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The origins of cascading societal nihilism
Nihilism: Finding nothing to approve of in the established social order and a rejection of all religious and moral principles; life is meaningless.

The current situation in the United Kingdom and elsewhere is unsettling. The combinations of political contention arising from a Parliament unable to arrive at compromise because of the domination of decision making by political parties, the blanking out of important issues due to unrewarded energy spent on BREXIT and rising knife crime point to a malaise. Across Europe the impact of migrants and refugees from a war torn North Africa and Middle East has given rise to a negative political trend.

This article points out that:

  • US and UK intelligence agencies provide support for hundreds of individuals who supported ISIL and the many variants such as the White Helmet propaganda units, by bringing them to mainland USA and UK

  • These "assets" are completely unreliable as 9/11 and subsequent UK attacks have demonstrated, they are loosely controlled and allowed to liaise with members of local communities and visit religious centres fomenting the development of "home grown terrorists".

  • US and UK intelligence agencies do not always have genuine control over these "assets" with many being double-agents under the control Israeli intelligence or Saudi intelligence without UK and US agencies knowing; they can be activated to attack civilians on UK and US mainland at any time.

  • The agencies consider this to be a risk worth taking, in spite of evidence to show that this illicit behaviour has cost the lives of people in the USA and the UK

  • The mantra that intelligence agencies "protect the freedom" of the population is an exaggeration and their behaviour does have fatal consequences for members of the public

  • Elaborate "redactions" in enquiry and investigative reports ostensibly to protect intelligence agency sources are usually imposed to protect the image of these institutions by not publicizing this highly irresponsible behaviour that puts at risk the lives of the people of the USA and the UK

  • Since around 2005, Saudi Arabia has carried out a policy of posing a permanent threat to the US and UK intelligence agencies that any political decisions that counter Saudi interests will result in their not reporting on known terrorist attacks intended for mainland USA and UK, some of which have been funded by Saudi Arabian sources

  • Most groups likely to carry out any such attacks are funded by Saudi Arabian foundations and influenced by propaganda accesed via the World Wide Web.

  • Israel intelligence conducts a similar pressure on the USA and UK intelligence agencies, who in turn interfere in political decision-making in the USA and UK

  • Netanyahu has been asssociated with the drawing up of a list of countries in the Middle East since the 1990s. The list of countries is: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia and Sudan. Israel has always wished to undermine through paralysis (destroying all infrastructure and basic supplies) and where possible regime change so as to prevent them from threatening Israeli security. Israel was never able to so this by itself.

  • Israel intelligence has conducted a campaign of pressure on the USA and UK intelligence agencies, this information is relayed and this in turn interferes in political decision-making in the USA and UK. This how the USA has ended up attacking four of these countries and have destroyed the infrastructures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and a considerable extend in Syria and have caused the deaths of millions of civilians.

  • The intelligence agencies have deployed diversionary tactics by stating that Russia interfered in the 2016 US presidential election; so far without producing tangible evidence. The most well-organised, persistent and well-funded interference in elections has been managed by Israel. More recently, Israel has also begun a more overt interference in foreign countries such as the UK where the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is being denigrated unfairly for being anti-Semitic. This is because he is a life long supporter of the Palestinian cause.

  • This campaign, in which Israeli embassy personnel have been involved, has been supported by many misguided MPs who have recently supported Israel's strategy by leaving the Labour Party and my making their main justification, repeated ad nauseum, as being Corbyn's failure to counter anti-Semitism. Naturally this is given widespread publicity in the corporate media

  • These trends and the build up of the Middle Eastern wars, led by the USA as a result of Israeli manipulation continues to make the populations of the USA and UK increasingly at risk of attack from terrorists. The gruesome pact between Saudi Arabia and Israel is essentially to permit Saudi Arabia to spread the intolerant Wahhabi version of Islam throughout the world, including Europe, USA and EU, in exchange for the linked terrorists carrying out the desire of Israel to keep its backyard in turmoil. The result has been many terrorist revenge attacks in the USA and the UK.

  • The recent flows of asylum seekers into Europe and the reacion in the form of reactionary political movements is a direct result of too many countries being duped into following the USA's coaltions formed at the behest of Israel. Millions have been displaced and thousands have died attempting to get to Europe; European society has been disrupted. All of this chaos is the result of Israeli and Saudi manipulation of weak Western politicians and leaders.

  • The problem for these hapless individuals who consider thelselves to be friends of Israel, is their naive irresponsibility in ignoring the danger of the realities of this Israeli and Saudi pact to the lives of British citizens in the UK. Any criticism of Israel risks being branded as anti-Semitic and closes down rational analysis and dialogues. However these simplistic individuals, more interested in their personal promotion, are using the anti-Semitic argument to support terror and continue their disruption of UK politics in an overt manner.

  • This is a an unacceptable and perilous state of affairs and unfair to the people of the Jewish faith who, in general, are responsible and have no interest in becoming fifth columnists in the disruption of British democracy on behalf of alien interests.
During the last 20 years international leadership is marked by the lack of inspiring individuals and nationally there are few admirable politicians. In Britain, politicians tend to amass round decisions in support of the policies of the USA which have become increasingly belligerent and destabilizing to other countries. More recently, with the Trump administration, the emphasis of economic and financial welfare of the USA has led to increasing sanctions on many countries who do not agree with US positions. Diplomacy, in the sense of rational and balanced discussions based on mutual interest, has been pushed aside and substituted with threats and an aggressive approach punctuated by the statement, "all options are on the table", which, in many cases, is a threat of military intervention. All of the military interventions led by the USA during the last 20 years have been a unmitigated failures and disastrous for those countries that have been threatened or exposed to "regime change". Nothing was achieved in term of the promise of "democracy, freedom and the rule of law!". A very stark reality is that this policy, that is held up as an approach that safeguards "Western values" is exercised in a manner which demonstrates that the lives and welfare of the people in these countries are of no consequence and therefore of no interest. The suffering, death and destruction is even voiced by "strategists" as being "a price worth paying".

We are approaching a new phase of pogroms, the intentional massacre or persecution of an ethnic or religious groups such as those directed against the Irish, the Scots, Roma and Jews over the last 400 years, and which culminated in the Holocaust affecting the Roma and Jews. The constant theme of many of the older generation Roma, many of whom returned from the Gulag as recently as the 1970s in Central Europe, and migrant Jews, whose families perished in the Nazi gas chambers, was the often repeated mantra that "it could happen again". This theme has been so persistent, even today, that it reflects deeply-ingrained and understandable paranoia. Those whose families were not affected by such horrible events and with no particular personal or family experience of such events, tend to be free from such traits. There is, however, amongst such people less concern with those aspects of political correctness that moderate, even objective and factual statements, so as to avoid any implied criticism of the descendants of those whose family members or religion or identified ethnic group, who perished under the Nazi regime. Given the relatively recent occurrence of the Holocaust, and its sheer horror, it is only natural that there might be a tendency for people thus-affected to make false accusations and to harbour a general distrust of others. A careless statement or an incident most people might view as an accident or coincidence, can be interpreted by paranoid individuals as being intentional and directed against them. This instinct or thought process is a common phenomenon, heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, and a thinking that typically includes persecutory, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards themselves or their group.

There is little doubt that the severe post-war settlement imposed on Germany after the first world war by the USA, UK and an ongoing mistreatment of Germans by the French after that war, cultivated the environment that was used by Adolf Hilter, to rise to power through democratic means, leading to the horrors of the Holocaust.

Following the second world war settlements were untidy but most set to work on European reconstruction. In 1948 as a result of there being no settlement a combination of British indifference and the efforts of Jewish militia, the plight of Palestinians began to degenerate with families leaving areas where they felt threatened or were attacked. This created an increasing refugee and asylum crisis and continuing marginalisation resulting from a policy of dispossession, to this day. In the meantime, Israel declared itself to be a success story with flashes of self-congratulatory exceptionalism. The paranoia which justifiable affected many individuals in their personal relations and perceptions has, however, taken on a different form as Israeli foreign policy.

This change can be traced back to the mid-1970s when Benjamin Netanyahu was working in the USA as a consultant. He became associated with a group of strategic policy individuals who were mainly of American Jewish extraction or Israelis working on strategies to help Israeli expansion. They worked closely with a groups of strategists in the American administration and think tanks, largely based in Washington. It should be noted that by that time there had been several Arab Israeli conflicts so the need for an over-arching international policy to defend Israeli's expansion was an imperative for the Israeli government, intelligence agencies and military. The general paranoia of Jewish communities, however, advanced along an increasingly pathological logic whereby the lessons from the Holocaust that, as a group, they can trust no one to look after their interests so the strategy became one that sets out to destroy governments, who express any negativity towards Israel, in a violent fashion. This was essentially designed to anticipate and avoid costly warfare by sustaining conflict and confusion within the countries concerned. The list of countries considered to be candidates for regime change have circulated since that time as Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia and Sudan. The reality was, however, that Israel could not really carry out this strategy on such an ambitious scale, by itself.

Two events that occurred in 1979, resulted in Israel being able to get the USA to head their strategy.

In 1979, the Saudi Arabian leadership's primeval fear of the religious fanatics, who invaded the Grand Mosque in Mecca led to a pact with the mullahs to promote the fanatical philosophy of Juhayman al Utaybi through the spread of strict Wahhabi philosophy outside Saudi Arabia. Since then, after 30 years of dissemination worldwide, this Saudi deal has fomented the most destabilizing wave of insurgency against the USA and Non-Sunni Islamic societies in the rest of the world. This interpretation of Islam has become attractive to terrorists and al Qaeda operators who have used a version of it as a controlling mechanism based on religious conversion and strict adherence, as well as the slaughter of people from Shia, Christian and many of other religious persuasions. These people have a fanatical disregard for the human dignity of anyone who is not Islamic.

Also in 1979, Afghanistan underwent a Communist coup which created a secular, progressive government supported by the Soviet Union. However, the Moujahedeen (“holy warriors”) went into battle against this government and the Russian military with massive and indispensable military backing from the USA in the 1980s, Afghanistan’s last secular government (bringing women into the 20th century) was overthrown. A significant group within the victorious Moujahedeen was a large contingent of al Qaeda fighters. American had learned by 1989 that they could "manage" large groups of proxy fighters to secure military and political objectives. However, what was not understood was that in spite of the fact that al Qaeda fighters has been generously supported by the USA their ultimate objective was to attack the USA to try and remove US forces from Saudi Arabia.

In the aftermath of the Soviet withdrawal many al Qaeda personnel traveled to the USA as CIA/FBI "Assets" and amongst this group the demonstration of intent was witnessed with the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. This killed six people and injured over a thousand but did no achieve its purpose which was to cause the towers to capsize. Although many involved had been in contact with the CIA "Assets" and had been observed by CIA and FBI to the extent of a high likelihood that they knew something was afoot, no action was taken. With the continued support of Saudi Arabia the spread of Wahhabi teaching permeated mosques the world over leading to individuals of the Islamic persuasion becoming influenced by mullahs and propaganda from Al Qaeda to become "home-grown terrorists". One of the mistakes made by intelligence agencies, and in particular, those from the USA, UK and France has been to imagine they control their al Qaeda assets when they do not. There is also a completely false distinction between al Qaeda operatives and "home grown activists, the issue is the intellectual state and motivation not some ID card indicating allegiance to al Qaeda. The toxic mix of Saudi support of the preaching of the Wahhabi approach and al Qaeda propaganda and renegade INtelligence agency "assets" represents an increasing danger to the populations of USA, UK and France.

And yet, whereas the US Constitution upholds freedom of religions to be a fundamental principle, the United States sides with Saudi Arabia militarily in this global religious war between the Moslem sects of Sunnis and Shia and make little or no comment when innocent Christians and other non-Moslems are slaughtered. In the so-called war on terrorism the USA not only trained and armed a good proportion of those they say they are fighting against but, in reality, they support and continue to arm these terrorists so they can be used against other targets. In spite of a Constitution that holds up the totem pole of religious freedom, the USA continues to wholeheartedly support Saudi Arabia with exaggerated sales of military equipment and assistance on nuclear technology. The ongoing use of the military equipment only highlights the brutal and cruel Saudi Arabian incompetence in its highly destructive conduct of the war in Yemen, leading to disastrous levels of famine, disease and the death of civilians from indiscriminate bombing. The USA and UK, in spite of claims to possessing and applying strict controls on armament sales, in practice, condone and support these atrocities by increasing their sales and by supplying tactical support through US and UK military and others.

Just as the Nazis considered the Jews to be people on no consequence, Israel has applied a policy of dispossession on the Palestinians and the policy developed through the 1980s is one that considers those perishing from the onslaughts of Israeli-inspired regime change, to be of no consequence. These targets were listed originally in the document prepared for Netanyahu in 1996.

One of the difficulties for Jews living outside Israel has been their emotional attachment to the concept of Israel as a "homeland" bolstered by Israeli propaganda, and the tendency of Israel towards an apartheid state increasingly rejecting any agreement to providing Palestinians with separate state. The building of illegal Jewish settlements in sequestered Palestinian land is designed to prevent the two state solution. Such operations are considered to be "holy work". In a sense this is an illogical position since Israel of today is a defacto occupation of what was Palestine.

Recent events in the UK have demonstrated the extent to which Jewish Members of Parliament are entrapped in an Israeli-inspired interference in UK national politics, linked to Netanyahu, with the drive by many to attack Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party and main opposition party. The Labour party is the largest socialist party in Europe. Whereas Jeremy Corbyn is not anti-Semitic, his well-established support of the interests of the Palestinians has led to the Israeli government becoming involved in a campaign to undermine Corbyn. The main vehicle appears to be members of the "Friends of Israel" groups that take MPs on jaunts to Israel. Use is made quite frequently of the definition of anti-Semitic being associated with any criticism of Israel. The number of anti-Semitic cases amongst members of the Labour party is miniscule, given the size of the membership, but this criticism of "Labour under Corbyn" becoming anti-Semitic continues unabated. This is in fact an aberration within UK politics and it warrants investigation of those promoting these actions and accusations. Most of the accusations turn out to be without foundation and yet to make a point, lately, several Labour MPs left the Labour party to set up a separate political grouping variously called Independent or Change. Their main "justification" for this move was Jeremy Corbyn's "failure" to tackle anti-Semitic in the Labour party.

The main problem facing those who support the Israeli interference in UK politics is that it is becoming evident that the strange deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel endangers the lives of many in the UK and USA. Saudi Arabia has fomented an intellectual and emotive mission of conversion of followers of Islam to more radical and militant positions. The notion of "homegrown terrorists" fails to register the fact that these people are influenced by Wahhabi teaching and the more extreme teaching of the different terrorist groups using social media and through contacts with religious centres where they can come into contact with intelligence agency "assets". All of this is supported by Saudi Arabia, the USA, the UK and Israel in the quest for regime change. The list of countries that are targets were established before 2000 and this strategy was developed in collaboration with Netanyahu. As long as Saudi Arabia, US and UK collaborate to keep Israel's back yard in turmoil through mayhem and murder, Israel is content and can continue to set up settlements in Palestinian land. This evil pact between Saudi Arabia and Israel and the spineless politicians in the USA and UK who use the branding of those who object as anti-Semitic has become a crisis. It is a crisis which is causing many to ask why so many "Friends of Israel" wish to bring Israel's distorted strategies into the heart of the British Parliament and make false accusations designed to interfere in British politics. This is an open interference in democratic processes by people who feel, for some reason, that they are beyond reproach and yet they are working on behalf of highly destructive forces. For example, why do these people support the actions of intelligence agencies who have brought many "assets" to the UK with the help of Israel e.g. over 100 members of the White Helmets propaganda brigades who are closely linked to terrorist groups. Middle Eastern experts have commented on the surprising numbers of al Qaeda personnel in London. All of this is a simmering crisis in the form of a time bomb waiting the moment when some more "homegrown terrorists" take action. Actions they justify in terms of the destruction metred out on Moslems and Palestinians by the forces of evil. If criticising this type of impending danger for the people of Britain is branded as anti-Semitic then we enter an unacceptable state of affairs which needs to be rejected by those who wish those of the Jewish faith well. It would help if those of this faith would become more vocal in criticizing Israel's promotion of interference and violence as opposed to dialogue and taking action to reduce the development of the Israeli-linked impending danger of excessive numbers of intelligence agency "assets" in the UK which augment the danger of "homegrown" terrorist attacks on members of the public in mainland Britain.
Ratline:  Initially, ratlines are secret escape or transport routes for people governments or organizations wish to remove from danger without the knowledge of their constituencies. Originally applied in transferring Nazi war criminals to Argentina and later by intelligence agencies to prevent exposure of a considerable number of illegal activities involving "proxies."
For example, the events trail and involvement of the intelligence agencies in the Manchester bombing in which over 22 young people were slaughtered is blamed on Salman Abedi a "home grown terrorist" who spent much time being trained by al Qaeda in Libya. Abedi was a typical product of those who used a ratline managed by British intelligence and used by a community of anti-Gaddafi assets from Libya. They even called themselves, the Manchester fighters. Salman Abedi's father, Ramadan Abedi was an early member of this group. They were linked back to Syria, helping contribute to the early insurgence in that country which the Syrian president has often pointed to as the initiation of the Syrian crisis.

Theresa May, as Home Secretary responsible for oversight of MI5 and MI6 sought to obscure the linkages and irresponsibility of the intelligence agencies through bluster. She attempted to link this attack to an earlier attack that had occurred on Westminster Bridge stating they were bound together by the "single ideology of Islamist extremism". MI5 had been warned of Abedi's return and that he planned an attack days before the Manchester massacre, by the FBI. It is also reported that UK authorities ignored reports from Abedi's neighbours that he had openly expressed his support for suicide bombers. One supposition is that the intelligence agencies ignored these alerts bec ause they were trying to convert Abedi into an informant but this "risk of proximity and oversight" by these agencies provoked him to bring forward his planned attack. Abedi was more committed to the "cause" than his father and is a case study and example of the unreliability of the hundreds of intelligence agency "assets" who are dotted around villages, midland cities and London in the United Kingdom. The state of affairs in the USA and France is worse.

There is a need to clean up the corruption of politics by purging the intelligence agencies and other organizations of elements who expouse the Israeli government's position concerning the Palestinians and those murdered in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. There is a need to loosen the grip of intelligence agencies, Israeli and Saudi vectors over government decision-making and transparency. At the moment layers of cover ups, from the Northern Ireland troubles to now, the British government's inability to come clean, demonstrates a default position of accepting that those members of the British public murdered are collateral damage to policy, to be of no consequence and therefore dispensable.

There will soon be an election for a new leader of the Conservative party following Theresa May's resignation. The Conservative party has permitted Theresa May to waste 3 years to get nowhere on BREXIT. Although the country is split down the middle on this topic, the close to fanatical positions taken up by a handful of Conservaive MPs and the proeccupation of Theresa May to keep the party together has caused there to be almost no legislative actions on more pressing problems in the country. The showing of this government has been one of incredible incompetence. The election of a new leader provides an opportunity to introduce a change but since most candidates are current cabinet members, the opportunities for an effective change appear to be extremely slim. One of the oddities is that Boris Johnson is being suggested as an effective leader. However, his antics as Foreign secretary prove otherwise. Under Johnson and the Conservative government, the White Helmets received considerable financial support from the Foreign Office and this government, with Israeli assistance, brought over 100 White Helmets to the UK, they are here now as agency "assets" and an ever present danger to British public. One of the reasons why it is suggested the Conservatives might select Johnson is because many consider him to have "charisma" and also to be an effective person against Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labour party.

Concerning charisma, the last leader to have "charisma" was Tony Blair who took the country into the illegal Iraqi war at the bidding of Israel and US interests by also willingly signing a atrocious slap stick cut and paste dodgy dossier packed full of lies to justify Britain's involvement, as always, issued by the intelligence agencies. Jeremy Corbyn opposed this lunacy all the way.

Corbyn doesn't have any of this dreadful baggage of having been associated with ruthless foreign exploits and mass murder carried out on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia. He has resisted the 5th column offensive personal attacks by those errant MPs who consider any criticism of Israel's behaviour to be anti-Semitic, and with Netanyahu's blessing. Corbyn has never resorted to defending himself through any underhand actions or offensive statements.

Although the European Parliamentary election is likely to harm the image of both the Conservative and Labour parties, there remains a real ethical and moral choice for the people of Britain when the next General Election takes place in the not too distant future.