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About Real news

it is so important
Real News is a member of the family of independent media run by Agence Presse Européenne. Real News aims to raise issues of importance to the defence and sustenance of the individual freedom of the people of the United Kingdom. This national focus has become necessary because English constitutionalists identified and fashioned many of the fundamental principles essential to the defence of individual freedom over 300 years ago. The world has yet to adopt the full range of these proposals which still offer improved prospects for a general pursuit of happiness and general wellbeing in an environment of peaceful co-existence. Unfortunately, rather than seeing the people be afforded the opportunity to perfect this system we have witnessed quite the reverse. For some time now individual freedom has suffered a long period of erosion and is at risk of becoming an illusion as opposed to a reality. This tragic transition has been driven by political parties who increasingly place party power over the interests of the country, a failed system of constituency representation, corrupt governance marked by increasing levels of secrecy, selective exposure and therefore misrepresentation of the facts by official sources.

A lamentable outcome of this failed political system is a disillusionment of most of the people with the political process, political parties and of a realization that their individual concerns, the meeting of which would strengthen individual freedom, count for naught in the cynical hands of politicians who give more consideration to their political parties than to the individuals who elect them.

Until recently, British political parties were small, private organizations and whose modus operandi is increasingly irrelevant. This is reflected in the fact that all of the parties together had a total membership equivalent to less than 1% of the population. And yet these tiny private organizations have the affront to consider it to be their unquestioned right to grab the reigns of power on the basis of receiving the support of less than 25% of the electorate. That such people considered there to be no call for Parliamentary reform only emphasises a decadence marked by a lack of political leadership.

During the last decade or so there has been an alarming increase in the level of interference by government ministers in the judiciary, a tendency to rule by law as opposed to allowing there to be the rule of law with an adequate representation for the community conscience. There are increasing attempts to cut back on those instruments and mechanisms which are so important in defending freedom in the name of efficiency, administrative convenience, to conform to European law (so-called) and now a catch-all in the name of an ill-defined "war on terror".

This is an intolerable state of affairs for a country which generated most of the ideas and proposals on how sustain a society free from what has been described above. It is as if the body politic wish to deny the people of Britain the opportunity to fashion our world in the way suggested by enlightened English men and women to sustain freedom for the individual pursuit of happiness and wellbeing. There is an urgent need to counter these negative forces to regain a society which bears no grudges, characterised by just settlements and a community with a clear conscience and, above all, geared towards the peaceful co-existence of all within and beyond our national borders.


Real News was inaugurated on 31st May 2000 and became part of Agence Presse Européenne in April 2003. All media run by Agence Presse Européenne (APE) are independent of all political parties, private and governmental institutions and individual benefactors. All media provide the right of reply to anyone disagreeing with facts presented or analyses and conclusions derived from them. If unsolicited responses provide a clear argument, contrary or supportive, they may be published in the APE medium concerned.