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Crying wolf

The previous article in this series set out a concise description of the different evolutionary states of human existence can be found amongst Gnostic texts1 where one can recognize three basic levels of human existence:

  • An uninitiated relatively uninformed physical and emotional state marked by superstition, fantasy, fear and sometimes violence arising from real or imagined threats
  • An intellectual state where people turn their attention to analyzing how mankind and nature works and accumulating knowledge on what is beneficial and prejudicial to mankind's state
  • A spiritual state is where mankind applies accumulated knowledge to improving that state of existence for mankind

These states of existence are all constructed by mankind to varying levels of perfection. The transition from one state to the next raising mankind to a more informed and happy existence depends upon the accumulation of precise information and facts. Indeed, the higher states in this evolution tend to advance only on the basis of facts.

The lowest level characterized by "An uninitiated relatively uninformed physical and emotional state marked by superstition, fantasy, fear and sometimes violence arising from real or imagined threats" has become a common characteristic of the content of much political, commercial and media communications. There is a blame game punctuated by a repetitive "Crying wolf!". The crying wolf if to alarm people and the blame game benefits from the instability engendered by an attempt to advance political, commercial and personal advancement. Unfortunately this "advancement" is achieved at the expense of others; it is abusive and damaging.

Hillary Clinton was interviewed by Andrew Marr and part of this interview were aired on his show on 15th October, 2017. Mrs Clinton's performance was abysmal. She sounded like a broken record by yet again putting out copious nonsense about how the "Russians" and "Putin" made use of teams of propagandists to undermine the presidential election causing her to lose. Lately some congressmen and investigation teams have linked Russia Today (RAT) advertising on online media to this Russia destabilizing propaganda thrust. These assertions all fall down when it is not possible to trace any of the propaganda referred to. On the part of RT, it is estimated that RT paid for some $100,000 of normal advertising for channel publicity campaigns proposed to them by the media channels concerned. Most of this had nothing to do with the US general election. On the other hand Hillary Clinton's campaign spending was around $1,700,000,000 ($1.7 billion). To suggest that phantom propaganda that no one can find and $100,000 of RT normal commercial advertising was sufficient to dismount her $1.7 billion campaign spending is simply ridiculous. And yet she continues to cry wolf.

She continues to push this out-of-date pre-1970 mindset of the notion of Soviet propaganda in an age when the Soviet Union no longer exists.

The US media and many media outside the USA have ended up as a form of a crying wolf propaganda machine for Hillary Clinton's unconvincing excuses for failing to win the US election. They too press a two-fold line of illogic. Somehow, Russia or even Putin are considered to have swung the US election in favour of Donald Trump. Most of these cry wolf stories are based on "unattributed" or "unidentified" sources which keep the story going but, so far, they have all floundered for lack of evidence, only to be replaced by yet another cry wolf version. Two people who have taken up a high profile in this constant crying wolf are the journalists Jacob Paul Tapper and Rachel Anne Maddow who work for CNN. Their cry wolf stories are racked with inaccuracies and a complete lack of evidence. This reflects badly on the CNN journalistic and reporting standards when most content is innuendo, assertion and a general misrepresentation of coherent facts.

One of the stark examples of the use of intelligence services for political reasons was Tony Blair's signing of what became the "dodgy dossier" to justify the invasion of Iraq to support the US intent. This document was a third rate cry wolf composition aiming to generate fear and the need for immediate action; it was a lie. Unfortunately the output of the countless intelligence agencies in the USA appears to have declined to an even lower level. The problem is that these documents that are void of evidence and yet represent an "assessment" have almost child like circumstantial evidence which in the absence of any serious evidence of "Russian meddling" in the US elections developed a significant section of a report to the commercial affairs of RT.

One unfortunate trend has been that when any of these stories appear to be "sticking" the media in the UK, including the BBC pick them up and run them without submitting content to any analysis with respect to evidence or veracity.

One of the most ludicrous assertions to come out of the Clinton and disgruntled Democrats has been that Putin has set about interfering in elections worldwide and that BREXIT is an example. Since most of the pro-BREXIT politicians also happen to be as anti-Russian as Hillary Clinton, these claims are ridiculous.
It is as if UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, a staunch anti-Russian, is a Putin stooge. Although Obama openly tried to influence the BREXIT referendum, that is he interfered, Putin always stated it was up to the British.
Although assertions have been made of Russian "attempted" interference in the German election, German intelligence have stated that they could find no evidence. However, it was confirmed that US intelligence have been eaves-dropping on Angela Merkel's mobile.

Turning to the other topic of "Russian aggression" in Ukraine, this would appear to be a slant to detract from the fact that the main elements behind the Maidan-inspired coup were from the US State Department and in particular Victoria Jane Nuland, whose mobile was hacked to show her openly discussing who should be the next prime minister and interjected "F*ck the EU". This was after the Ukrainian government suspended preparations for signing the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement with the European Union1, to seek closer economic relations with Russia. After this the Maidan protests took shape. It needs to be registered that the elected president Viktor Yanukovych, who was deposed by the coup, was no fan of Putin and vice versa.

Other factors in this mix include the transfer of Crimea to Russia. This is broadly interpreted as "aggression" and has been used to ramp up a paranoid campaign which has helped NATO regain some "purpose" leading to a range of somewhat ridiculous military exercises by NATO states on Russia's borders. However, the case of Crimea has a specific historic and critically important context which most US commentators have ignored. This explains why this happened and how this move by Russia also prevented a wholesale blood bath in that region.2.

A chilling comment made by Hillary Clinton in her interview with Andrew Marr comes from her extreme investment in her anti-Russian cry wolf show. This is her expressed point of view that anyone who doubts her cry wolf fantasies about Russia and who seek the truth (which in her eyes would be defending Russia) need to be investigated. This makes Mrs Clinton a particularly dangerous individual. We do understand that this is motivated by her personal anger and embarrassment at failing to beat Donald Trump.

Mrs Clinton, the US Democratic Party and a considerable portion of the US "mainstream media" are doing the US, the world and themselves, considerable damage by crying wolf too much and they need to stop. They wallow in a swamp of half-truths and innuendo of little use to anyone but their own interests, a process that is undermining their credibility.

1   the realistic justification was that the high cost and delays in bringing up Ukrainian standards to "European standards" was going to be impossible within a short period of time. There was a fear of the same negative transition effects experienced in Russia when with the collapse of the Soviet Union led to the takeup of bad naive advice, from largely US Business School advocates, caused economic chaos and considerable social suffering. The rational pathway was therefore to continue the close economic relationship with Russia needed to sustain cash flow for funding investment and sustaining income levels.
2   a later article in this series will cover the case of the strategic and political facts concerning the case of Crimea.