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Measuring truth - Part 1

A concise description of the different evolutionary states of human existence can be found amongst Gnostic texts1 where one can recognise three basic levels of human existence:

  • An uninitiated relatively uninformed physical and emotional state marked by supersition, fantasy, fear and sometimes violence arising from real or imagined threats
  • An intellectual state where people turn their attention to analyzing how mankind and nature works and accumulating knowledge on what is beneficial and prejudicial to mankind's state
  • A spiritual state is where mankind applies accumulated knowledge to improving that state of existence for mankind

These states of existence are all constructed by mankind to varying levels of perfection and are all based on the degree to which people are able to separate falsehood from the truth. Where evidence is accumulated, a fund of knowledge is built up over time and, as a result, people are in a better position to analyse circumstances and take rational decisions. This is an evolutionary principle that is relevant to all human pursuits from sport to engineering and from art to politics and the operation of democracies. For this process to operate to the general benefit, communications and advocacy for joint action by communities needs to be based on facts or the truth.

Truth as a medium of exchange

The subject of this article is the measurement of truth and as a basic conceptualization we apply William James's definition of truth as being "what happens". Truth is simply an association of facts based on observed and often measured evidence that shape a relationship between causal factors and outcomes. These relationships can relate to such things as the causes and prevention of disease, human and international relations, engineering and technological relationships, ecosystems and economics. In practical terms truth is the most important medium of exchange, the gold standard, for transparent and efficient communication, an imperative for the operation of effective participatory democracy. The conceptualizations applied by people are essentially models of physical and human relationships which provide a basis for establishing relationships between factors and outcomes. With experience people's models become increasingly refined and precise and, as a result, of increasing utility. It is self-evident that someone who is provided with the wrong or misleading information will make inaccurate assessments of a given situation and this can become an issue when a person needs to make an important decision.

There is a direct and enduring relationship between true facts and our freedom.

Truth is the life blood of decisions that advance our human condition in a rational and peaceful manner.
It is fundamental to decision analysis and the avoidance of mistakes. In the realms of business and government the facts available for taking decisions need to enable decision-makers to analyse genuine options in order to identify the most desirable satisfying criteria such as effectiveness, efficiency, economy, timing and risk. In the field of decision analysis, a decision is considered to be an irrevocable allocation of resources to a course of action. Therefore decisions are important.

Facts and democracy

In the same sense, the democratic process of constituents weighing up information to decide what they feel is in the best interests of their community and their families, it is clear that the more precise information they have access to, the better informed they will be to support rational decisions made through the democratic process. This modus operandi is good for democracy and the wellbeing of the population. It is therefore of vital importance to the upholding of freedom, to exercise an objective exercise of democratic choice, constituents must have access to as complete a range of facts as is possible. There is a direct and enduring relationship between true facts and our freedom. Truth is the life blood of decisions that advance the human condition in a rational and peaceful manner.

The transition from one state to the next by raising mankind to a more informed and happy state therefore depends upon the accumulation of precise information and facts. Indeed, the higher states in this evolution, that is a social order considered to be a civilization, can only advance on the basis of true facts.

The intentional devaluation of truth

George Orwell wrote the novel 1984 published in 1949, as a warning to the Western world about the evils of totalitarianism. George Orwell's work was a parody of the then Soviet Union which, of course, no longer exits. However, paradoxically, what he wrote now applies to the evolving political and social order in modern Western countries. For example he set out the principles for the political party as:

  • Newspeak as the official language of all party members, with the purpose is to eliminate all thoughtcrime
  • Doublethink
  • The mutability of the past

Newspeak usually contains excuses for external aggression but the main victims are non-combatant men, women and children. These murders are invariably "justified" by misrepresentations, the demonization of "enemies" and false flag staged events which newspeak disseminates and repeats. These criminal murderous acts arise directly from irresponsible decisions by politicians or national leaders, Congress members, members of the Senate, UK Parliament and others who will never ever experience the savage and ruthless blood curdling violence they unleash. These irresponsible individuals create and support the newspeak narrative and will misrepresent the truth, because it is in their economic interests to do so. They are never brought to account for the criminal violence they cause destroying families and communities and the lives of innocent people. Plainly, these politicians who talk of freedom, democracy and the rule of law mislead their constituents with murderous intent. The suppress the freedom of choice of their constituents and allocate resources for the wholesale murder of innocents in the name of the people of America and other countries.


Newspeak is the narrative to be accepted by those in power and in control of the media who disseminate this as government propaganda. It is designed to change the perceptions and opinions of people by having agents, who are trusted by the people, but who distort and misrepresent the facts. Today the most important mechanisms for managing this process are corporations who support media that selectively support different political interests who, in turn, support the specific interests of the corporations concerned. Therefore policy-making by governments, because of an ill-informed public being subjected to a form of undeclared "voluntary censorship" by the media, tend to have their opinions bent towards the interests of those controlling the narrative in this propaganda. The article entitled, "Freedom & the politics of fear" sets out how such a model was fashioned by Mussolini and is in fact a Fascist model which was driven by a politics of fear. This seeks to keep the more articulate and politically active middle class thankful that their relatively better economic status was being defended by the state whose military adventures are based on justifications varying from outright lies to exaggerated propaganda of the evil of specific foreign "enemies" (the fear factor). For example, false reporting and narratives are used to justify each military intervention. No thought was given to the victims in the form of innocent men, women and children murdered by these ventures; they were dispensable as long as the military agenda could be maintained. This operational structure is described in the article Extra-constitutionalism.

For those who question and refuse to recant their opinions that oppose the newspeak narrative, they are likely to face an Inquisition. This is not run by religious fanatics but rather by a more dangerous pervasive increasingly malign media who stand in for corporations, politicians and the financiers. They try to isolate, intimidate, cause people to lose their employment and, although under law there is a right of all to the truth, there are no constitutional protections against this form of abuse. Those who are embedded in the newspeak ecosystem regard this as "Freedom of the press", but the role of a free press is to hold government and those who do wrong and harm society to account. And yet it is the media who are harming society by being paid up members of the cabal who wish to hide their own embarrassing truths from the people. The foundation of human rights is the right to the truth and it is this that is abused by those who attack holders of alternative points of view.

Thoughtcrime is the expression of thoughts that do not comply with newspeak. Anyone dissenting from this propaganda narrative is now accused of thoughtcrime and therefore, without any regard to any system of jurisprudence, to be marginalized, taunted, attacked and generally abused. Today, in the West those who profess different points of view or present facts that contradict the newspeak of the mainstream media, face aggressive attempt to ostracize them. This is often quite blatant with the direct criticisms of named individuals being presented in the mainstream media whose content has been questioned. With this, impartiality has all but disappeared with editors afraid to publish any opposing opinions in an impartial manner.

As a fundamental tenet, there is a direct and enduring relationship between true facts and our freedom. Truth remains the life blood of decisions that can help advance our human condition in a rational and peaceful manner. Therefore newspeak, as a driving force in attempting to convince the public that diametrically opposed government actions are logically coherent undermines transparency, is highly destructive and gives shape to doublethink. Amongst the most outrageous doublethink identity is the notion that freedom is upheld by murdering foreigners. The very process of attempting to convince the people that attacking demonized foreign countries safeguards freedom is currently the most abhorrent role of newspeak and the media responsible. The typical phraseology is that some form of unjustified violence is "keeping us safe", "protecting America" or "Defending the interests of the United Kingdom" are mostly founded on newspeak and false flag events. Increasingly such false flag events are staged by agents funded by these same governments. So, usually the dangers are wholly exaggerated, with no evidence-based justification. The objective, quite often, appears to be either increasing funding to armament corporations or justifying support for increasing number of "intelligence agencies". Usually America, and it's coalition partners are doing the bidding of Saudi Arabia or Israel in attempting to eliminate groups and governments they disapprove of. This is hardly a basis for wasting so much money on these proxy wars and paying the price of US and coalition members finding their way back to their countries in a body bag and a cold grave.


As described in Orwell's 1984, the concept of doublethink is the ability to hold two completely contradictory thoughts simultaneously while believing both of them to be true. A simple example of doublethink observed in the Fascist period in Italy under Mussolini was that propaganda exaggerated the danger of perceived enemies while also holding that the aggressive behaviour of the government against the perceived enemies was keeping the nation free. Clearly since freedom requires the truth, that is facts, the propaganda machine acted to suppress freedom and yet the population accepted the doublethink that the national external aggression was keeping them free. Today, the West has gravitated to an identical position with so-called mainstream media putting out the same Newspeak and doublethink concerning Russia and now Iran as being the invented enemies and abrasive threats concerning the military option being "on the table". The public who receive highly biased Newspeak believe that the external and disastrous external aggression is defending freedom and democracy.

The mutability of the past
The investigative agencies handling domestic, national and international military, police intelligence have shifted slowly from being recorders of events to active participants in influencing events. So sting operations, plea bargaining and a host of techniques have been developed to secure "convictions" and enhance the "image" of these institutions. But in terms of strictly impartial, disciplined due diligence this system has broken down and has ended up as a system that oversees or spies on the public in whose interests they are supposed to be acting. Although George Orwell proposed his notion of Big Brother, who could spy on every detail of everyone, we see today that the purveyors of newspeak, including political parties are developing a complete control of the records, and people's minds through newspeak with impunity. They can do what they want and no one can interfere since those guilty of these assaults use the excuse of "national security" to protect themselves from legal or political sanctions or regulation. The regulation is completely extra-constitutional with these politically motivated agencies "advising" government on how they can be "regulated". All of this is malign enough but even more insidious is that people, seduced into using the social media such as Face Book, Twitter, Google services of any type, Microsoft, Amazon and others have been sucked into a labyrinth where all of their data is shared with the intelligence agencies. So the reality of mutability of the past is virtually complete and this can serve no useful purposes other that suppress the prospects of individuals if and when the "authorities" deem this to be necessary where they have concluded that someone is guilty of thoughtcrimes such as not accepting doublethink in newspeak or refusing to log on to some web page using a social media password.

The mutability of the past is the central tenet of the political party. Mutability of the past allows the party to follow a past that is whatever the party chooses to make it. The party has control of the records, the people (their minds), etc., they can do what they want and no one can interfere. The mutability of the past is also the practice by propagandists of rewriting history, especially that related to perceived enemies. This is, of course, woven into the newspeak narratives.