the Ukrainian criminal fraternity any actions in the UK would have been likely to have been subcrontracted to elements from Serbian/Bulgarian groups who are not known to UK intelligence authorities. The other outlier is that this was a subcontract to UK-based criminals who are unlikely to have used public transport.

Politicians who fear involved constituents

Samuel D. Weiskopf

Contrary to the desired image of MPs representing the views of their constituents in parliament, the recent events surrounding the British Labour party is exposing differences in the degree to which MPs uphold this standard.

Since Jeremy Corbyn has become the leader of the Labour party he has pioneered a change in the role of members of the party in determining party policies. This has sliced through the former comfortable lobby relationships with non-party organizations and corporate interests as well as foreign state lobbies influencing MP positions. This emerging system is being resisted by many MPs who are left over from the failed Blair administration that delivered a disastrous financial situation for the National Health Service through Private Public Partnerships and the entry of the UK into a destructive Iraq war justified on the basis of frank misrepresentations by Tony Blair to parliament and the constituents of the United Kingdom.

The reactions of the constituency to such failed and corrupt governance is a contemporary phenomenon, and the hope for change, goes a long way to explaining why the membership of the Labour party has risen so quickly to become the largest political party in the European Union. However, there is a difference. Labour party members can participate directly in the election of the party leader as well as establish, at their annual conferences, party priorities for action and policies. With the worldwide disappointment of constituencies in failed economic and social policies and the active willingness of governments to pursue horrendous military ventures, the MPs who have supported these agendas are becoming nervous. Recently some local Labour constituencies have passed votes of no-confidence in their standing MPs. These could lead to the de-selection of these MPs before the next general election. The common UK political party game of parachuting in favoured lobby-supported MPs into "safe seats" is now at risk with the more proactive local constituencies. MPs need to decide if they will support what their local constituents desire or else risk de-selection. This is a rational and normal state of affairs, why vote in an MP who will not support the views of those who voted them into power?

With the growth of the Labour party, there has been a shift in membership opinion which has turned against the continued interference of corporate lobbies, external foreign agents and the rump of the individuals from the Blair parliament in the progress of the party towards new positions. This explains, to large extent, the explosive accusations of anti-semitism hysteria and a cocktail of accusations variously related to intentional misinterpretatuons of past Labour declarations on or meetings with representatives of the IRA, Venezuela, Hamas, Palestine and Communism. All this, of course, carried in the UK media and built into Theresa May's parliamentary responses to questions when she is not too sure as to a convincing reply to a parliamentary question. Since Jeremy Corbyn has been the person overseeing this rapid change in the Labour party towards a widely sought for increased participation of people in British democracy, he has become the target of most of these accusations. By fronting these accusations many of the MPs concerned, blinded by arrogance and a presumption of entitlement to their current status, have exposed themselves in the full sight of the changing body of the party membership. If these people's actions are deemed to be justified by the party membership they have nothing to fear. However, looking at the record to date, Jeremy Corbyn is supporting something deemed to be a vital necessity to the relevance of British politics to the people of the country. Rather than attack, such people should reflect on whether their time has come and whether they should consider leaving the party. The way things have been mishandled by these people means they will not be missed because if they leave since their stands manifest themselves as one's of self-interest or the interests of forces outside the party and this has no moral or ethical justification.


Holbrook R. Wright
Washington DC

The incredible slide in journalistic standards and what is supposed to be regarded as objective analysis by the media and intelligence agencies in the USA and UK reflects an extreme intellectual deficit guiding the energy expended in these domains. For example, Theresa May when asked what could be the motivation for Russia to organize the attempted murder of the Skripals in Salisbury, she became confused. Any normal investigative analysis that wishes to identify someone to accuse must look at motivation. This requires an assumption that the perpetrators are logical and interested in self-preservation in terms of image and economic sustainability. Already, as a result of the Russian stand to the provocation of the Ukrainian coup and intent of Ukrainian government factions to carry out a genocide against Russian speakers, the West has imposed sanctions on Russia. The simple question is therefore what could be the possible motivation of Russia attempting to organize the assassination of the Skripals just before the Russian hosting of the World Cup and not wishing to face additional sanctions? Clearly, there is no motivation. Independent analyses have concluded that the completely open way in which all of this took place points to a setup to blame Russia. So who has the motivation to do this? The top of the list is elements close to the Ukrainian government. The other is criminal elements who do not wish to see Russia, in any way, improving diplomatic relations with the UK. It has been suggested that Skripal was investigating th influence of the Russian mafia in City-related finance and investments. The Russian government is also concerned about the flight of embezzled funds including unpaid tax to London accompanied by so-called Oligarchs. There is a strong motivation on the part of such people to do anything they can to prevent any diplomatic approximation between Russia and the UK on these matters. Therefore the fact that the individuals shown on UK security camera images in the UK are not known to Russian authorities therefore points to a subcontract to people with such a strong motivation. It has been suggested that the linkages between gangs reaching down into Bulgaria or Serbia/Balkans might provide the identities of the individuals concerned.

The same question of motivation needs to be asked as to why the Syrian regime would risk carrying out chemical attacks against civilians in Syria. There is no motivation because the top Syrian military authorities know that even if they had chemical weapons they can't use them because of the obvious consequences. This is why the motivation for those who are against the regime to carry out or simulate chemical attacks is very high. The association of the so-called chemical attacks that have occurred so far have been filmed and produced by the "White Helmets". This is a group funded by the British and US governments and some Middle Eastern states, there is threfore, a strong basis for discounting this as "evidence". The filming of these videos is so badly done that they are cast to be mainly suggestive as opposed to showing any sequence of the chemical attack events. Leading journalists who were able to talk to the people who actually appeared in these videos have heard that they were complete shams. However, like Blair's dodgy dossier justifying the murder of millions of Iraqis these White Helmet videos were used to justify attacks on Syria by the USA, UK and France.

Lastly, the weakest longer running hysteria has revolved around an attempt to sustain the theory that Russia interfered in the US presidential election causing Hillary Clinton to crash out. Here, people might be able to come up with some form of motivation. This is because the USA and UK interfere in elections in other countries on a worldwide basis but more importantly is just how are they supposed to have interfered. No one has explained, since Clinton's concocted story about Russian "interference" what the Russians might do with lists of Democratic party members or gaining access to voting machines, if in fact this were possible. As a result of exhausted analysis of the possible options, the conclusion is, nothing of significance. However, by politicians and media pundits stating this in a fashion that insinuates some terrible evil and malign undermining of the freedom of the people of America they feel that this is sufficient to justify extreme economic sanctions.

As for so-called Russian Bots, that is, automated or contributors to the main social media who are not who they appear to be, the USA, UK, France and Israel have several thousand Bots manned by military, police and political party paid individuals who interfere directly in opinion formation and elections in the USA and elsewhere. The Israeli IDF has a particularly active Bot operation promoting Israel and countering any views they dislike. It is well-established now that Facebook and others restrict access to some particpant contributions that are contrary to those paying for advertising and including military and intelligence agency contribitions. Recently the closely held secrets of the social media unraveled following the backfiring of the Congressional bought-and-paid-for questioning of social media representatives concerning evidence of Russian electoral interference activities began to expose the futility of this quest. As a result people are leaving these media in droves because they have begun to realise they are machines that expose participants to unwelcomed political scrutiny and to manipulation based on targeted propaganda.

This decadence, as has been observed in other articles in this medium, is observed in some detail by concerned citizens of all ages in Russia, for example, who have a direct access to online alternative media. They put up with a daily abusive negative propaganda leveled against their intelligence and their governments by corrupt media regimes in the USA, UK, France and Israel. More seriously, those promoting this decadent content undermine the security and rights to a peaceful existence by attacking these people. This is a population more aware that the American, of the costs of war, having lost in excess of 25 million citizens to a war where they paid the highest price in helping us destroy the Nazi threat to Europe. These hysterical attacks reduce the status of the people of America, Britain and France to hapless onlookers peeking at a ridiculous theatre of the macabre floating on a sea of innuendo, un-named sources, outright lies and stupidity. Is this why Russian's sacrified so much?

More perversely this is a mechanism used by these deranged media organizations to primarily to attack their own government, as in the case of the USA. We are witnessing sedition on a grand scale with ex-intelligence officials openly calling for the end of the presidency of someone elected by the people of America. Such unelected individuals are doing considerable damage to democracy on a worldwide basis and this needs to come to an end.

FaceBookZoo providing forum for those damaged by FaceBook

FaceBookZoo is a new anti-Facebook blog, providing small and mid-sized publishers a place to comment on Facebook's censorship policies and algorithms that hide their content; pretty revealing content. Facebook threatened legal action in an attempt to shut it down but the trademark 'FacebookZoo' was registered when it was in beta mode.
To access click on the image above         
Even with net neutrality, freedom is attacked

The US Senate voted last May to save net neutrality rules, blocking Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Pai's proposal to roll back the Obama-era protections preventing companies from discriminating against certain types of internet traffic. The vote was worryingly close with the voted to nullify the FCC's decision, with 52 in favour and 47 against. However, even with net neutrality still in place the social media abuse it. Sometimes, American legislators do the right thing.

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers treat all data on the Internet equally, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication.

For instance, under these principles, internet service providers are unable to intentionally block, slow down or charge money for specific websites and online content.

This is sometimes enforced through government mandate. These regulations can be referred to as "common carrier" regulations. This does not block all abilities that Internet service providers have to impact their customer's services. Opt-in/opt-out services exist on the end user side, and filtering can be done on a local basis, as in the filtration of sensitive material for minors. Net neutrality regulations exist only to protect against misuse.

Correction to previous content

In a previous article concerning social media we put the reduction in freedom of people by social media censorship down to incompetence. However, it has become very clear that evidence gathered during the last few weeks shows that this is not incompetence but rather a coordinated effort by Twitter, Facebook and Google to bring about censorship of target individuals and groups. These close-outs have occurred at exactly the same time across these media exposing tight level of coordination.

Following the attacks on social media by Congress members, with regard to their inability to come up with any convincing evidence for Russian interference in the US presidential election, pressure has been brought to bear for these media to permit the a "qualified" group to become involved in "helping" them identify target content. This group includes amongst others, operatives from intelligence agencies, the Atlantic Council think tank operatives funded by Saudi Arabia and a string of NATO hangers on. Ibn Nr gathers that some of this has not been voluntary but there has been a good deal of intimidation and dire warnings with regard to the withdrawal of government contracts and other pressur. However, it turns out that the real target has nothing to do wuth Russian bots or advertising. The evidence, so far, shows that all of the censorship now involves the closing down of content placed by home grown individuals and groups who express political views the variance with corporate media newspeak. This has occurred more in the USA but has also occurred in Brazil, UK and other countries across the globe in just the last 2 weeks.

So the overall Russian bogeyman fallacy was used as a tactic by those who do not want the people of the USA and worldwide to see balanced political information, to get their way.

Ajit Pai
This calamity has taken place in spite of Ajit Pai's decision, as Head of the FCC, to get rid of net neutrality in the USA (see box above) having been rejected. Many lobbies continue to pressure to get rid of net neutrality and to destroy the concept of "a free and open highway". The level of cyber-illiteracy surrounding this vital constitutional issue is astounding. The corporate media were Pai's main supporters wishing to gain a foothold in spreading their newspeak throughout cyberspace and to squeeze smaller ISPs who provide services to alternative media out of the picture; a complete take over with no alternative media in sight.

But by creating a large social media monopoly based on collaboration between "competing" players whose information strategies are compromised by intel agencies wishing to support just one narrative, we have a calamity on our hands for anyone who understands the importance of alternative points of view and facts as a foundation of freedom of choice, reducing risks in decisions and a healthy democracy. We have the emergence of a corporate Stazi communications system that spies on people and manipulates all communications by intentionally reducing exposure by blocking or capping the number of people able to access content. This is done to the advantage of specific interests be these corporations, individual oligarchs and, more shockingly, political parties. Social media are becoming a massive PAC conglomerate supporting one political viewpoint and propagandizing specific policy intentions.

Removing security clearances to reduce sedition and instability

John Brennan is the first person to have his security clearances removed by President Trump last Wednesday. This is a long overdue decision which in reality should not be necessary. The US authorities are sloppy in the way they permit former intelligence and military personnel to continue to receive their daily intel brief after they have left the administration and, in Brennan's case, even when they are in open opposition to the President supporting a group who want to overthrow him. Brennan signed his security clearance form in which Question 29 asks, "Have you ever supported overthrowing the U.S. government?". He and others are dragging the intelligence agencies through the mud helping sink their image even below its already dismal level.

How the American voters can accept the degree of politicization that exists in employees of intelligence agencies is shocking. In this context the USA is somewhat like a banana republic where the institutional heads boast of how they are "keeping America safe" while those in high positions put on bizarre very public and embarrassing shows of playing fast and loose abusing intelligence for personal gain in terms of money and individual political influence through currying favour with political parties and corporate interests. In international terms the USA appears to be a country with absolutely no control over its administration with each leading figure appearing to be out for him or herself. The State Department would be the first to point to such corruption if it appeared in another country. The most objectionable behaviour, paralleling a failed state, is the ability of pubic servants to attack the government that employs them through seditious acts.

Brennan's behaviour in government, and out, has demonstrated clearly that as a civilian he should not be allowed near classified information. He spied on American citizens and lied in front of Congress about that spying and appears to have been monetizing and making partisan political use of his clearance since his departure.

Another aspect of this lax behaviour on the part of intellligence agencies with their ex-employees is the fact that the security apparatus around ex-exployees, at any level, is not so complete as when they are employed. This presents an obvious exposure of intelligence information and to an increased possibity of leaks of very sensitive information. This only endangers the people of America. Therefore, it is to be hoped that President Trump does the same for many obvious choices, the list is quite long, or even better, introduce a legislative act that imposes an automatic removal of the right of access to any intelligence information, from any source, by default, for anyone leaving intelligence agencies. This needs to be completely retroactive and be applied to all past employees on intelligence and military organizations. This would be a first step in keeping America safer from the personal ambitions of irresponsible individuals.

In conclusion, a significant aspect of this leaky sieve reality are the participants in the private intel service market, a typical American free market idiocy. There is an urgent need to sharpen up the oversight and control of personnel employed by the excessive number of private corporations and consultancy organizations who handle a good deal of out-sourced intel work. Their participation will increase with Trump's massive increase in the military budget. Unfortunately, the chains of custody of intel data in these organizations is far weaker than is often realised associated with staff turnover and ease of direct or indirect access to databases. This further endangers the people of the USA.

Looking at this large array of potential sources of intelligence leakage the USA looks pretty exposed and silly. Given the reality of the belt way it is obvious that for a few bundles of bucks information is available, somewhere in the swamp, making this whole Russiagate hysteria fuss quite ludicrous. Like the Clinton emails, no need for a hack just an exchange of a USB stick for cash over a nice coffee, somewhere obvious in Georgetown or Foggy Bottom.

Congress needs to get its act together, but the way things are, they are likely to be incapable of doing anything other than point fingers and preen themselves. So this leaves Donald Trump to DO something, you know, by taking one or two important decisions.

Social media incompetence is killing freedom

The latest cack-handed mis-management of accounts on Facebook and Twitter has only exposed their highly manipulative nature. No, not all this nonsense about their need to monetise personal data to gain income from advertisers, we are talking about profiling of people for political and other more sinister reasons. By profiling page owners and their associates social media have begun censoring specific content as well as filtering access so as to essentially deny access to some sites or content. They also are doing the job of the intelligence agencies in spying on people who, frankly, are careless enough to use these social media. People appear to be enamoured with the fact they are appearing online and able to comment on things and express their opinions, fine, but there are ominous potential consequences.

No country in the world has a fully participatory democracy because political parties don't want this. They want to carve out gerrymandered zones that give their members an easy life paid for by tax payers while they serve other masters. The notion of free exchange of information which should include all shades of opinion is being killed off with the current actions by social media leaving the population with the corporate media whose content quality is abysmally biased and whose versions of the truth are pitiful. Their economic model is obviously failing meaning their frantic efforts for survival are based on sensationalism, misrepresentation and campaigns that cause antagonism, concern and social instability. With the combination of their increasingly monopolistic operations and global reach, with an obvious management incompetence and willingness to manipulate information flow, social media represent an increasingly out of control dis-service to humanity. They are not serving freedom but are suppressing it through censorship. As "advisors" get involved to "assist them identify and remove fake news content" it is apparent that their real agenda is to essentially stream tendentious newspeak to fill up social media with this type of content. All with the blessing of the US Congress members, corporate lobbies and NATO. This is justified on the fallacious basis of there having been attempts to distort information on social media to undermine Western democracy and values. So far no one has provided any evidenceof this but they plough ahead regardless to continue to mislead the public and generate doubt and fear. While creating a more unstable world these fanatics wish to build an image to valorize their pernicious pursuits as men and women who are keeping the people and democracy safe.

However, as all can see, they are throttling the potential of the world wide web as a power for enhancing wellbeing and peace through better understanding arising from unencumbered communication and exchange of alternative points of view.

Participatory democracy and the politics of resentment

Lord Hailsham once declared that in Britain we live in an electoral dictatorship. In literal terms he is correct. The dictatorship comes from two characteristics of the system:

  • MPs represent constituencies which have about 65,000 voters on average
  • MP's prospects depend heavily on how they serve the political party meaning constituents have no say in the way MPs vote in parliament. Indeed MPs are often making "placement statements or questions" either to help the Prime Minister respond in an already prepared fashion during Prime Minister's Question Time or in support of some lobby

Of course MPs always emphasize how their contact with their constituents is so important but in practice this is a way to fish around for legitimacy and get some media coverage.

The result is that MPs who constitute a miniscule minority of 0.0015385% of the constituents make largely arbitrary decisions in parliament. This is definitely not a participatory democracy and UK government decisions are therefore often completely at odds with the desires and position of the majority of the population. Examples of bad decisions include the invasion of Iraq leading to the murder of millions of civilians taken in the name of the people of Britain who, clearly, had absolutely no role to play in this decision. The responsibility for this massacre rests with those who "voted" along party lines to consider wanton murder of people has something to do with defence of "democracy, freedom and the rule of law". However, such shallow, demented immoral individuals like things the way they are since this allows them to support aggression and speak up on behalf of other aggressors in exchange for perks and media coverage. And, as a group, they have an absolute decision-making power over the people of Britain.

With so many failed policies, a better and more healthy approach is to permit the constituents to have more say in the decisions that affect them or that are taken in their name. Rather than limit communication to their local MPs who for a myriad of reasons will treat each one according to their personal interests, the expansion in political party membership or thematic voluntary organizations is a way in which people can have a more direct say in the formulation of government policies. Thus the Labour party's recent growth is based on a strategic philosophy, very much in line with Jeremy Corbyn's thinking, of expanding the number of members (base) so as to move the party towards a more participatory operation that represents a more coherent and authentic view of the British public within that grouping. This means there will be a broader church able to take into account the points of views of all as well as ethnic and religious minorities. This is an important evolution in managing the issues surrounding racism, for example. The Labour party, since the last election, has become the largest social democratic party in Europe in terms of absolute numbers. This has not gone unnoticed in the field of international affairs. At the same time all other "major" British political parties have hardly moved and remain low. Also noticed more by commentators outside the country, while British media studiously avoid the topic. Today, the Labour party has a membership that actively participates in party policy formulation involving a number of people that is 850 times the size of parliament.

As a result many current MPs left over from the Blair contingent feel threatened, they remain possessively jealous of their diminishing status and ability ignore constituents so as to remain free to curry favour with lobbies and the media. The result is plain for all to see in how such individuals are behaving and the accusations they make of others, as a case study in the worst form of a politics of resentment. A resentment of the challenge to their status and ability to ignore their constituents.

To understand the current fuss and accusations leveled at Jeremy Corbyn by these high profile self-promoting individuals one has to recognise and acknowledge his unique success in being the first British party leader to pioneer a sorely needed growth in participatory democracy for a fairer representation of the people of these isles. This evolutionary approach to politics is important in a world where politicians increasingly exhange insults, accusations and threats to advance their own agendas, or hidden paymasters, rather than those who voted for them. It will be interesting to see how this bold initiative turns out.


Jeremy Corbyn and Labour have at last filed a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) over coverage of the Tunis wreath row in six publications. They are claiming that pieces published in the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Metro, Times and Sun were misleading and factually inaccurate. The stories have misrepresented the 2014 event at a Tunis cemetery, those buried there and the role of mainstream Palestinian leaders, Labour argues.

The IPSO is a toothless organization but at least the Labour party is going in the right direction.

They should also raise a legitimate complaint to a competent organization concerning the overt interference of the Israeli lobby in the internal affairs of Labour party affairs.

If there is no such organization, it is self-evident that this is required to separate legitimate and rational national party differences by members from univited, covert or overt interference by foreign entities such as Israel and Saudi Arabia in internal political party affairs.
The plot thickens.....

A wreath-laying ceremony at the Palestinian martyrs’ cemetery in Tunisia occurred during a visit by Jeremy Corbyn in 2014, a year before he became the party’s leader. Corbyn has always held a coherent position in wishing to see fitting memorials to everyone who has died in every terrorist incident everywhere because he insists this cycle of violence needs to end. He has made clear that peace cannot be pursued by a cycle of violence; the only way to peace is a cycle of dialogue. He has pursued this logic in respect to Palestine and Israel as well as the IRA and UK government and his own open approach contributed to the successful Good Friday Agreement only when the UK government adopted his approach. He was present at the ceremony in respect for the victims of a 1985 Israeli air strike on Palestinian Liberation Organization offices in Tunis.

The Daily Mail unearthed some photographs showing Corbyn at this event and they attempted to suggest, through pointed queries, that Corbyn should not have done this since it appeared that he was honouring those in other graves at the site including PLO elements involved in the Black September group. This group carried out the terror attack on Israelis at the 1972 Olympics, in which 11 people died. This, of course, was another tiresome attempt to discredit Corbyn in the current hysterics by those driving the anti-Semitism agenda to undermine Corbyn. Corbyn, as always, has a simple and honest explanation that he was present physically but was not involved in any specific ceremony concerning those individuals.

A few hours after Corbyn spoke, Benjamin Netanyahu criticised Corbyn directly on his Twitter account by stating,

“The laying of a wreath by Jeremy Corbyn on the graves of the terrorist who perpetrated the Munich massacre and his comparison of Israel to the Nazis deserves unequivocal condemnation from everyone – left, right and everything in between.”

So as is becoming more and more apparent, there is an increasing attempt by Israel to interfere directly in UK politics on the side of those proxies and MPs within the UK parliament who continue to coordinate the attack on Jeremy Corbyn in defence of Israel's interests. There is no need to go into the record of Israel's murderous campaigns under the Netanyahu administration which continue at this moment. However, in the light of these facts, Jeremy Corbyn replied to Netanyahu by stating,

“What deserves unequivocal condemnation is the killing of over 160 Palestinian protesters in Gaza by Israeli forces since March, including dozens of children."

Why do these proxies in parliament continue, in a clumsy and somewhat overt fashion, to unmask their covert coordination with an unfriendly foreign influence, which is likely to relegate them to a state of irrelevance to the interests of the evolving mainstream of the Labour party and, indeed, UK democracy as a whole?

The Israeli media are getting into the act with the journalist Ben-Dror Yemini, who writes for the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, writing that,

“The paradox is that the least antisemitic country in Europe is liable to fall into the hands of an antisemitic politician. Up until recently, the biggest concern was that this would be as a result of the rise of one of the extreme rightwing parties. As of now, the chance is much greater is that this will come from the left of all places.”

This is a bizarre statement. Israel needs to learn to negotiate in good faith, but it might be too late. After 25 years of avoiding delivering on former agreements on a just settlement with the Palestinians they appear to be intent on digging deeper and becoming more intransigent ending up in an unsustainable tragic paranoid state, a self-inflicted disaster. What can be observed is that the whole direction and action of the state of Israel has taken on the behaviour, in practical terms, of an ultra right wing Fascist state. The typical indicators are compounded fear-mongering used to justify the murder of men, women and children who are considered to be literally of "no consequence" and where the continual stealing of Palestinian land for the construction of "settlements" is considered to be "holy work". The left, worldwide, has always been against this sort of blatant aggression and lack of fundamental democratic principles. At its root this behaviour has all the hallmarks of a community who have anointed themselves with a sense of superiority or exceptionalism which seems to make them completely exempt from any feeling of guilt for the cruel injustices they continue carry out in view of the whole world. The mounting and sickening evidence is there for all to see.

Is this a bid by the Israeli lobby to take over the Labour party?

As can be seen from the discussion in a previous article (see below), racism, as far as some people are concerned, can only apply as a single complex construct that binds the prospects of an apartheid state which is bent on dispossession of the Palestinians into the definition of anti-Semitism. Yes some claim that people can criticise Israeli politics while not being anti-Semitic, but the construct, which clearly has the Israeli lobby supporting it, has a chilling effect on anyone who risks venturing into the "holy terrain" of making any comments about Israel. This is because of the track record of this lobby of bullying and intimidation of those who dare criticize Israel. Those in favour of the "official" definition of anti-Semitism, of course, don't see it this way, but many in other religions, including humanists, atheists including anyone who have looked into this, do not see the issues as just so conveniently black and white.

These people appear to be troubled by the fact that Jeremy Corbyn and many Labour party followers are concerned about other forms of racism, including the treatment of Palestinians, which need to be taken into account and of the need for more representation of all religions and minorities in the Labour party. This not something concerning the religions or persuasions or ethnicity of MPs but it is directly of concern with regard to the membership of the Labour party. As is well known, other minority groups who are subject to racism are particularly sensitive and troubled by the marginalization of Palestinians by the state of Israel. So including more of these ethnic groups in Labour party membership represents a potential threat to those whom one might refer to as the "Israeli lobby" in parliament. However, rather than show leadership by setting an example of rational discussion many MPs and media hacks feel that they can prevent this required change in British politics by screaming at people who hold such views that they are racist or anti-Semitic as a means of marginalizing them. However, who is being marginalized by an increasing number of party members witnessing acts of initimidation and media campaigns, are those who appear to be aligned with the Israeli lobby in parliament.

Neville and Doreen Lawrence, Marc Wadsworth and Desmond Tutu


The outcome of this insidious dynamic can be seen in the case of Marc Wadsworth who has been a life-long Labour supporter, anti-racist & human rights campaigner, journalist and documentary filmmaker. In 2016 he was disciplined by the party and, later on, accused of anti-Semitism. He is a victim of a generalised attack on Jeremy Corbyn and an attempt to purge Jeremy Corbyn supporters from the part membership by a rump of the of former Blairite MPs as well as some who are of the Jewish faith or have Jewish family members. Marc Wadsworth is a black activist who has opposed racism and anti-Semitism all his life. He set up the Anti-Racist Alliance in 1991. In 1993, Stephen Lawrence, a black British teenager from Plumstead, South East London, was murdered in a racially motivated attack while waiting for a bus in Well Hall, Eltham on the evening of 22 April 1993; he was 19. Marc Wadsworth helped Doreen and Neville Lawrence set up the Justice for Stephen Lawrence campaign and he introduced Stephen’s parents to Nelson Mandela, and the campaign became the cause célèbre it deserved to be. This April marks the 25th anniversary of black teenager Stephen’s brutal, racist murder. Despite his track record of anti-racist campaigning, Labour expelled him via email!! on the very same day of the June 2016 launch of the party’s Shami Chakrabarti report into anti-Semitism and racism which he attended.

Wadsworth has since been caught up in a fire storm via the media directed by unknown militants who have acted as accusers, judge and jury. According to an article on Jewish Voice for Labour, Marc Wadsworth handed out a press release in defence of Jeremy Corbyn who was also facing an unjustified media attack at the Chakrabarti event. Marc Wadsworth reports that he noticed Kate McCann a journalist from the Daily Telegraph, an anti-Labour newspaper, hand the press release to a member of the public. Journalists usually don't hand press releases to members of the public given their job is to use releases to prepare their pieces. However, the "member of the public" turned out to be Ruth Smeeth a Labour MP. She had recently resigned from the front bench to discredit Corbyn. Wadsworth was unaware that she is Jewish or that she is a member of the Labour Friends of Israel group. However, McCann raised a pointed question to Jeremy Corbyn mentioning Wadsworth's name. Wadsworth was permitted to explain what took place and simply stated what he had observed. He also added that he had noticed the fact that McCann had given the press release to Smeeth which seemed to demonstrate some relationship (which appears to have been a correct assumption) and he added that for a reception concerning anti-Semitism and racism, it was disappointing that there were so few African, Caribbean and Asian representatives in the room which only had mainly white people. The reality was, indeed, why were there so many white members while there were so few non-white representatives present. Of course journalists were not interested in this there were indignant protests at his statement including from Smeeth, which only drew attention to herself. It is obvious that the McCann question had seriously backfired. Smeeth, perhaps not wishing to attract any more attention, left the launch immediately rather than listen to the important review of the Chakrabarti report. Corbyn, was somewhat taken aback by this fuss but demonstrated his command by sympathetically supporting Wadsworth's reasonable observations and saying that the party needed to do better to improve black representation. Wadsworth's statement is available on You Tube in which there is absolutely no reference to Jews or any anti-Semitic content. What happened in fact was a link between the anti-Corbyn press and a Jewish Labour MP had exposed itself as a result of their slightly exaggerated reaction to Wadsworth's matter of fact statement, which was factually correct.

Marc Wadsworth is now taking legal action in his defence which so far has reduced the sanction to a suspension. A Labour party hearing was set at more than 18 months after the Shami Chakrabarti report launch. Wadsworth has the support of many including prominent Jewish party members. He is seeking funds via crowd funding to support his legal case. We would encourage our readership to push back against, what some interpret to be a pro-Israeli attempt to take over the Labour party, by supporting Marc Wadsworth's crowd funding campaign. The crowd funding site can be accessed by clicking on the blue link or on the banner on the left. Any small contributions can help bring about a rational and transparent discussion and hopefully bring a spot light on just what is going on, and who is involved in this bullying, so as to arrive at a just settlement of this shameful case.

Realnews-online supports Wadsworth in his case and we also agree with him that racism does not just apply to one group but many sectors of society and that the Labour party membership and active representation needs to reflect this reality. Rather that seeking to intimidate and persecute Wadsworth the Members of Parliament need to remaining silent and refraining from taking, most of the time, blind positions in support of a state bent on racism and apartheid policies such as Israel. The fact that few MPs speak out about the Wadsworth case suggests pressure of some kind or, at the extreme, intimidation. Their silence raises too many questions. There is a need for balance and above all a desire to secure justice for all minorities, especially those expelled from their own homeland by occupiers. To demonstrate that this is the case MPs need to speak up including those from minorities, or are they in fear of being branded as anti-Semitic only to be followed by bad media coverage? Why have they lost their voice while others who remain unnamed and invisible appear to be running the show. The Labour party needs to beware of becoming an unrepresentative party obeying the dictats of any hidden religious or state lobbies if, in fact this turns out to be the case. Final note: these are not anti-Semitic statements they are a statement of events which need to be explained to the British electorate and which in reality should never have occurred in the United Kingdom.

There remain serious questions for the Labour party in relation to why, if someone is accused of being anti-Semitic, are they not immediately investigated as opposed to, as in the case of Wadsworth, immediately being disciplined. Also who authorises this extreme type of response without there being an initial sober and balanced evaluation allowing the individual accused to state his or her position. How can such as serious issue of someone being exposed to such accusations be communitated by email without any opportunity being given for the accused to explain his or her position. All of these things appear to reflect a chilling effect of a pernicious force or lobby of some kind which has the effect of importing into Britain a Facist mentality of doing only what those who intimidate through threats demand as opposed to doing that is ethical, fair and just. The Labour party needs to push back against this type of abuse for the sake of the people of Britain.

Reference: Jewish Voice for Labour; article by Bernard W. Goldstein.

The ludicrous fuss about anti-Semitism in the British Labour party

Over the last year or so there has been a ridiculous fuss about the Labour party "ant-Semitism". It started off with Ken Livingstone, a leading Labour party member, but not an MP, making a statement concerning the collaboration of Jews with the Nazis in the past. The issue here was about interpretation of the historic record on the one hand and whether or not he should have said these things in the first place, on the other. This became high profile because of the fuss made by some MPs who were either mainly Jewish or with Jewish family members attempting to embarrass and intimidate Livingstone by shouting at him and pursuing him on camera and then to persecute him through the media. The media, of course, willingly obliged and an image of anti-Semitism grew around the Labour party and, for some reason, Jeremy Corbyn, for not expelling Livingstone from the party. So in his defense, when asked by journalists what the fuss was about, Livingstone simply repeated what he had stated previously. This of course inflamed things more. In the end, in order to save the Labour party from a continuing tarring and feathering as anti-Semitic, Livingstone resigned from the party to stop this continued embarrassment stoked up by the media and some individuals. However, Livingstone did mention that many Jewish people told him that what he has stated was correct, that is, factual.

However, since then, there have been various accusations of people from within the Labour party expressing anti-Semitic views and these have been reported to the National Executive Committee. They follow a case by case basis, rather slowly, and there are some 70 cases in all. These cases have occurred in largest socialist party in Europe with around 550,000 members. Therefore the level of reported anti-Semitism, in cases yet to be proven, involves an insignificant 0.0127% of the party; hardly a party over-run with anti-Semites and frankly a lot lower that is likely to be the case in the other political parties or the population as a whole.

However, the same technique has been used by Jewish representatives and the media, that of persecution, animated shouting down and general attempts at intimidation, largely aimed at Jeremy Corbyn and others who even include campaigners against racism (see following article concerning Marc Wadsworth). Corbyn is now being accused of being anti-Semitic in strident and emotionally laden terms by the same assailants and the media and, of course this is driven by partisan interests supporting the current minority Conservative government. Theresa May has unjustifiably but frequently referred to the Labour party's anti-Semitism, even in parliament, simply because the latest polls show Labour overtaking the Conservatives by one or two points. The Conservative party also follow the line of support of Israel and Saudi Arabia no matter what atrocities they commit against innocent civilians using British armaments and technical support.

In this discussion on what is and what is not anti-Semitic people who "represent" the Jewish community insist that by accepting the so-called International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) guidelines on the definition of anti-Semitism, the Labour party could put all of this to bed. For any thinking individuals there are several serious problems with the IHRA guidelines. Increasing numbers of non-Jews have justifiable intellectual and logical problems with the mixing of aspects of Israel with examples of anti-Semitism in the IHRA guidelines. The IHRA guidelines are an anachronism that do not recognize the dangers of these guidelines for Jews living outside Israel even although Jews insist on them. A significant problem is that increasing numbers of the British population are perturbed by the non-stop illegal occupation of Palestine by Zionists since 1948, the continuation of the "holy work" of establishing illegal Jewish settlements on occupied and stolen Palestinian land, the increasingly Apartheid (system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race) structures which deny essential resources to the Palestinian community compounded by recent changes in the law which have placed all languages other than Hebrew into a second category. To crown all of this disgraceful behaviour, very recently, the Israeli government has declared Israel to be officially "the Jewish nation state". Given the county's track record, one would have though this would be an obvious problem and an embarrassment to Jews living outside Israel. But the problem with the IHRA guidelines is that they don't just make a simple declaration of what anti-Semitism is, which they in fact do, but they then follow this up with a series of belt-and-braces examples of what they judge to be acts of anti-Semitism. For many non-Jews the declaration of Israel as the Jewish nation state has completely muddied the waters and turned IHRA guideline examples, that mention Israel under the current circumstances, into weasel words, that is, statements that have become ambiguous or misleading, whether intentional, or not. They therefore neither clarify the issue nor do they protect the interests of Jews in the United Kingdom.

The leading statement in the IHRA guidelines is as follows:

"Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities."

This is then followed by the "examples". It should be taken into account that these guidelines were agreed in 2016. All of this slightly fanatical hysteria about anti-Semitism and the Labour party has taken place during a period of rapid expansion in the party and the evidence shows that the party is virtually free from anti-Semitism on the basis of the leading statement above. During this period of 2 years following the horrific bombing of Gaza by Israeli military ended up killing over 2,000 Palestinian civilians, many killed by phosphorus a banned chemical agent. All of this raging debate concerning the Labour party has taken taking place against a backdrop of further Israeli atrocities associated with the ongoing border fence protests.

Since March this year the Israeli military have: murdered over 155 Palestinians, of whom 23 were under 18 with some 17,259 injured (including tear gassing) and all of whom were on the other side of the fence. Of the injured: 4,348 struck by live ammunition; 430 rubber-coated steel bullets; 1,593 affected by severe tear-gas suffocation; 404 critically injured; 4,141 moderately injured; 2,700 other injuries, not specified; 4, 354 lightly injured; 1,279 children injured and 1,553 women injured. Some 68 amputations carried out, 2 paramedics from the Palestinian Civil Defense killed, 360 medics injured by either live fire or tear-gas suffocation and 69 ambulances partly damaged. 2 journalists were killed and 175 journalists were injured all by Israeli actions.

If the protesters were armed and penetrating the fence there might have been a justification for use of some levels of force but as things turned out this level of continuing violence had/has no justification. These casualties have arisen from Israeli state wishing to create a situation of defacto dispossession of the Palestinian population as shown in the Israeli military having no regard for Palestinian lives, vividly reflected in Israeli troops cheering when their snipers injured or killed Palestinian civilians who were on the other side of the fence. Taking these past and current events into account, it becomes self-evident why some of the IHRA guideline examples are problematic. The guidelines are listed below and the problematic ones are highlighted in blue.

  1. Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion.
  2. Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.
  3. Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.
  4. Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust).
  5. Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.
  6. Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.
  7. Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor
  8. Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.
  9. Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis.
  10. Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis
  11. Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel

Clearly in the current reality, the examples referring to Israel require a considerable amount of qualification and clarification. These need to relate to questions of evidence and justifiable points of view of the behaviour of the Israeli state in regard to its minorities (Palestinians and Druze) and treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories and its professed position of denying any right of return to the millions of Palestinians who remain refugees living outside their own homeland as a direct result of Israeli aggressive actions. In the light of example number 7 it is virtually impossible to consider this to be a rational example when the state of Israel has worked for over 70 years to deny the people of Palestine their right to self-determination and have constantly worked against solutions. In this context deeds remain more important that words.

Many sensible people and many in the Labour party, we understand, are concerned about these types of serious issues. They are right to be so since it is only by clarifying these issues it is possible to defend free unencumbered thinking and intelligent individuals rights to ask profound and necessary questions. In the end this can help Jews in the United Kingdom avoid becoming responsible by association with the horrendous behaviour of Israeli, that casts a negative shadow, and now declared as "the Jewish nation state". In this way anti-Semitism can become a clearly defined state free from weasel concepts and semantic traps which end up risking those with no anti-Semitic thoughts becoming branded as anti-Semites, as has happened in the case of many in the Labour party including Marc Wadsworth (see following article above).

Those who point at Jeremy Corbyn as being an anti-Semite are plain wrong and being dishonest. They should reflect more on the behaviour of the Jewish State and analyse the IHRA guidelines from the standpoint of realty and how non Jewish people see this. Intelligent and concerned individuals from the "mainstream" as well as other minorities and who are not Jewish should remain free to exercise their democratic right to make justifiable, evidence-based commentaries on Israel without fear of retribution by the Israeli lobby and hangers on to be pilloried by ignorant people who insist that IHRA guidelines have been transcribed from some holy scriptures.

Why privacy is fundamental to freedom

With the obvious politicization of intelligences and counter-intelligence agencies and the collaboration of the social media monopolies with these organizations, assisting political party strategies with disinformation, receiving a large proportion of advertising revenues from corporations who also support PACs and corporate media content favouring one political party over another, the threat to individual freedom is more than apparent. The threat is the unscrupulous manipulation of information that members of the public access with much having been doctored to remove important facts. The next step in this process of manipulation is already being applied in mainline China where individuals are ranked according to their social standing (behaviour) and where any divergence from what is considered to be acceptable by the state can be punished by refusal of transport companies to permit such individuals to travel as they wish. Already in the USA association with any particular political leaning or political party is used to deny information and/or feed misrepresentations to individuals who can also be publicly attacked and offended online.

A malign development, already on the horizon, is commercial businesses creating issues for individuals with specific political views, we have seen this with White House employees being refused service in a restaurant. The United States' fixation with economic punishments (sanctions) is likely to see the next step involving the withdrawal of loans on spurious grounds leading to the closing down of small businesses.

People who cheerfully state that they don't mind being profiled or spied upon because they have nothing to hide are exceptionally naive. Their failure to rebel against this evolution of a police state reflects a lack of appreciation of the value of freedom and they will only wake up when it is too late. We are witnessing the amalgamation of large government structure within which government agencies who waste large amounts of government money on high salaries and useless activities discover who wish to cut back on these services so as to make life difficult for these individuals in other aspects of their lives dealing with other government agencies.

The social media monopolies have already gone too far in significantly constraining our liberty while claiming to do no evil. Those with social media accounts who value freedom should close their accounts and look for ways to communicate and access information that do not compromise the future freedom of their families.

The undeniable evidence of interference in elections and the decline and fall of social media
Rafael V. Defoe - APE Constitutional team

During the last 5 weeks Facebook and Twitter have made some major mistakes upsetting a large number of their customers and exposing a crude approach to censorship with the aim of influencing election outcomes. They have conflated "fake news" with political opinion and as a result have closed the accounts of many bone fide political commentators who express their alternative opinions. For example, in Brazil hundreds of accounts on Facebook were closed in the last week. All of them were from a group who have been discussing Brazilian politics for some years but Facebook judged their content to be "fake news" and closed them. Twitter has done the same in the USA with accounts that seem to support Trump. Facebook and Twitter make use of filters to spread or diminish exposure of submissions on the basis of political leaning. They have both embarked on a form of behaviour that is interfering in the US mid-terms and in the forthcoming Brazilian election. Therefore the agents of actions designed to influence the outcome of elections through censorship are individuals and groups working within Facebook and Twitter who are allowing their political opinions colour their decisions on what constitutes fake news. This lack of impartiality is not only dangerous but the pernicious
The basic technique

The New Marxists attempted to change political strategies from one of opposing sides to one where the party objective was to hold onto power based on satisfying a broader proportion of the constituency. With Neil Kinnock as leader of Labour this didn't work. However, under Tony Blair it worked as a result of careful preparation. It was achieved applying dog-whistle techniques of communication. So focussed messages are sent to members of a specific interest group, or identified socio-economic grouping, stating that a political party supports and will enact legislation to support that group. This used to be achieved with political parties publishing vague manifestos and then providing opportunistic "clarifications" of aspects of the manifesto and where the clarification used would vary with whoever the politician was talking to. The minority groups referred to here are not just religious or ethnic, but are various types, including age, gender and profession-based classes, all of whom are particularly vulnerable to associating specific words and phrases with their own interests and a subsequent false assumption of support by the party. These same words and phrases would normally fly over the heads of those not in the group. Therefore the way in which politicians ramble off lists of the "values" they support is a way to keep the dog-whistle blowing. The target dogs, in each case, are minority groups who respond to the key words and assurances.

With "social media" this dishonesty is easier to apply because based on individual level profiles picked up from content supplied by contributors to Facebook and Twitter, political parties can send content to please one group while other groups cannot access that content and remain unaware of what was sent to an opposing group. At the same time, other groups can receive content that is diametrically opposed to content sent to other specific groups.

The fuzzier the manifesto the easier it is to convince interest groups and voters that "their interpretation" of a party's aims is correct and therefore they are more likely to vote for the party. The obvous paradox is that people with diamtetrically opposed views are duped into voting for the same party and the one that manages this this deception.
nature of personal data collection to make money from advertisers, intelligence agencies and a host of other predatory organizations has greatly impacted the status of social media including Amazon and Google and Microsoft's ventures into news bulletins.

With the financial contributions of these "hi-tech" corporations to the campaigns of Congress and Senate members and the ridiculous appearances of people like Zuckerberg in front of House Committees, has become a sordid pseudo show of "accountability" that does not in fact exist. One simple truth is that WhatsApp is, as Zuckerberg confirmed, encrypted from end to end giving the impression that Facebook has no idea what is being transmitted. Any transmission has an encryption and decryption key that can be recorded for ease of access by Facebook and, of course, intelligence agencies.

The evidence of alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election has yet to be shown to the public and, in any case, US authorities and authorities worldwide have confirmed that no Russian meddling, if they could detect any, influenced election outcomes or vote counts. The main meddlers are operating right under our noses and the attempts to interfere in elections by Facebook and twitter are there for all to see in the accumulating evidence of their malign behaviour. Blaming Russia for doing what they are doing is an old diversionary trick straight out of counter-intelligence manuals. They are destroying the whole basis of having any positive social function; they are in fact anti-social. Broadly speaking, the judgement of Facebook in the case of the Brazilian accounts appeared to be that these were "too right wing". The Federal Public Prosecutor of Brazil has sent a letter to Facebook requesting the justification for this overt interference in the internal politics of Brazil.

However, the left wing liberal groupings are resorting to totalitarian behaviour in exercising outright censorship of political views they do not like or agree with. This is exposing a malign and biased approach to their operations that are constantly being exposed as mismanaging personal data, information and knowledge. They are the main agents in the undermining of global democratic procedures. It will be recalled that Obama was very happy with his association with Facebook and his victories were put down to his effective use of "social media". As we learn about the manipulative capabilities of Twitter and Facebook it becomes essential that an investigation into their levels of interference in US elections since their foundation needs to be reviewed. They were active during the Scottish and European Referendums and this needs to be investigated also.

These organizations have become abusive and dangerous monopolies that need to be broken up in the name of sanity and a more open balanced democractic forum in cyberspace. President Trump should ask the DoJ to initiate an investigation on the current and past interference by Facebook, Twitter and the DNC in US elections.

Dominic Raab
Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union

Dominic Raab rising through the ranks
Donald Munroe - APE Constitutional analyst

The British Conservative MP Dominic Raab was recently made the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. He replaces David Davis who recently resigned from this position.

Raab's support for the leave EU campaign and his rational past criticisms of some of the failings in constitutional provisions of the European Union make him a good choice. He is relatively young at 44 but has traveled a productive route by working in support of sound individuals. For example he was Chief of Staff to David Davis when he was Shadow Home Secretary and later with Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, Dominic Grieve. After graduating from Oxford in Law and a Masters at Cambridge he followed an unusual path. He spent the summer of 1998 at Birzeit University near Ramallah working with a principal Palestinian negotiator for the Oslo peace accords and assessing World Bank projects on the West Bank. In 2000, Raab joined the Foreign Office and led a team at the British Embassy in The Hague, dedicated to bringing war criminals to justice and later advising on the Arab–Israeli conflict, the European Union and Gibraltar.

He has written several books and his constitutional views demonstrate, according to the APE constitutional team, a clear view of essential priorities related to the defence of freedom in the United Kingdom. His writings touch on issues also raised as of being importance to the United Kingdom by David Davis a Brexiteer and Nick Clegg a non-Brexiteer, an example being the dangers of abuse associated with the application of the European Arrest Warrant.

In providing Raab with this new role, Theresa May shifted the balance in negotiation by giving herself the prime position as chief negotiator and with Raab deputizing. There is no doubt that Dominic Raab can act competently in this position supporting May but many see this as Theresa May being cautious about the rise of Dominic Raab in the ranks of Conservative MPs. According to Hector McNeill, the British constitutional economist, Dominic Raab is potentially one of the strongest contenders for party leadership but others want him held back for reasons of personal ambition. The suspect culprits here might be Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson. But medium term Raab is a more attractive choice carrying less contraversial baggage.

We understand that the European Commission staff found Raab to be agreeable and focused in meetings in his first Brussels visit in his new role as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. The coming months will be interesting in terms of results and briefings.

Why Crimea cannot be returned to the Ukraine

There is ample evidence that if Russia had not had a military base in the Crimea and had not transferred Crimean sovereignty to Russia, today we would now be remembering a genocide promoted by the leading Ukrainian post-coup politicians including the darling of the swamp, Yulia Tymoshenko involving the murder of thousands of ethnic Russians in Crimea. Russia was able to save around 2 million ethnic Russians in Crimea without a shot being fired.

Today, military brigades with strongly and overt allegiance to the Nazi cause are being trained and armed by US contingents who continue to attack and murder ethnic Russians in the Donbass region through indiscriminate shelling and snipers killing and maiming, in the main, civilians. The Ukraine regime ignores these atrocities as does the USA. Russia holds that the Minsk agreement should be adhered to by the Ukraine government to provide devolved governance for these regions while the USA doesn't act to encourage the regime to carry out their part of this agreement but keep on repeating that the crisis is caused by Russian inaction. There is also the repetitive mantra emanating from the swamp that demand that Russia returns Crimea to the Ukraine.

The Donbass region has a population of around 4 million mostly ethnic Russians and any Russian decisions are geared towards avoiding any further killings and, above all, preventing any slippage towards genocide in this region. Russians have a vivid memory of the actions of the Nazis and the Ukrainian Nazis in particular during the Second World War in carrying out genocide leveled at ethnic Russians. Unfortunately the corporate media fail to inform the people of the USA that the CIA helped many of these elements escape the Nuremburg trials after the Second World War, helping them get to the USA and permitting them to live in the USA. It is the remnants of these groups, both as individuals and agents within the CIA who have influenced the current CIA and US mercenary involvement in today's Ukraine. Part of the warped thinking is that these brigades will be called upon if the CIA decide to begin covert operations on Russian soil. The US and UK coordinated this type of preparation in Libya to eventually attack Ghadaffi in Libya and to unseat Assad of Syria. The Libyan contingent "succeeded" causing the current chaos but with Russian help this covert plan failed in Syria. This is why there is so much animosity within the swamp with regard to Russia. Sergey Lavrov the Russian Foreign Minister has made it very clear that Russian action in Syria was at the request of the government and was designed to avoid the type of chaos witnessed in Iraq and Libya with ISIS running the country and continuing their genocide of Christians, other religions and non-Sunni Moslems.

The Russian Federation acted responsibly in the case of the Ukraine to avoid and prevent genocide which in the case of the evolving irresponsible US policy would have been put down to collateral damage. A better understanding of the Ukraine's ethnic composition, its history and the current real threats to the lives of ethic Russians will realize that Crimea cannot be returned to the Ukraine and the people of the Donbass should receive greater autonomy and guarantees of protection.

Why countering detente is the evolving policy of swamp dwellers

It is a normal process of diplomacy to initially have a, "get to know you meeting", or summit, to identify key issues of mutual interest and then to follow up with national reviews and the development of more mature proposals that have been vetted by relevant experts and to then arrange a second summit.

Presidents Trump and Putin clearly identified issues of importance that are worth pursuing. The proposed fall summit is designed to advance understanding and to come to some conclusions on matters of mutual interest to the peoples of the USA and the Russian Federation.

However, the corporate media and high profile anchors, Republicans and Democrats are aghast at the prospect of a second summit with the "enemy" or "those who interfered in the US presidential election". These swamp-dwellers see Russia as some sort of enemy and yet cannot produce evidence of actions on the part of Russia that justify this label. Many countries meddle in US elections. The most overt are Israel and Saudi Arabia who act through lobbies, think tanks and the funding of university chairs in even institutions of high esteem (in America). They also place advertising and paid content in US media. There is also direct evidence of their contributions to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton held different positions of influence. These two countries alone have a major influence over Congress and the Senate through financial contributions to candidates and through PACs. They have also been major fomenters of terrorist acts in the Middle East and have encouraged the USA to become involved in illegal wars leading to the deaths of thousands American military and millions of innocent men women and children. This is the result not only of election meddling in the past but also in policy meddling that continues now. Adding to this, the long history of the USA meddling in foreign elections and also overthrowing foreign governments, the benchmarks for what constitutes meddling are well established. However, so far, the swamp-dwellers have been unable to identify exactly what Russia did to justify the assertion that they interfered in the US election. By comparison with so-called allies, Russia has not done anything that could be considered to be even close to the track records of the USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel. With the assumed social media route to the hearts of Americans it was found that there was no evidence of Russian activity other than some advertising and comments that either had nothing to do with the election or was re posted content that was balanced in terms of commenting on Trump or Clinton. The attention was therefore turned to cyber-crime and hacking which is more difficult for the public to understand and leaves more leeway for counter-intelligence and the FBI to conjour up or place "evidence" using well-publicized CIA and NSA techniques. Even here, concerning the Clinton hacks, the scientific logic of the state of the art indicates that the Clinton and Podesta emails were taken from the server locally as a leak and not as an international hack. The CIA and FBI never examined the servers i.e. this "crime scene". The DNC/Hillary Clinton made sure of that by calling in CrowdStrike a private security firm to inspect/secure the servers. As a evidence source these servers no longer can serve as a crime scene because the chain of custody of any "evidence" has been destroyed as apparently were a lot of hard disks from these servers. In spite of these specific and widely reported facts, very belatedly, Rosenstein announced last week that 12 GRU Russian officials have been indicted by name accused of carrying out the removal of the Podesta and Clinton emails. This was 2 years after the leak took place an yet cyber security experts know that the type of methods described in the indictment could have been identified, almost within hours of gaining access to the DNC server. Clearly the timing of Rosenstein's announcement was timed to effect the Helsinki summit. Indeed, if this "evidence" is factual it would have been picked up a long time ago either through access to the server of scanning NSA traces. However, during the summit, Putin offered to assist in this investigation by allowing US authorities to question the named Russian officials. Since there is no extradition treaty between the USA and Russia, neither Trump nor Putin mentioned extradition but rather that US officials could travel to Russia to carry out their interviews and vice versa in a case involving Russia's desire to question people in relation to the Browder case in the US and one in the UK.

This offer is being resisted, in the case of one named individual Michael McFaul, who was the US Ambassador in Russia there is an argument or immunity in his case. On the other hand, given the weak evidence base the prosecutors know that in the end the case is likely to fall apart if the 12 GRU officials are able to respond to questioning. So this offer by Putin is likely to be turned down by the "authorities" involved. As it stands one has to question the timing of the indictment other than its role as a propaganda piece showing "results" from the dying Mueller investigation.

The fall summit is likely to cover proposals for nuclear disarmament, humanitarian collaborative actions to resettle Syrians from surrounding countries in their homes and lands that will take pressure off Europe and other countries, review cyber-security questions in the light of preventative measures on the part of the USA and Russia and trade issues.

Even on these topics the swamp want to prevent publicity surrounding the a fall summit outcome. This is because Putin's more careful and considered statements carry a lot more gravitas for the international community than those coming from any US foreign policy department of even a president. In spite of the demonizaion of Putin by the swamp, his pronoucements and analyses are sound, balanced and invariably constructive and they are seldom contentious. Even this initial short summit changed the perception of many of Putin and a second summit would have more coverage and allow people to get to know him better.

There is a need to review the role of NATO in the light of the shifted strategic balance changes resulting from Russia's major advance in weaponry secured on 10% of the budget the USA spends on defence. Russia's expenditures on defense are falling, so it is hardly a threat in this sense, while the US has recently increased its defence budget by an amount almost equivalent to the total Russian budget. The question is, why?

Far from being perceived a someone letting down America, Trump's ratings are rising following the summit

CybaCity released a note confirming that the main political elite and corporate media have seriously under-estimated national political ramifications of the outcome of the Helsinki summit. Trump's central base sees Trump as delivering on what he campaigned for and the "establishment" is increasingly perceived to be out of touch and unappreciative of his efforts and accomplishments. This has caused some offence.

This general feeling first became apparent during the presidential election as Hillary Clinton's mindset became more apparent as someone exuding confidence but weakening that with an image of projected superiority and entitlement. Her faux pas "deplorables" moment and then her demasking by the content of her and Podesta emails and the disgraceful treatment of Bernie Sanders essentially destroyed her chances. In the meantime the revelation of her involvement in the dodgy dossier used by the FBI to justify surveillance at the FISA court has brought her standing to almost zero. The Republicans and Democrats who appear to be in her bandwagon supporting the Russiagate fanaticism are now also facing a slide in popularity.

Trump has began to pick up support amongst those who thought he would be unable to deliver on his campaign promises and find his accomplishments, so far, given the intensity of the hostility emanating from the swamp, to have been surprising. One new and unexpected element is that many who do not want the US involved in wars see the Singapore and Helsinki summits as being significant steps in the right direction. If Trump can continue on this path and winds down US involvements in multiple useless costly wars, his ratings will receive an additional boost as a result of his being perceived to be the first President for many years with an interest in stability and peace. This is a surprising finding but actions do say more than words. CybaCity predict that Trump's popularity ratings will rise from the current 43% to around 50% in the next month or so. For Trump's expanding base and about 4 months to go before the mid-terms, his own campaign is well on the way. This more than can be said for the Democrats and, it must be said, some Republicans.

As a footnote, many have expressed their exasperation with the corporate media's fixation with Russia and attacks on Trump. These have become a complete turn-off and of no interest to increasing numbers. CybaCity report that Trump's use of Twitter has become a serious case study in the power of direct communication to increasing numbers of constituents that is free from censorship and selecive media bias. Trump is running is own alternative medium and it is very effective.

Sam Husseini
source: FAIR website
Sam Husseini had a relevant question, but was prevented from delivering it

Sam Husseini was forcibly removed by Finnish security personnel from the 2018 Trump Putin press briefing before the two Presidents has arrived. He was holding up a paper on which was written "Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty," which the Finnish authorities considered to be a "malicious item". He had intended to ask Trump and Putin on their opinion on Israel's clandestine nuclear arms arsenal. This is an issue of fundamental importance and very pertinent to the discussions and decisions relating to the Iran deal. It is also relevant in the context of both the US and Russia stating that they are taking Israel's concerns into consideration in Syria. It is regrettable that he was unable to deliver his question. It would have been quite revealing to see how Trump and Putin would have handled it; no doubt by deflecting the topic to something else.

Sam Husseini is the communications director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, a Washington-based nonprofit organization that promotes progressive experts as alternative sources for mainstream media reporters.

He formerly worked at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and at the media watch group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). He has written articles for a variety of publications, including CounterPunch, The Nation, The Washington Post, USA Today and Salon.

Husseini was born in 1966 to a Palestinian Christian father and a Jordanian mother. He is a US citizen and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned a double bachelor's degree in applied mathematics and logic and computation.

A lesson in diplomacy

The general role of leaders is not to lecture or stand up to another leader and make a public show of it in the name of some image that others may wish to project. Donald Trump never undertook to embarrass President Putin, he always made it clear that the idea of the Helsinki summit was to try to initiate a relationship preferably so that he could get along with him. Why? So that a basic level of communication and mutual trust could be gradually built up so as to address all of the issues considered to be of importance and hopefully, resolving them.

Donald Trump clarifies a point...

Donald Trump has stated that he "misspoke" and there was a need for clarification on a statement he made during the press briefing following the summit. He had stated that he saw no reason why Russia “would” interfere in the US election, when he had meant to say that he saw no reason why Russia “would not” have interfered in the US elections.

This statement was made to clarify his position, following the over-the-top onslaught from media and politicians criticizing his previous statement. In a rational world where the media and politicians have a better understanding of the context of the summit as an initiation of better communications, such a clarification would not have been necessary.
Trump has been skillful in apparently achieving this. He did not show subservience to a tyrant, as some from the swamp bayed. Donald Trump demonstrated a skillful level of constraint and grace which succeeded in helping President Putin express some interesting ideas, suggestions and some plausible explanations as to why his country as government or private citizens did not attempt to influence the presidential election or influence events to get Donald Trump elected. In the case of private citizens accused by the intel agencies of such acts, Putin has offered to investigate following established procedures. Putin in very clear terms responded to most questions raised in the press session following the summit. It is very seldom that we get to hear his points of view because of the broad self-imposed corporate media censorship in the USA and UK. Donald Trump in response to somewhat tedious questions from the US press contingent confirmed that he had raised the allegations of interference in the election with President Putin. He first of all confirmed his faith in US intel services and then stated that Putin has denied this is the strongest terms. He added, clearly referring to the context of the conversation with Putin, that he could not see any reasons why Russia would have done so. In other words, Trump confirmed that he raised the question, that Putin had replied and that within the context of that exchange could see no reason why Russia would have done this. There was nothing in this passage that made Trump appear weak or subservient, he was simply informing the journalist who asked if this question had been raised, with a rational and diplomatic reply.

That US and UK intel have made many assertions is known the world over but people are waiting for palpable evidence to be produced. The credibility of these agencies is at rock bottom and given the more recent track record of these intel agencies fabricating facts based on false flag events leading to attacks and warfare and the deaths of millions of innocent people; they are simply not trusted. It would be foolish for Trump to overdo any confirmation of the findings by these organizations simply because everyone knows he also doesn't know what the evidence is. He was standing on an international platform facing well-informed people in the room and beyond. So why do the swamp-dwellers expect him to say he believes in evidence he hasn't seen and which, in any case, has been conjoured up to contribute to his downfall. Trump isn't that stupid and the international community understand why his deft approach makes a lot more sense. Many have admired his handling of this specific issue in avoiding becoming an unwitting agent of the increasingly embarrassing fanatical and paranoid tyranny seeping out of the swamp broadcast monologues.

It would seem that the swamp-dwellers would have preferred that Trump, being a bigger fellow, had tried to initmidate or "stand up to" Putin in front of the assembled journalists, maybe even shouting at Putin in a theatrical and indignant fashion - swamp dwellers love this sort of thing - that what he has stated could not be true because the agents in the swamp, who want to impeach Trump, have said the opposite. The swamp-dwellers are an abusive bunch who support aggression combined with swagger and a hypocritical self-righteousness, convinced that the USA has right on its side and that Russia has no understanding of what it takes to be exceptional; the sort of pathetic mantra spouted by Michael Pompeo; these sort of people consider themselves to be very close to God.

The summit was designed from its initiation to be an act of diplomacy, Trump-style, and Trump delivered on his promise. If any aspect of this summit had followed even an iota of the grubby orientation of the swamp-dwellers, the world today would be a less secure place.

We can point to many actions carried out as a result of Trump decisions that we do not consider to be just or rational. However, most outside the swamp, those of the international community, were happy to see dialogue opening up between the USA and Russia as a result of a rational approach to statesmanship in the form of a well overdue and welcomed international leadership on the part of Presidents Trump and Putin.

Trump has tweeted that others never rose to and delivered on this type of approach and he is right.

Trump did not side with Russia against US intel

Following the press briefing following the Helsinki summit, the baying from the seditious mob in Washington consisted mainly of rants that Trump sided with Russia against US intel and some went as far as to assert that this was even treasonous. Since Trump did not in fact do this throthing and writhing is very telling, a sign of desparate self-righteous people clutching at straws as their own guilt and incompetence is beginning to become more evident and to close in on them showing them up for what they are.

The initiation of this assertion of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian State to get Trump elected came from Hillary Clinton, her campaign staff and the Democrats and was intensified when they lost the election. The DNC/Hillary Clinton inspired and funded a somewhat lurid dossier recounting acts by Donald Trump during a trip to Moscow some years ago. The details were stated to have come from Russian intel sources when in fact it was complied by an out of work British ex-intel officer needing some cash. This unsubstantiated dossier was used by the FBI to initiate FISA Court order (The FISA-Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (Pub.L. 95–511, 92 Stat. 1783, 50 U.S.C.). The FISA Act created the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to oversee requests for surveillance warrants by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. This intentional use of the Hillary Clinton inspired and funded dodgy dossier was used dishonestly by the FBI to initiate the subsequent illegal surveillance on Carter Page. This then morphed into the Russia-Trump campaign collusion investigation headed by Mueller. The judge concerned was Rudolph Contreras who was forcibly recused from them Michael Flynn Case. The FBI, therefore, demonstrated bad faith in intentionally misleading the FISA Court judge who authorized surveillance by not informing him that the dossier submitted in justification had been funded by Hillary Clinton. On the other hand, there has been talk that Contreras might be the judge overseeing the final judgement. If so, this would point to his being aware of this corruption and being part of the scheme. However, this investigation failed to come up with any evidence and at that point, a month or so ago, should have been concluded. However, since certain political agents were not satisfied with this conclusion, they have sought to keep the Mueller investigation alive so as to continue with the malign intent to scrape up evidence, any evidence, on the finer points that might be interpreted as interference in the election by Russian-based elements. It would seem that the investigators hope that if they can establish that there was Russian interference they can then use that to back track to establish evidence that there was also collusion. They tried the social media route only to find that Facebook, Google and Twitter could not find anything of significance. They have therefore now gone the cyber-security and hacking route and recently issued the indictment on 12 GRU inividuals, again providing no evidence. This is why Trump is in an impossible position of having to give reasons why there maybe was no Russian interference in the election, to protect his own position. In the press briefing after the summit Trump stated that he had asked President Putin about the "interference" which Putin strongly denied. To which Donald Trump added, almost musing, that he could see no reason why Russia would interfere; that is all that he stated. For the plotters in Washigton and intel agencies to be affronted by this logical statement would seem to suggest that they are in a weakening and frantic state. Why do they take such offense? Their reaction does not bode well for them. All Trump did was express and opinion, after all, if Putin denied any state involvement what would be the motivation for Russia to interfere, in any case? Putin didn't know Trump so what was the basis for collusion? A pertinent point made by Trump.

Therefore the way in which the corporate media and mixture of politicians and agencies have handled this issue has caused a confusion in the significance of any possible interference. Is it simply interference, and if so to what end? Or is this a stepping stone back to establishing collusion? The continuing failure to produce any convincing evidence on either count and because the final judgement rests with legal procedures conducted in a court, Donald Trump is fully justified in assessing the likelihood of the veracity of the secret "evidence". After all the US intel agencies are using the same spurious basis of "highly likely" as the basis for stating that the Russians had interfered.

In the end the initiation of the investigation, founded on bad faith, and the lack of a transparent and disciplined handling of the investigation is the cause of embarrassment of the position of the Presidency of the United States and it reflects badly on the investigation standards of the US agencies involved. They themselves are bringing the image of their organizations into international disrepute. However, the person occupying the Presidency has the right, under the Constitution, to defend himself, including doubting the competence and integrity of those who accuse him as well as requesting assistance of others who can assist in establishing the facts. There is no act of treason here but there are ample grounds for establishing a conspiracy of sedition directed at the Presidency of the United States.

Outcome of Trump Putin Helsinki summit

Paul Sutherland,
APE Policy & Strategies Unit,

The important result of the summit is that Presidents Trump and Putin have begun to talk in what would appear to have been an open manner. On strategic balance and nuclear arms there was agreement on the importance of the topic but any US President is going to find it very difficult to deliver of stockpile reductions affecting the USA and Russia. This is because the track record of the USA, before Trump became President, is one of irresponsible unilateral abandonment of long standing agreements.

So the Real News review in the preceding article did point this out and this is probably why emphasis was given to a reconfirmation of the significance of the Singapore agreement with North Korea.

We don't know if the reality of the current tactical questions concerning nuclear weapons was discussed , it is unlikely. But it is also something the West does not want to discuss because it exposes a massive flaw in its current approach and capabilities.

The current intelligence and emerging consensus on Ukraine shows the USA is on the wrong side or, at least, not exerting enough pressure of that government to adhere to the Minsk agreement. Although follow up corporate media comments in the USA and UK, see Trump as having sold out to Russia over Crimea. It was Obama who did this. Trump is dealing with fait accomplis and the latest soundings of the Crimean electorate show that they are thankful for the chance to return to Russia and avoid the genocide that was in the offing if this had not been done. Yulia Tymoshenko is on record as wishing to kill all ethnic Russians in the Ukraine and this process had started in several areas before the Crimeans, in an act of self-preservation, voted to join the Russian Federation. What saved Crimea was the large naval base and military presence in Crimea. However, as Putin explained, the vote took place under international monitoring and it was a landslide. Since Crimea became part of the Russian Federation, the Nazi squads, that US military train and equip, have been engaged in brutal attacks against Roma and ethnic Russians while the authorities, so-called, look the other way. So the pre-condition that Russia needs to return Crimea to the Ukraine is an impossibility and is therefore an irresponsible notion promoted by those involved in the demonization of Russia and promotion of the fantasy that Russia colluded with Trump as well as interfered in the presidential election.

As a note, our Helsinki correspondent understands from the Russian side that Trump and Putin reviewed the Ukraine situation in far more depth that was stated in the press conference. Between them they came up with a range of possible ways to resolve the main issues. The Russians were also generally impressed by Trump's ability to listen and in many cases not commenting but noting what was stated. He was probably comparing mental notes with what he has gathered from others. He was more steadfast and gave nothing away and stood his ground in key areas. His actual behaviour contrasts with the doubts, impressions and characterization of Trump as some sort of naive simpleton filling the pages and web pages of corporate media in the USA and UK.

The Real News review of the then forthcoming Helsinki summit, suggested that Trump ask Putin about the allegations concerning interference in the election and the indictment concerning 12 GRU officials. It is not clear who raised this question but President Putin has proposed that use should be made of a standing agreement between the countries relating to criminal cases where as a result of a formal request the Russian agencies can assist in providing any evidence that is available on the Russian side. Whereas this is the only transparent way to get to the bottom of these accusations the USA intel agencies and those in the UK have built up a practice of not coming up with any evidence but coming to conclusions that Russia is responsible based on no more than assessments that it is "highly likely" that Russia is responsible. Even the flimsy highly likely statements are not associated with even a scrap of evidence. Therefore, it is unlikely that Mueller will make any such formal request since the indictment recently issued is seen by most as an attempt to discourage Trump's meeting with Putin, or, at least to stymie it. Putin's offer has been given in good faith and it is a test of the state of evidence as to whether Mueller will in fact request assistance. Putin rightly has explained that, in the end, this is a court decision but the discovery needs to be thorough. Some pundits have suggested this would ensure that the poacher becomes the game keeper. But Russia has not been proven guilty, this is the idea of a court case. Putin's idea needs to be followed up and the reaction of US intel and FBI will be revealing. To state this risks exposing how the US agencies obtained "evidence" is not relevant because they have already stated how they think this was done. The main issue, raised by Trump, is where are the DNC servers and other computers used by non-US citizens working for DNC. but who have since "disappeared". So far, the evidence shows the FBI and intel agencies never inspected the DNC server/s but were worked on by the private company CrowdStrike at the request of Hillary Clinton/DNC; this undermines their case significantly.

This is not a matter of Trump siding with Putin against US intel agencies. This is a state of affairs where the President of the USA is being attacked by filth columnists and corporate media including people working for US government agencies. He is not shown evidence and therefore has no option to look for avenues to prove his innocence, paradoxically, on something it appears he has not done in any case. So the fact he finds assistance from Russia as welcomed is a logical conclusion. This is not disloyalty or treason as some have stated it is someone looking for alternative explanation as to why the people attacking him are wrong. As the Real News piece stated, in the end, if no evidence is produced and all of this turns out to be lies we have a significant case of sedition where all of the guilty individuals have been identified by their own overt irresponsible actions in attempting to undermine the US Constitution and the Presidency of the USA.

As expected, nothing came of the Iranian Syrian question simply because Russia has no leverage here and Trump side-stepped a question on Syria by emphasizing the fact both the USA and Russia are taking into account Israel's interests in Syria.

Our conclusion is that this summit was a success in terms of world peace and lowering of tensions. The battle continues, however, led by tedious fanaticism and paranoid delusions emanating from the failed Democratic party and Hillary Clinton fans who are becoming somewhat obnoxious in their inability to show grace in defeat.

Possible commitments and follow ups arising from Trump Putin Helsinki summit

Donald Trump has made no secret of his desire to denuclearize the world; most agree with this objective. A very safe outcome from the Trump Putin summit would be an agreement to re-initiate mutual reductions on strategic nuclear stockpiles. This is good for Trump, it would be good for Putin and for all of us. The criticism leveled at Trump on the "non-results" from the North Korean agreement are completely unfair. A lot was accomplished and following the original Russian and Chinese proposal which is being followed, this will all take time. So Trump's agreement automatically brought into line an agreement that had the support of both Russia and China. This is more than any previous president had accomplished, as Donald Trump keeps reminding us.

Part and parcel of any possible strategic denuclearization agreement arising from the Helsinki meeting, would be a subsequent confirmation by China that it would be in agreement and even participate. The obvious cascade effect should also be to also bring India and Pakistan into the bounds of this agreement, as well as France, UK and Israel.

The main impediment to all of this is the USA track record on the last major agreement which was abandoned unilaterally by the USA. Therefore Trump needs to think carefully, he has time, on what should be done to improve the USA's poor track record on adherence to international agreements. An assumption that one is dealing with this from a position of strength is completely undermined by the significant growth in the lack of reliability of the USA in adhering to many international agreements; at the moment the USA faces a serious challenge in passing itself off as a trustworthy "partner".

As Sergey Lavrov, the Russia Foreign Minister, made clear to Larry King recently, most communications channels have been closed with Russia by the USA during the last few years except for tactical and operational channels relating to Syrian operation. However, whereas Putin can delegate the tasks of managing these channels to competent individuals, Trump cannot. This is because with the new administration Trump's team was very slow in cleaning out the Obama adherents and dead wood from the top echelons in many agencies. Trump therefore needs to move with caution to avoid sabotage from the US side. This is an extraordinary reality of the USA today. This is why the other channels should be opened up slowly following audits on the competence of those assigned to each one. Whereas Pompeo will be able to handle the strategic denuclearization question the Ukraine channel should be opened using people under the control of Trump and Trump needs to mount an independent advisory group untainted by the Obama appointees. Pompeo needs to clean up several echelons within State to gain a more objective perspective on the Ukraine and Crimea. This is almost a requirement for any objective discussions on this crisis to proceed following the disastrous and shameful overt role of State in the Maidan debacle and coup (e.g. Victoria Nuland and others irreponsible individuals such as Senator McCain). The tactical assistance being given to the Nazi squads in the Ukraine by the USA is a direct support for the main elements in the Ukrainian efforts to continuing to attack kill and injure civilians in the Russian-speaking areas of South East Ukraine in breach of the Minsk agreement. Trump should not attempt to open all channels at once since the Russians know that the US administrative structure and modus operandi will end up with Trump being undermined by fifth columnists within his administration.

An agreement on the gradual opening of channels would be a good result.

Trump boasts that he is going to this meeting from a position of strength, stated largely for his base, he justifies this on an apparent "commitment" of more European financial contributions to NATO. However, he would be advised to listen very carefully to Vladimir Putin on the basic requirements that need to be brought into play in parallel to any agreement on strategic nuclear arms reduction. The Russians have studied this issue for many years and have fairly rational and practical suggestions to make to support a better balance and raised security for both sides. Today the nuclear question has, in reality, been neutered by the latest group of Russia's defense capabilities. Any assets that launch a nuclear strike against Russia will be destroyed within minutes. This means all land, marine and air platforms are no longer viable components in defense capability configurations for the West. Once the military personnel involved realize this, the morale in the Western nuclear asset groups will become a serious problem since they will have been reduced to becoming no more than Kamikaze units. This is why mutual denuclearization of strategic assets has become an imperative.

Russia, China and the USA need to collaborate on solving the most serious threat to strategic accords on nuclear proliferation. This is Saudi Arabia whose penchant for supporting suicide bombers does not bode well in a nuclear world. The Saudi proxies in the Middle East have demonstrated their murderous intent which transitions into genocide of any group or religion not wishing to adhere to Wahabi-type sect dictats. This is why gaining support for limitations and reductions from Pakistan is important since they are the most likely to support Saudi Arabia in any process of building up Saudi nuclear capabilities. There is an urgent need to limit Saudi military capabilities to cerimonial sword dances. Saudi Arabia has demonstrated their inability of managing modern military equipment responsibly through their murderous abandon and delight is using US and UK arms and assets to conduct indiscriminate murder of innocent Yemini civilians. Israel continues to attack innocents in Palestine and to rob land in the full view of the world while the USA looks on. This might not be a topic for the Helsinki meeting but something needs to be done about the overt murderous and indiscriminate abuse of human rights by the leading allies of the USA.

Lastly, concerning Syria. Russia helped prevent Syria becoming the global ISIS caliphate and thereby has prevented a catastrophic plight for the Middle East and the world. Syrians are unusual in continuing to support secular governance with many Christian and other sects already returning to their villages and towns that have been cleared on ISIS and other terrorists by the Syrian army. The Syrian policy of amnesty for Syrians who lay down their arms helped avoid bloodshed and the lives of thousands of civilians. Many pundits have suggested that the USA should offer to a withdrawal of US troops if Russia guarantees that Iranian military do not venture down to the Golan Heights occupied by Israel. This is very unlikely to be possible given the recent imposition of sanctions on Iran by the USA and previous sanctions on Russia. Russia doesn't have the authority to do this since the Iranian military, in Syria, are answerable to the Syrian government. There is a minor factor that Trump needs to take into account. Having John Bolton as an adviser is very unhelpful given his extreme views on how to achieve regime change in Iran through the funding of, yet again, terrorist proxies. Trump would be foolish to even ask Russia to somehow "do something" about Iranian military in Syria.

Given the complex mess the USA has ended up with in its support of the Kurds there is a need for any question of withdrawl of US troops to be reviewed with Turkey and the Syrian government. Turkey is probably going to be the main problem in any such negotiations and a major military conflagration remains a possibility with another abandonment of allies by the USA. Russia has nothing to do with this mess.

On the question of keeping Iranian military away from the Golan Heights, this is largely a question of Israel agreeing to stop carrying out random, attacks against assets in Syria. Those in this theatre are becoming irritated by Israel's behaviour and it is likely that the success rate of these Israeli attacks will decline dramatically in the coming period with Israeli casualties increasing.

Lastly, on the question of the "democractic transition process" the US policy of attempting to "manage" the Syrian conflict by assisting and collaborating with various terrorist organizations and propaganda units has seriously back fired with the majority of the population in no mood to support these "opposition elements". President Assad is increasinglty regarded as the best option for Syria at the moment so US dreams of regime change should be abandoned and the much promoted democractic transition, put on the back burner with the understanding that the gas cylinder is almost empty.

Image is all, forget about the details

Peter Strzok, the former FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Counter-Intelligence was questioned by members of Congress last Thursday largely concerning some of his personal emails which showed extreme bias against Donald Trump. These appeared in pubic while he was heading the investigation on Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. The question and answer session was quite shambolic and reflected badly on the organization and procedures adopted by Congress. However, at one point, in a prepared statement (or at least clearly rehearsed several times ) Strzok gave quite a show of righteous indignation to any questioning of the integrity of FBI procedures and staff since, according to him, personal bias cannot influence or taint the substance of investigations because of the multi-layered checks and balances above and below any operational investigator; sounds convincing. However, as anyone who has worked in any large government organization or agency or, for that matter, large Bretton Woods organizations, knows, the the "image of the institution is all". This issue is even used quite openly in administrative cases on the part of the defence of institutions against whistle blowers. The main counter-attack is that the whistle blower is damaging that image. The more relevant details of whistle blower accusations often tend to be ignored or face stonewalling with all attempts made to make the whistle blower the guilty party. However the more experienced know that this is essentially a mechanism of maintaining a holier than thou image which, in the case of the FBI, has been supported by generations of Hollywood output helping to mould and cement that image. Most legal advice to staff when facing questions is at all times to protect the image of the institution even at the expense of necesssary transparency for such things as Congressional Committee questions. So the replies to awkward questions are invariably "legal advice has counselled that I cannot answer that question". Certainly in the case of revealing the names of sources there is good reason not to. This issue was bandied about for some reason during this question and answer session, maybe as a displacement tactic which had no relevance to the session which should have concentrated more on the political points of view of Strzok and the impact of those on his professional competence and suitability to do the jobs/s assigned to him.

Mueller took him off the collusion work once Strzok's emails became public knowledge, for good reason.

Early English constitutional documents sought to remove any political involvement on the part of government agency and civil service staff. Over time this has eroded significantly leading to senior levels in agencies being political appointees. There is thereore, without any doubt, bias in what comes out of these organizations. This is manipulated through chiefs of division being asked to emphasise one line of enquiry over another or even to ignore existing evidence. The way in which documents are redacted is even design to convey a desired impression. Often it is used to exaggerate the amount of evidence being hidden justified on the basis of hiding names of sources or methods of acquiring evidence. Those lower down in the chain might wish to whistle blow but today after Obama's wholesale attacks on whistle blowers this route towards transparency and sanity has been killed off in a country that professes democratic values. As we see, image is all and forget about the details, especially if these will taint that largely misleading image of the institution. This is an unsatisfactory state of affairs when it is used to support a coordinated attempt to attack a key branch of government. In this case the Presidency of the United States.

An attempt to isolate Trump & Pompeo

Deputy US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced an indictment on Friday 13th, accusing twelve GRU Russian military intelligence officers by name of conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. This appears to be an attempt to isolate Donald Trump and Michael Pompeo as they are about to meet Vladimir Putin on Monday 16th. By giving publicity to a higher profile accusation against the Russia State they appear to be attempting to reduce the incentive of Donald Trump to come up with anything positive in relation to "collaboration" or "cooperation" with Russia. It is notable that Rosenstein emphasized that there is no allegation in the indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. This counters the more logical version of the "hack" carried out on the DNC computers as being a "leak" that was based on the transfer of content to local hard or flash drives by a US citizen or, at least, someone with direct access to the DNC computers. The technical evidence secured so far suggests the damming emails, that were later sent to and published on WikiLeaks, were removed from the DNC computer in two sets of rapid local transfers at a rate of around 38MBytes/second well beyond the transfer rates of an international networks at that time.
In spite
Fifth column tactics?

A fifth column can be any group of people who attempt to undermine a branch of government, from within, usually in favour of an opposing group or even nation. Fifth column members will often work against the interests of those of their own group while remaining members of that group. In the case of the current Washington situation the effort is directed against the office of the President of the United States deploying classic fifth column tactics as a combination of the overt and clandestine. Interests gather in secret mobilize openly to assist an overt attack such as through the media. This effort extends to organized actions by intelligence organizations and especially counter-intelligence who are in the habit and business of misleading and misrepresenting the facts as operational tactics to secure advantages for some standpoint, and not always that of government policy. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage through false flag events, disinformation, or espionage executed within government defense lines by secret sympathizers of this malign force.

The evidence that has emerged has been generally shown to be disinformation put out by the Clinton Campaign or Democrats, as well as some Republicans. Dossiers knowingly funded by the Clinton Campaign were used to justify the Mueller investigation which is still attempting to disrupt the Presidency based on assertion. The question becomes how much longer can the people of America endure a complete disruption of society which can only be in the interests of those who do not wish America well. Given the view that Russia sought to disrupt the election and raise questions to spread discord it is very much the case that this fifth column is doing exactly what it is accusing Russia of doing. For this there is much substantive evidence whereas on the part of supposed actions by the Russian State, so far, nothing has turned up.

The scandalous continuation of this disruption of the Presidency calls into question the distinctions between "free speech" and "destabilizing sedition". This is not a call for curtailing free speech but it is a call for people to take seriously the detrimental effects of the scandalous behaviour of many who have been able to marshal elements within the intelligence agencies, media and even legal process in a move against the Presidency. The degree to which their pursuit is justified on the basis of provable falsehoods and assertion debases free speech and approximates more directly to sedition by a fifth column. The trail of false accusations and misrepresentations attributed to un-named sources have filled corporate media now for over 2 years plus the emails of Hillary Clinton and Podesta collection is more than enough to prove, beyond doubt, a malign intent of a group, with easily identified members, who are attempting to destroy the presidency of the Unite States. With this in mind, one has to question why Jeff Sessions does not act? Whose side is he on?

The Belt way is sinking in a quagmire of lies causing the swamp to become deeper. At his inauguration President Trump declared there was a need to drain the swamp. Most who attack him belong to this dank ecosystem which makes a mockery of Americans and democracy with its gulag of gerrymandered fiefdoms. Trump cannot be faulted on his view that all of this needs to be drained.

of the serious nature of this affair the FBI and CIA never accessed the DNC computers but the Clinton campaign/DNC contracted the private company CrowdStrike to conduct an investigation. Apparently CrowdStrike have changed the computer configuration and therefore the "crime scene" has been compromised. As a result any "evidence" remaining on the DNC computers is probably without merit because of the compromised nature of the system. Indeed, given the nature of this affair and the oranizations involved, "evidence" supporting the Rosenstein indictment could well have been placed on the DNC severs between 5th July 2016 and now and date-stamps in activity logs backdated.

While attempting to maximize the profile of the Russian government agency "involvement", Rosenstein also stated that nothing in these actions affected the vote count or the presidential election results. This is an attempt to avoid any focus on the content of the Hillary Clinton emails which resulted in a significant backlash by many voters who were shocked by the corruption and treatment of Bernie Sanders metered out by the DNC. In other words the leak, that is Hillary Clinton's own words and behaviour, did affect the outcome of the election. Her own words and behaviour destoyed her chances; this is an example of the truth destroying deception and dishonesty and no matter what the election outcome was, this was a better state of affairs. This is because this provided a simple and transparent explanation for the current desperate, bordering on the fanatical and paranoid, demonization of Russia as a way guilty parties hope to escape facing indictments based on the willful conspiracy to mislead the people of America through words and deeds that border on sedition. This displacement activity attempts to divert the pubic focus from the real issues. This has been something characterizing the Democratic party, and Hillary Clinton in particular, of not facing up to the fact that their corruption has destroyed the fantasy image of the Democrats and of the Clinton's and their Foundation. Many consider Rosenstein is also attempting to safeguard against this investigation becoming the downfall of the Democratic party if all of this ends up, as many suspect, to be a locally engineered hack. This is because this brings attention to the question, "Why did someone feel that getting this information out into the public space to be so important?" This is self-evident from the content. A more important question is why is Rosenstein so directly involved in this manipulation? (see box on right).

Finally, it is evident that the CIA, FBI and NSA have not been informing the President or Mike Pompeo, when he was head of the CIA, as to what they in fact know. This reflects a serious politicization of these organizations and a tendency for them to hide or misrepresent the facts and yet FBI, for example, operates on the basis of anyone lying to the FBI being guilty of a crime. It would seem that all three agencies, CIA, NSA and FBI are all guilty of colluding in a conspiracy of misrepresentation so that the President and Pompeo are not in the loop and neither are the people of America. Trump did ask Pompeo to meet with William Binney, who was the Technical Director of NSA and who was part of the team who established that the removal of embarrassing emails from the DNC computer was likely to be a locally conducted leak and was not a hack by some foreign agent. Pompeo met with Binney on 24th October 2017, at CIA headquarters, so Pompeo and the President are aware of this alternative explanation. They can circumvent this attempt to isolate them by simply asking on Monday for any transactional data logs that might establish or disprove the basis for Rosenstein's indictment, from the Russian side. Although, in strictly legal terms, the USA should issue documentation to provide the Russian government with site of the evidence as part of the normal "discovery" process.

The NSA has many monitoring trace points on fibre networks and knows the detail so it is revealing that such details, or even reference to them, have never been made nor do they appear in the indictment.

In the end, any appeals to Trump not to meet with Putin should be ignored simply because there has been no trial and, to date, no evidence has been produced. Currently the Russian state remains innocent until substantive evidence has been produced and validated. It is only at this point that the balance of the facts can be assessed. Trying to condemn Russia with no proof is ridiculous. Using the over-worked "it is highly likely that Russia did it" continues to be an inane mantra and should be ignored. Since dialogue on a wide range of issues between the USA and Russia is essential to make progress in the interests of these people of these countries and others worldwide, President Trump needs to ignore this strategically timed distraction in Washington and find out what he can from President Putin and then go from there. To add granularity and credibility the indictment named 12 GRU officials. It is likely this listing comes from Dutch intelligence probes of GRU made back in 2014 but it is unlikely that there is any evidence that links any specific action to any specific official so the indictment is, in reality, more a showpiece. To request extradiction requires a lot more substantive evidence which so far has yet to be produced. The purpose of this indictment and its timing appears to be to try and disrupt the Helsinki Summit, even although Rosenstein, in an act of self-preservation, informed Trump about the indictment some days ago. Since Trump knows that all of this is hogwash it is unlikely to have the intended effect.

But Donald Trump's performance is not up to the mark

Donald Trump has initiated his European/NATO visit with an absurd salvo accusing Germany of undermining NATO security because it is supporting the alternative pipeline to deliver Russian gas. This is just nonsense. Lecturing Angela Merkel, who was born in East Germany, how to suck eggs is simply ridiculous. In reality 20% of German energy comes from gas and Germany imports 60% of its gas from Russia and the rest from Norway. Therefore Germany's dependency on Russia accounts for just 12% of its energy requirements; hardly a strategic risk. Trump made his daft statements while Mike Pompeo sat beside him and allowed Trump to make a fool of himself. Surely Pompeo who was head of the CIA knows better? But anyway, Trump's fuss will impress his US base and assorted Beltway strategists, so-called. But this exaggeration of Germany's exposure aside, the track record shows that there is virtually no risk associated with using Russia as a major international gas supplier. According to Ibn Nr, this topic was studied in some depth at the European Commission in the 1980s only to find that the track record showed that the then Soviet Union was a reliable energy supplier, so the work was not advanced at that stage. As it stands, if those in supply contracts don't adhere to agreed prices (the case in Ukraine) Russia was the right to reduce supplies. Indeed, in the case of Ukraine, Russia initially discounted prices to help the country out of its economic hole. Updates on the 1980s reviews on Russian Federation energy supplies have shown consistency with an almost 40 year unbroken record of reliable supplies. This is a result of consistency and reliability being a priority undertaking by the Russian government's regulation of this sector. On the economic side, Russian gas is far lower cost that any current alternative including USA sources liquefied "equivalents" based on cost of utilizable convertible energy. If Trump can point to the risk or provide a convincing economic argument, all well and good, but he can't. His strategic arguments are bluster and he has no business case for saying what he is saying.

In terms of establishing who can be trusted to maintain international agreements and supplies it is worth reviewing who has intentionally undermined trust by imposing ad hoc, often unexpected, actions to impose constraints on supplies. The most notorious examples emanate from one country, the USA, that appears to think it has a God-given right to impose sanctions that cause suffering and deaths of innocents and an ability to back out of international agreements on a whim. The USA's claim that Russian supplies of gas represent a strategic threat is completely hypocritical and unfair in the light of the USA's own irresponsible maverick track record. To date the country generating the most disruptive strategic threats to world trade has been the USA, most blatantly demonstrated in the latest rounds of bullying related to lists of sanctions leveled at several countries and the latest in the form of aluminum and steel and the threats leveled against anyone wishing to import Iranian petroleum. The unilateral withdrawal of the US from the Iranian nuclear deal is another obvious example.

In a debate at Cambridge University involving Edward Lucas and Peter Hitchens on "Poland between Russia and Germany ", the topic of Russian "threats" came up and an attendee asked specifically what the evidence was that Russia was a threat to Europe. Lucas side-stepped the question by repeating the NATO mantra of the "unpreparedness of the Baltic countries" in case of an attack but he never could explain why there would be an attack. After the question was repeated several times and Lucas continued to repeat the mantra while not coming up with any evidence in a somewhat embarassing fashion, Peter Hitchens finally confirmed that there was no evidence that the Russian Federation was a threat to anyone in Europe.

Apart from politicians like Boris Johnson who has funded organizations that come up with false flag baseless "evidence", at strategic points in time, to attempt to point to Russia's "malign influence", the actual track record shows that there is no evidence of Russia being a threat or being untrustworthy. The biggest chasm of trust that is opening up is that between the better informed European and Russian electorates desiring peaceful co-existence and the belligerent and false accusations bandied about by US and UK intel agencies and ill-informed or irresponsible partisan politicians. The crisis of trust is one facing the US and the UK governments and not the government of the Russian Federation.

It is notable that Trump has come under a corporate media and Democractic party-based attacks leading to investigations based on unjustified accusations that his campaign was in "collusion with the Russian State". No evidence has been found and the report by Mueller came up with nothing but pages of redacted text and an admission that there was no evidence. Donald Trump therefore knows full well the utter nonsense surrounding this demonization of Russia. Trump, appealing to his base, however, is prepared to side-step this issue to appear "tough" on the question of European strategic interests in relation to Russia. His US base, being so bombarded by the media tales and assertions designed to demonize Russia and in particular Vladimir Putin the president, swallow this nonsense and this is why he expresses the issues in such banal terms, so that they can comprehend. It is fuzzy but Donald Trump has demonstrated his ability to make bizarre statements which come across to his base as the guy defending America's and, of course, their interests. However, in general, Europeans have more access to alternative media and have lived alongside Russia as long as Europe has existed and long before the USA came into existence. They have far more access to other sources of information. For the European and Russian electorates Trump's pitch is shallow and completely unconvincing, just plain daft.

Coming to the 2% GDP spent of defence, Trump once again is talking mumbo jumbo. The exceptionally high cost of the USA's subsidized "military research" initiatives produce unjustifiably expensive military equipment. The latest example is the massively over-budget and very late delivery of the sluggish overweight F-35s which many consider to be useless death traps. To make a sensible contribution to the European defense discussion, Trump should have first of all have qualified independent experts work out what is in fact needed in terms of configurations to defend the EU and, for that matter, the USA, by first of all analyzing and explaining what the defence is designed to address. Better still, it would be useful to see a rational evidence-based explanation of who this defence is protecting Europe against. Just stating "Russia, Russia, Russia" has become an irritating noise that explains nothing. But it is repeated by people who are either fanatics, completely paranoid or, as is more likely, who want to achieve pernicious ends by resorting to campaigns to engender fear in their populations. These soul destroying criminal campaigns are aided and abetted by corporate media looking to their ratings as opposed to national welfare and sanity.

For a "businessman", Trump doesn't act in a convincing fashion, what he should be doing is making a business case which would be almost impossible given the absurd prices demanded and lack of effectiveness of systems. As things stand the Russian Federation, in a relatively low fanfare, modest way, has produced a more effective defence system than "Western" systems spending something like 35% of the EU defence budget and 10% of the USA's bloated expenditure. Donald Trump needs to realize that any European expenditure needs to represent value for money. Europe isn't taking advantage of the USA it is rather the other way round. Trump wants to take advantage of Europe by off loading expensive mediocre equipment onto European governments and has the gall to call this "defence". The 2% of GDP is a figure that comes out of thin air just as Trump's press statement that it should be raised to 4%. If Russia can perform on a fraction of that amount and produce quality systems, our Western "exceptional" strategists should be able to do with 1% of GDP. The USA should be fair to Europe and stop charging exorbitant rip-off prices for run of the mill military hardware; the USA military suppliers clearly have a productivity problem or live in a parallel universe. The US government defense budgets are no more than massive Soviet style subsidies to these companies which, as a result, and as in the Soviet Union, they are no longer competitive. The performance of projects is abysmal with critical paths being constantly updated to add in modifications or augment subsidy. As a result these companies have lost their commercial edge and can only survive by over-pricing. Since on this score the US government appears to have lost track of the required due diligence and audit disciplines as a result of political horse-trading and revolving door arrangements. The system is incredibly corrupt. It is worth mentioning that the over-spends and wastage of resources will increase under the current strategic cyber initiative because much of this work is being moulded to be contracted to private corporations. This field is notorious for the inability of governments to monitor developments if, indeed, they even understand what is being done. Spending more on such useless equipment and wasteful initiatives is the last thing required to improve "security" or to create and "effective defence".

Europe's "trust" in US and UK intelligence agency advice and following this to become embroiled in disastrous non-ending conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria, has caused much reflection. It has become evident to all that US and UK policies have not delivered peace, stability and the defence of freedom but have delivered instability and a major decline in security and a major immigration crisis that has split Europe down the middle. Trump made some somewhat crass statements on the immigration issue stating that people in Europe and the UK agree with him on the issue of immigration. He somewhat overlooked the cause of the European crisis which, of course, was USA aggression and military incompetence.

Of course, following Trump's' morning statements concerning German gas and NATO spending, Theresa May rushed to the fore to explain how Britain is sending additional military personnel to Afghanistan in support of NATO and spends 2% of its budget on defence. This sort of antic doesn't go down well with Europeans who consider the UK to have been hoodwinked into purchasing over-priced F-35s with no possible benefit to its defence. British Prime Ministers kowtowing to USA administration, especially on military questions and collaborating in covert underhand initiatives appears to have become a normal pattern of behaviour, very much to the embarrassment of the British electorate.

The NATO bandwagon will, of course, attempt to roll forwards, trying to find a justification for its existence, and Trump will continue to push NATO countries to waste excessive financial resources on ineffective schemes. He might up the stakes by threatening or in fact, withdrawing 35,000 troops from Germany. He should be allowed to do so since they offer no real security in any case. The nuclear umbrella is also a figment of fantasy. No US president will order a launch of nuclear strikes in the defense of Europe when he or she knows this will result in th USA becoming a radioactive wasteland. There is a need for rational level headed discussion and analysis. This requires that Trump pack in his silly rhetoric and that we all forget about America's parochial gerrymandered mid-term elections and consider European priorities instead. Europeans, with or without the UK and/or the USA, need to sit down with Russia to analyse and address evolving situations so as to come to an agreement on a permanent collaborative state that secures peace and prosperity for the people of Europe and Russia.

Was Donald Trump correct to say he expected to find Britain in turmoil during his visit?

The confusing picture emerging over the last two years since the 23rd June 2016 referendum to decide on the continued UK's membership of the European Union was inevitable for several reasons:

  • The vote was unconvincing with roughly 52% of voters wishing to leave the EU and 48% of voters wishing to remain within the EU
  • The government is run by single political party
  • There has been an insufficient attention paid to the European Union's political ambitions and an over-emphasis on trade and economic questions leading to an undermining of progress on these questions
  • The European Commission does not want to make this separation easy so as to discourage other Member States from considering similar courses of action
  • There has been no investment in either ideas or policy proposals on appropriate economic policies for Britain to go it alone

Europe has been the cause of splits in both of the two main political parties in the United Kingdom in the past. British political parties operate on the basis of a first-past-the-post voting system which has the tendency of electing factions with less than 25% of the vote taking full control of government and Parliament. Under normal circumstances the 48% would be ignored and the 52% engaged. The biggest mistake was that the referendum did not set a minimum threshold for leaving the EU such as 60% or even 75%. As it is the natural tendency of British political parties is not to manage consensual balance; they have little experience in this type of decision-making. Since many in the Conservative party voted to leave and many to remain, the decision-making within the government and Cabinet has become antagonistic.

Given the over-riding political nature of the European Union and its institutions it would have been wise to have presented the European Commission with a statement of understanding of the political elements of the European Union and to identify those aspects which the United Kingdom wished to become disassociated. This, for example, would have included an up front statement concerning the removal of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) jurisdiction over future UK legislative and regulatory questions other than those relating to trade in goods and services sold into the EU where conditions for trade clearly come under ECJ rulings. On perhaps, a more important question, the United Kingdom should have made an early unilateral undertaking to uphold all provisions of European Law concerning European citizens' rights as a specially enacted part of UK legislation. The delay in doing this on the basis of it being a bargaining asset revealed a lack of trust in the spirit of the negotiation. The European Commission's reaction to this would have been positive with clearly equivalent provisions being introduced on behalf of UK citizens in the EU.

The United Kingdom allowed itself to become blind-sided by accepting the condition that the European Commission should be the sole negotiator for separation. As a direct result of this condition it has been difficult to take into account the emerging preferences of European Union Member States. The Member States, in general, have resisted bilateral discussions so as to attempt to arrive at "understandings". This has resulted in the future economic relations question to remain in the background and this still remains ill-defined.
No change...

Dominic Raab

Jeremy Hunt
In this context it is self-evident that each Member State in the EU has specific bilateral interests both cultural and economic with the UK. However, the European Commission has prevented any contacts related to the BREXIT negotiation with these countries which is an extraordinary state of affairs. European Member States have succumbed to a form of dictatorship where their interests can only be represented by the European Commission. As a result future mutually beneficial arrangements which would emerge from the fact that the UK is leaving the EU are not being discussed so the Member States are also not in a position to have a more constructive participation in the negotiation process. Meetings at the European Council level are reported to have become rubber stamping exercises where Angela Merkel has far too much say. In the end the separation of the UK will have economic consequences for EU Member States and the current state of affairs is reducing the interests of Member States to those of Germany, the country that controls the effect of the Euro and whose dominance of EU affairs will increase when the UK leaves. German overtures with France are purely cosmetic since France has never been able to secure equality in it's dealings with Germany.

As is predictable the attempt by Prime Minister Theresa May to suggest a compromise arrangement for the trading arrangements with the EU which leaves the country half in, have led to resignations of David Davis the Minister for Exiting the EU and Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary. They will be replaced by Dominic Raab and Jeremy Hunt respectively. Davis and Raab both share an interest in British constitution and have broadly similar concerns. On the other hand they have both benefited from their role as party politicians Raab, who wants to make the most of his delayed promotion and status within the party (under May), is very unlikely to add any change in direction; he isn't going to rock the boat. In the case of Jeremy Hunt his tumultuous term as Health Secretary was marked by a top down approach heavily criticised by the medical profession. He did little to reduce the absurd number of highly paid management levels within the National Health Service (NHS) while being accused of mishandling junior doctor pay disputes and nurse salaries. He is often accused of continuing what Tony Blair initiated in the form if creeping privatization of the NHS. He is also very ambitious and will make all of the required pronouncements with regard to NATO, defence and, of course, criticism of Russia by mixing in the words "malign influence" somewhere in the statements on this topic. On the other hand he is unlikely to be as undiplomatic or convey such an air of incompetence as that pervading Johnson's term in office.

In the meantime private debt in the UK has sky-rocketed since the introduction of quantitative easing and the bail out of the banks. Productivity is stagnating and shares are held up by widespread share buy backs by companies to secure massive executive bonuses. No action is being taken by the British government on a wide range of issues which, at their root, require a major improvement in economic productivity. Most new employment is very low wage employment.

A major flaw in the Conservative government's position has been its failure to give due consideration to the economic policies to be pursued by the country to make BREXIT work. This is largely because of this party's fixation with "free trade" and "competition". However, as a relatively small country and without the weight of the massive EU market behind it, the UK will find it more difficult to arrange for more beneficial trading relationships, no matter what other countries are stating at the moment. The other handicap the Conservative party has is its lack of experience in constructive economic planning based on strategies to advance the productivity of key sectors while introducing a more effective means for income distribution. This party doesn't "think" this way. However, freed from the EU control, this is what the UK requires and yet nothing has been done along these lines during the 2 years since the European referendum result.

CybaCity reported last week that the relative support for the Conservatives and Labour amongst the electorate is changing with the tiny lead of around 3% held by the Conservatives being reduced to zero and by August it is predicted that Labour will be ahead by around 3%-5%. There are two principal reasons. One is the government's attitude to the World Cup where the English team is doing so well and heading for the semi final. Theresa May and her government have refused to attend matches and not even the ceremonial contingent, the Royal Family, are sending anyone either. On the other hand Labour have missed out here by sending no one also. However, there is a widespread dissatisfaction amongst the electorate who regard the politician's outspoken attitude of not attending because the World Cup is being hosted by Russia, as baseless. In general this attitude has back-fired and is regarded as an insult to the England team. The making of an important sports event a political issue is considered to be inexcusable and people are fed up with these sort of antics, including the treatment of Russian athletes in the Olympics, most of whom, subsequently, proved to be innocent of the charges. The other reason for loss of support has been the lack of discipline in the government concerning BREXIT with Cabinet members in open disagreement briefing against May and causing the government to appear to be in a shambles. Other reasons raised include May's toleration of a somewhat uncouth Foreign Secretary in the form of Boris Johnson who has been extremely ill mannered in his ability to make inappropriate public statements and his lying about Porton Down's confirmation that the Novachock in the Skripal's case came from Russia. Johnson's open support, including financial, of the White Helmets in Syria who have been involved in attempting to create "evidence" for false flag chemical attacks to blame the Syrian government is increasingly regarded as unacceptable as increasing numbers realize the Foreign Office's role in supporting this group that is closely affiliated with Al Quaeda and other terrorists working alongside the UK in an effort to get rid of President Assad. Related to the UK's role in infiltrating armed combatants into Syria long before the so called "peaceful demonstrations" in 2011 is that this type of underhand behaviour might increase following BREXIT. The reasoning is that a more isolated, and perhaps desperate, UK could be the increase in secret military and intelligence operations designed to strengthen economic advantages along the lines of past and current practice. In these actions the likelihood of continued collaboration with France remains in doubt and, of course, isn't part of the BREXIT negotiation. Theresa May did attempt to make reference to the importance of UK intelligence collaboration with the EU but since this now has a double interpretation, which she did not appear to be aware of, the EU response was not enthusiastic. This sort of skulduggery has already brought serious issues for the European Union in the form of millions of people fleeing the results of such irresponsible covert actions in the form of the outcomes in the shape of a sequences of disatrous illegal Middle Eastern wars. The UK has nothing to be proud about in their initiation and participation in these fiascoes or in its support of the Libyan affair which used cohorts from the same trained group in Libya as were used in Syria.

The European Commission in observing the Trumpian turmoil in the UK has been very quick to begin to confirm that 80% of the BREXIT negotiation content has now been agreed. The Commission has become concerned that its fortress like approach has become too evident so it is trying to reduce the damage or any blame that might be thrown in its direction. These delays in coming to agreement have begun to upset a large number of heavy hitter industrial and service corporations in Europe who now consider the European Commission to have overplayed its hand. Angela Merkel initiated the BREXIT negotiation period applying a hands off "let the Commission do its job" approach, while pulling strings from behind. However, German companies have let her know in no uncertain terms that they want a reasonable agreement with the UK.

"In the meantime, the Labour party has become the largest Socialist party in Europe with over 550,000 members. Although the Labour party, correctly, wished to make economic questions and planning policy related to productivity and income distribution a major issue during the last 18 months, their own issues with BREXIT and a hostile corporate media has resulted in a loss of initiative on this score. Labour wasted too much time criticising Conservative government indecision when the media had made this self-evident. However, the economy and how to improve performcne, an imperative following BREXIT, is an area where Labour can still win over significant segments of the electorate and business because just at the moment business is feeling very vulnerable under the poorly managed "progress".

Trump will indeed visit a Britain in considerable turmoil but this is not the impression the government will attempt to convey, no doubt with the help of Jeremy Hunt and Dominic Raab.

Amesbury incident suspected to be a virtual false flag event

The failure of the British Government's attempt to convince the public that "Russia did it!" in the case of the Skripals in Salisbury (even although the NATO members, of course, expelled Russian diplomats without any evidence) has been followed some 4 months later by what could be a desperate attempt to create a virtual false flag event involving a couple in Amesbury. Is it just coincidence that this modus operandi has been funded by the UK government through the White Helmets in Syria on two previous occasions leading to US missile attacks as "reprisals" on the Syrian government facilities? The first one resulting in deaths and the second one in an attack on empty buildings following a digo from Russia to the US. So the UK government knows that this sort of underhanded action can get "results". The political build up in this Amesbury case has all the hallmarks of an attempt at a virtual false flag.

In Marshall McLuhan's book
"The Medium is the Massage"
he explains the "Establishment's"
fear of alternative viewpoints.
Even although the corporate media
is riddled with misrepresentation
and bias supporting the "government
line", alternative media tell it as it is.
This identifies misrepresentation,
embarrasses sychophants and
exposes the dishonest.

So at any opportunity, this self-righteous
group will attack alternative media as
propaganda. Alternative media provide more
objective insights into what is really going on.
The British Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, made the typical presumptive statement demanding that Russia come clean on this issue. He has offered, as is usual, no evidence. He has repeated the same formula of blaming the Russian government and "not the people of Russia". In the case of the White Helmet engineered false flags in Syria President Assad was blamed personally. Javid also attacked the alternative medium RT and warned MPs against appearing on its shows (see box right).

Ibn Nr has stated frequently that Syria has never used chemical weapons, the Syrian military were always very aware of the likely consequences if they did. Just as President Assad had no motive to use chemical weapons because his military had already won the battle, so it is the case of Russia in the Skripal and most recent case where nothing is to be gained. On the other hand the UK has a motivation to lever the failure to convince allies with any evidence in the case of the Skripals to try and convert the story into one of terrorism on the UK mainland masterminded by Russia. This is, of course, really far fetched, but again, what would be the motive? The UK intelligence agencies are aware of the reactions to the insults leveled by the UK government against Russia in that they greatly upset the more informed members of the Russian population.

Most English children find
Lewis Carroll's "Alice in
" fun because
it teaches some basic logic.
The King said, "Now for the
evidence and then the sentence"
"No!"" said the Queen, "First the
sentence and then the
cried Alice, so loudly
that everyone jumped,
"The idea of having
the sentence first!"
This time round Saijid Javid has obviously been coached to follow the prepared script so in Parliament he made it clear that his unfounded criticism was not leveled against the people of Russia but against the Russian government. The same Russians who were affronted by the first attack by the UK government are not idiots, they know why Javid made this statement, they also know Vladimir Putin or elements in the government, have no motivation to initiate some terror campaign in the UK; so already this is back-firing. It is back-firing because MPs insist in assigning blame and a sentence in the shape of the oft-repeated mantra of "Russia as a malign element" (see box left). But it is the fear or ignorance of the truth on the part of MPs and their refusal to apply a more transparent basic logic to their discourse that is the underlying dangerous malignancy.

In any case it appears to be the case that the Skripals might have been attacked by elements working, not for the Russian government but rather for the Russian criminal fraternities because the Skripals had been engaged in investigating them on behalf of the UK intelligence services (according to Seymour Hirsch). The obvious conclusion is that these supposed "attacks" had nothing to do with the Russian government or President Putin.

This narrow-minded fanatical fixation with Russia and the UK's need to be the rabid attack Chihuahua to prove its worth in front of NATO and the US-UK military industrial complex is an evolving ill-enacted embarrassment of parochial significance not to be taken seriously by anyone. What is serious, however, is this aggressive secretive strand to British policy actions.

Behind closed doors at the OPCW with John Bolton - a nasty piece of work

According to video evidence and many media accounts, John Bolton threatened José Bustani, the then head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. In early 2002, a year before the invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration was putting intense pressure on Bustani to quit as director-general of the OPCW — despite the fact that he had been unanimously re-elected to head the 145-nation body just two years earlier. His transgression? Negotiating with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq to allow OPCW weapons inspectors to make unannounced visits to that country — thereby undermining Washington’s rationale for regime change. In 2001, the then-Secretary of State Colin Powell had thanked Bustani for his “very impressive” work. By March 2002, however, Bolton — then serving as under secretary of state for Arms Control and International Security Affairs — arrived in person at the OPCW headquarters in the Hague to issue a warning to Bustani. Bolton is understood to have stated, “Cheney wants you out,” and that “We can’t accept your management style.” Bolton also added “We know where your kids live. You have two sons in New York.” He then stated, “You have 24 hours to leave the organization, and if you don’t comply with this decision by Washington, we have ways to retaliate against you.” After a pause, Bolton repeated, "We know where your kids live. You have two sons in New York.”
It could be that the military and secret services have engineered this even without the knowledge of some leading politicians; this has happened often in the past with the Members of Parliament knowing nothing and therefore voicing visceral assertions concerning a distorted image conjoured up by those who run the newspeak mills in the corporate media. The most notorious example is Tony Blair's dodgy dossier which simpleton MPs swallowed hook line and sinker pushing the country into the murder of up to a million Iraq men, women and children, adding to the million murdered as a result of the previous sanctions. This, of course, initiated the migration crisis faced by Europe today.

No one has explained in both cases where the "Novachok" sample came from within the "crime scenes", they seem to appear out of thin air without any chain of custody. Indeed, all such cases including those in Syria there is absolutely no adherence to any due diligence procedures to make any evidence water tight. When this is not carried out it is a sign that no bone fide evidence exists. This sloppy but altogether unconvincing way of doing things was observed in the Syrian cases and the UK, being the common factor in all cases, one sees the same unprofessional and basically dishonest behaviour. The Russian Federation has requested several times to see the evidence as well as offered to collaborate in the investigation but the UK government continues to "demand" that the "Russian government" explain "what is going on". This is not even an acceptable basis for dialogue but it is typical of the arrogant attitude of righteousness that the UK hopes to project in this macabre theatre of the absurd. After all, US, French and UK secret agents, under the new Conservative (coalition) government, trained armed insurgents in Libya and infiltrated them into Syria during 2010. This was before the "Syrian Arab Spring" in 2011. The British Government was of course in its Lilliputian fashion very indignant and critical of the Syrian government's response to "peaceful demonstrations" when all along the UK elements had intended to support the violent overthrow of President Assad by supporting the armed insurgency including supporting groups who were declared to be terrorists. Since the Syrian government were aware of these infiltrations, what else did the UK expect from the Syrian government when protests started? President Assad has quite often referred to this role played by foreign insurgents but what he has stated was always discounted. No matter what people think of Assad on the question of foreign proxies out to attack his government and his denial of the use of chemical weapons usage, was consistent and, it would see, to have been the truth. In reality this was this same formula as applied in the Kiev Maidan, but it failed in Syria, after thousands of deaths of innocents, over the long run.

Just to complete this story it is worth noting the urgency with which Boris Johnson recently proposed that the OPCW be require to extend their brief to not only identify the agent used in cases of attack but to also assign guilt. This was seen by many as a very unsubtle set-up or preparation for some future false flag event. The OPCW has already come under enormous political pressure from the USA and Britain. This is why the OPCW was able to unconvincingly confirm attacks in Syria without ever visiting the sites. All of this follows constant corruption of the process that seems to have been initiated with John Bolton's disgraceful treatment of the last head of the OPCW (see box on right), it is clear, therefore, that the OPCW will be bullied into declaring whoever the US and UK want to be declared as the guilty party in any incident, real or imagined. So the next step is clearly for the British government to call in the OPCW to secure their "independent" assessment and assignment of guilt.

Questions concerning NATO

With self-imposed austerity in Britain and the European Union, the question is not spending a greater proportion of GNPs on defence and NATO but rather paying more attention to cost-effectiveness and relevance. Russia spends just over 30% of the entire EU expenditure on defence and about 10% of the amount spent by the USA. The quality of defensive capabilities is higher on the Russian side while the USA, UK and the EU is characterised by enormous waste and rip-off corporate prices and service fees. There are many estimates of the wastage and ill-afforded funds going into defence. One problem is that the strategic balance arguments have been undermined by a general rise in the perception of the track record of inability of allies to have full confidence in the commitment of the USA to European defense. Conventional forces have no role to play in future conflicts and the USA's past alliances and undertakings can be canceled with ease. The rising US nationalism and intensifying desire for economic and strategic self-preservtion means that no US president is going to press the nuclear button in the knowledge of his country's anihilation on behalf of the UK or EU.

So the walking around this massive elephant in the room needs to stop and some real politik needs to come centre stage.

Obama had intentions of toning down this militaristic vector but he ended up retreating under the pressure of the Pentagon, NATO members and armament companies on the basis of the myth they have spun since the end of the Second World war. However with more economic and social priorities facing Europe and the UK the Trump pressure for higher expenditure needs to be replaced by consideration of the relevant role of NATO as well as identifying cost-effective means of achieving that role.

If the USA insists of sanctioning countries dealing with Iran and against their expressed will, then economic compensation needs to come, not through more military expenditure but less and more cost-effective allocations. Trump and European leaders might start by trimming down the 7,000 highly-paid civilians staff working in the international and national agencies and "strategic and regional commands"". This bloated, over-manning costing annually around Euro 500 million, in salries alone, is an issue that needs to be addressed. If Trump wants to take 35,000 expensive troops out of Germany, costing around Euro 2 billion in salaries alone, he should be encouraged to do so since they make absolutely no contribution to the strategic balance.

The Crimea issue arose as a result of bad planning by NATO and the EU Commission. The Russian government's predictable response was in fact known to NATO and considered to be justified in strategic options studies and reports. However, these predictions related to strategic questions. What has never been acknowledged is the fact that the Russian government also acted on humanitarian grounds to prevent the increasingly blatant murder of Russians and Russian speaking Ukranians witnessed and the failure of the Ukraininan authorites to prevent the Nazi squads supported by USA and UK military and intelligence officials from ramping up this evolving genocide.

That any direct threat from Russia exists needs to be rationally explained and there should be discussions with Russia on the future of NATO so as to explore ways and means of reducing the likelihood of future conflict, anywhere. One starter would be for NATO to be replaced by an organization that protects ethnic minorities both in the Baltic and countries like Ukraine. The USA and NATO need to stop supporting Nazi elements who are gaining ground throughout Europe as a direct outcome of the migrant crisis caused by calamitous and failed military actions in the Middle East under US and NATO "leadership". This would go a long way to eliminating most sources of tension.

Lavrov continues to present a collected and coherent Russian position

Cathy Newman

Sergey Lavrov

Over time, the person who has demonstrated restraint, patience and a measured and balanced approach to international affairs in the face of an insulting and often abusive front emanating from the USA, UK and EU has been Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister. Russia does not need any propaganda machine when the USA et al's incoherent and abusive public foreign policies are run by what appear to be an irresponsible rabble.

The credibility of the USA and its assorted "allies" is declining rapidly with everything from any strategic position, intelligence or investigations all being based on the "highly likely that it is Russia" mantra with no evidence in support. Lavrov was interviewed last week on UK BBC Channel 4 by Cathy Newman. He was, as usual, patient and fielded a series questions, most of which reflected baseless assumptions, with credible and transparent explanations. There is a notable absence of negative presumptions. It is worth watching the video since it provides a peek into some rational thought and positions, something sadly lacking in the positions of his US, UK and EU counterparts as reported in the corporate media in the West.

It is worth noting the Headline on the video which is a misrepresentation of the sense of what Lavrov was stating at this instant in the interview. Channel 4 editors clearly picked out this statement where Lavrov responded to a question concerning President Assad of Syria. He qualified this statement clearly in his follow-on statement; the headline, however, gives the wrong impression, as is normal, with intent.

Unfortunately the BBC's lack of impartiality allows it to lower its editorial standards to slant and bias for all to see. This is an affront to the public of the United Kingdom who are legally bound to support the BBC as a state-sponsored politically biased media organization through enforced payment of television licenses.

To see this Lavrov interview click on the image on the right.

The presidential election continues

Donald Trump gave a speech in North Dakota last Wednesday. Observers consider him to becoming an even more effective campaigner than he was during the last election. He is definitely demagogic and he is mixing foreign policy initiatives with his justifications in domestic terms. This is a powerful mix for his base. His combo of Tweets and public speaking completely by-passes the corporate media and increasing numbers are beginning to get used to his style of communication realizing that there is more content there than was previously realized. This isn't just his personal style. It is because he is also setting the policy agendas so he is controlling the backdrop and the substance which he was unable to do during his first presidential campaign. As a result he is laying a strong foundation to guarantee his own future. People had better get used to it, he is going to be around for some time.

Donald Trump addressing the New Elite in North Dakota

While the Democrats appear to have one issue,"Get Trump!" chasing the windmills of false accusations and pointless investigations and even encouraging people to treat Trump staff in a disrespectful manner, their image is that of a negative, inward looking, frustrated group of people with no policies to present to the public. Trump has deemed the Clinton despicables to be the "New elite" and, of course, this pleases them.

There is evidence that Trump's ratings amongst the Latino communities is beginning to rise. Although paradoxical this reflects a phenomenon observed in the UK where some of the most adament anti-immigration groups are established communities who immigrated to the UK during the last 50 years. The "Making America Great Again" is catching on because Trump is now in a position to dominate the airwaves to tell people that is what is happening, just as he promised. A NIMBY dimension is taking shape in the immigration domain.

For increasing numbers, Trump is believed to be delivering on more than many others appear to appreciate. The old fix that existed between the Republicans and the Democrats has virtually disappeared because Trump is way out in front. Trump is beginning to impose his stamp more effectively. The best recent example is John Bolton being sent to negotiate a meeting between Trump and Vladimir Putin. Bolton's instruction were obviously "Sort this out or you are fired!"."

In a recent seminar in Portsmouth, Hampshire a strategy group reviewed the recent decision by the US Supreme Court not to act on gerrymandering. This remains a malign gulag extending out from the Washington swamp; this has remained a permanent affront to thinking Americans and widely recognised as an unacceptable cause of their lack of freedom of democratic choice. Increasingly people see that this is maintained by the Republican and Democractic party bosses; this corruption is very damaging to the party images. The name of the Democrats is becoming so demoralized that it is likely that gerrymandered Democratic districts represent a time bomb because Trump has time to build up his momentum to have many reject those Democrats who have enjoyed the benefits of this system and have done little for so long. All of this will create splits within the Democratic party of which the recent inversion in New York was an example caused by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Democrats could find direction but their compromised situation in regard to lobby funding is something they need to clean up together with their past-sell-by-date brothers and sisters in the Republican party.

Trump, in a funny sort of way, is draining parts of the swamp. But like he is now saying, "All of this will take time."

Evidence for all to see

Real News has received communications requesting that we publish sources of evidence for our recent statements concerning our pieces on US and UK extension of neon-colonialism backed by violence involving military, intelligence and mercenary groups acting in the interests of private corporate entities and under the banner of promoting free trade. Most of what we state is based on evidence concerning atrocities that corporate media choose not to publicize. This form of self-censorship arises from a fear of compromising their relationship with those corporate advertisers who benefit or have benefited from this state-sponsored violence and/or murder as well as possible threats from political parties, governments, state agencies and agents responsible for these unacceptable actions. On the other hand this request may reflect a failure to research facts so we provide 2 references that will help interested parties to get started on filling in the blanks in their state of knowledge.
Concerning the USA's skulduggery: the book Kinzer, S., "Overthrow" - America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq, Times Books, Henry Holt and Company, LLC., New York, USA, 2006. starts as far back as the imposed regime change in Hawaii, at the time an independent nation, in 1893. It then recounts many examples of imposed regime changes since then including: Cuba, Nicaragua, The Philippines, Honduras, Iran, Guatemala, South Vietnam, Chile, Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Concerning the UK's skulduggery the book Coles, T. J., "Britain's Secret Wars" - How and why the United Kingdom sponsors conflict around the world. Clairview Books Ltd., West Hoathly, UK, 2016 covers many "initiatives" of unacceptable violence and the murder of nationals of the following countries: Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Papua, Somalia and Bangladesh with an informative detail on murder wrought by British drones.