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Why do we update articles?

Real News articles follow an Agence Presse Européenne (APE) media policy of maintaining a status of "work in progress".

Improving clarity & accuracy

Sometimes the way in which something is expressed can be improved and sometimes data cited has been subject to revision through access to better sources. These and changes such as grammatical syntax are often introduced with a view to enhancing communications clarity and data accuracy.

Dates of updates are carried under each article with the first date being the original posting date. If the sense of an article does not change the modifications will remain in the form of updates. If however we discover that the article is sufficiently incomplete or even misleading as a result of faulty source material, Real News will either replace the whole article with another one or post another article qualifying the first.

Real News Archives

APE also sustains a policy of continuing updates even on archival material in order to ensure the coherence of all material in terms of precision and analysis. The outcome of this approach is that the archives of most APE media are visited as much as current article sections. In July 2008 all APE media archives will be handled by APE at their website through the introduction of a new online Archives Access System "Scribe" to be implemented by Navatec.Com. This system will provide readers with a dedicated search engine.

Right to reply

All of the independent media run by Agence Presse Européenne provide their readership with the right to reply. Further informatuion on this service can be seen by clicking on the appropriate menu item above.