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Right to Reply

All of the independent media run by Agence Presse Européenne provide their readership with the right to reply.

Readers might be moved to respond to an article and comments in our media because they have issue with the facts presented, the way such facts have been analysed and the conclusions drawn. Our media do emphasise certain topics but there is no hidden agenda, we try and set out, in a transparent fashion, the facts, analyses and conculsions.

Our objective is to increase the quality of information by identifying issues as well as options for their solution.

We welcome input which points out oversights and shortcomings in information and facts or in our analyses.

On the other hand, those who do send in replies should pay some attention to the clarity of their argument and presentation so that we might publish the content. APE internal regulations prevent us from editing or censoring any content. However, we will request clarifications and author modifications when a piece or sections lack clarity or the tie up between facts, argument and conclusions is not transparent (logic). If there are likely defamation or libel issues in content sent to us we will treat the communication in confidence and return it to the sender requesting items of evidence to support their statements as well as advising that they take legal advice before requesting publication.

When sending an email please indicate clearly the subject matter to ensure it receives appropriate routing.